Thursday, May 10, 2018

Rest on every side

When I stand on the back porch in Colorado, truly I worship God.  I don't always have my hands in the air, but I do worship Him.  The mountains surround me and I see Him and feel Him everywhere so very profoundly.

Where do you worship God?  Is it everywhere?  Anywhere?  Only at certain places?

Last Sunday at Simple Church, Justin preached from 2 Chronicles 20 and it really got my attention.  So I have been pondering on it all week.  I have looked at, read it, and written about it all week.  The reason being it is about truly trusting God and letting go.  Totally believing in God and trusting in Him and letting Him handle it all.  Go read it for yourself.

How many times do you give something to God and in a few days pick it right back up again?  Or should I say think you can handle it because perhaps God isn't doing it the way we expect Him to or we don't know what He is doing, so let's help Him out?

I am going to share a portion of the story, but please read it for yourself.  Jehoshaphat is about to lead the people into a battle.  He isn't sure what to do, but he calls the people of Judah together to seek God's desires.  God tells him to not be afraid or discouraged because the vast army isn't theirs to fight.  It is God's battle.  So Jehoshaphat listened to the instructions and the next morning instructed certain men to sing and praise Him for the splendor of God.  Yes, the choir lead the army into the area for battle.  Well, confusion took over the enemy and they took care of each other!  God definitely works in mysterious ways!

Yet, isn't it so cool that they were singing and trusting God to handle it and He did!  How often do we try to handle the battle going on in our life, but it is not ours to handle?  While looking at this verse this week the words that struck me is verse 30 ~ And the kingdom of Jehoshaphat was at peace, for his God had given him rest on every side.  What about you?  Does peace on every side sound good?  Have you thought about perhaps the reason you aren't at peace is you are trying to handle something that isn't yours to handle?

All week I have reflected on the awesome picture in my head of the choir singing at the top of their lungs headed into battle with the soldiers following behind.  Do you wonder what was the choir thinking or were they totally lost in worship?  Was the army lost in worship as well?  Isn't it beautiful that an army was so into worship that they let go and let God handle things?

Another thought that is along the same thought process of trusting and letting God handle the battles was a story that Ann Voskamp shares in her latest devotional book.  It is about a Rabbi that sat down beside her on an airplane and he said these words to her, "You may believe in God, but never forget-it's God that believes in you."  He continued by pointing out the window saying "Every morning the sun rises and you get to rise.  That's God saying He believes in you, that He believe's in the story He's writing in you."  Isn't this so good?  

WE say we believe in Him, but yet He proves every moment that He believes in us!  Take a moment and worship the One that loves us and believes in us always!  Let Him handle whatever battle you are facing.

Trusting Him,

Sunday, May 6, 2018

A Secret Blessing

Nature is a blessing.  When I take a few moments to just step out into the great outdoors I receive a secret gift from God.  In someway, I always experience a blessing only He provides.  I look for Him everywhere and I am so aware of God being the Creator that it is a gift to just be...I receive a secret blessing in these wonderful moments!

In my morning reading, I was looking at the story of the wedding  about the first miracle that Jesus provided. It wasn't a big moment to a lot of people, because not everyone even knew about it, but the servants did!  I love that Jesus performed His first miracle of making wine in John 2 and that He shared it only with those that were close to Him and those serving at the wedding.  Imagine, these servants when they realize that they are in on this amazing secret blessing!  They realize they know something their masters and all the important people at the wedding don't even know.  They realize they matter!  Jesus took water in jars and turned it into wine.  The servants had to take it to the master for tasting.  I just picture their faces realizing what they know, but the master doesn't...this was water a few moments ago, but Jesus turned it into wine.  The scripture says in verse 9 ...though the servants who had drawn the water knew.  Jesus, Jesus, Jesus sweetest name I know.  I love that old hymn and I love Jesus so much more.  Only Jesus!

Today, take a moment and read about the water into wine story in John 2 and remember that you matter.  Look for beautiful moments that only God provides.  

Sweet blessings,

Thursday, March 29, 2018


Recently, late in the afternoon I told Kenny I was headed up to watch the sunset at Caddo Lake.  Absolutely a stunning lake here in north Louisiana and east Texas.  Well worth anyone spending time by the shoreline and pondering life.  I've pondered life and death a lot lately.   I wish that I had gotten a few things earlier in life, but again I realize God's timing is so important to all factors of life.

Lately, people I love have lost the fight here on earth and I am watching their loved ones struggle with the loss and the questions of what's next.  We all face these times in life and well they aren't easy, because we are human.  We don't want to let go of someone we love and we don't like change - which are just two of the things that we face, but if we know Jesus we know in our heart and soul that they are in a much better place with Jesus!  Imagine it!  So much better than anything we have here on this planet they are in heaven.

Easter is this Sunday.  What does Easter mean to you?  Is it the Easter egg hunts making family memories?  Oh that is a good thing, but Easter is so much more.  Jesus died for you and for me and He rose again!  He conquered the grave so that each of us could spend eternity with Him!  Celebrate Easter remember the story of Easter.

Remember Jesus felt some of the same feelings that you feel.  He felt alone.  He was in the Garden of Gethsemane. He had brought friends along, to help Him.  Friends that went to sleep and He was alone talking to His Father.  He knew deep in His heart that He wasn't alone although His Father was quiet.  Yet He called out to Him knowing that He was with Him and knowing that He would face death and pain.  Jesus knows all that we feel or all that we may feel in the future.  We all struggle with these feelings at some point, but will we turn to God like Jesus did?  

Will we remember that we all need Jesus?  Jesus saved us and we didn't do anything to deserve it, but He did it.  Remember trust and believe and perhaps even go read the story of Easter in John 19-20.

Take a moment and ponder some of your thoughts of Easter and give thanks for all your many blessings.  The older I get the true realization of what matters gets bigger and bigger and the importance of sharing of Jesus and His amazing love for each of us.

Happy Easter!


Thursday, March 22, 2018

Our story

I have been away from writing for awhile.  Truth is I needed a break from sharing.  

Yesterday, I went to the movie "I Can Only Imagine" which is about my favorite song.  The story of the man who wrote the song.  I even use to have it play on this blog, because it touched my heart so deeply.  Well, the movie did too!

I do not intend to give away the story, because you need to let God unfold it for you in the manner He desires that you go see it.  I just encourage you to go and let God speak.  

He will show up, but will you?

I have felt the urge lately to get back to writing and sharing, but knew sitting in that dark theater that I was suppose to. He was speaking to me about sharing how He works. So here I am not exactly sure how this will unfold or how often, but I will show up.

Share your story.  Share those moments that only God provides.  Our world needs God moments those moments that touch you to your soul and give chills throughout your body.  You know those moments share them.

I know I am asking each of you to share, so I will too.  

Lately, I haven't known and still don't really know where God is leading me.  It is hard for me to admit because I think I moved away from Him and that is probably why I am uncertain.  I never moved totally away, but I quit totally allowing Him to consume my every thought and choice.  Difficult to admit, but that is my truth.  How, why, might be questions you are asking and I really don't know other than life got in the way.  Again, you are probably asking the same questions how and why?  I allowed it without even realizing it.  

The amazing story of how this song came to be is only a God thing and how He showed up with the words I Can Only Imagine.  Are you going to allow God to show up and then you share about it?  I hope so, because He will use your story to grow His Kingdom and this world needs His light shining through each of us!