Thursday, March 29, 2018


Recently, late in the afternoon I told Kenny I was headed up to watch the sunset at Caddo Lake.  Absolutely a stunning lake here in north Louisiana and east Texas.  Well worth anyone spending time by the shoreline and pondering life.  I've pondered life and death a lot lately.   I wish that I had gotten a few things earlier in life, but again I realize God's timing is so important to all factors of life.

Lately, people I love have lost the fight here on earth and I am watching their loved ones struggle with the loss and the questions of what's next.  We all face these times in life and well they aren't easy, because we are human.  We don't want to let go of someone we love and we don't like change - which are just two of the things that we face, but if we know Jesus we know in our heart and soul that they are in a much better place with Jesus!  Imagine it!  So much better than anything we have here on this planet they are in heaven.

Easter is this Sunday.  What does Easter mean to you?  Is it the Easter egg hunts making family memories?  Oh that is a good thing, but Easter is so much more.  Jesus died for you and for me and He rose again!  He conquered the grave so that each of us could spend eternity with Him!  Celebrate Easter remember the story of Easter.

Remember Jesus felt some of the same feelings that you feel.  He felt alone.  He was in the Garden of Gethsemane. He had brought friends along, to help Him.  Friends that went to sleep and He was alone talking to His Father.  He knew deep in His heart that He wasn't alone although His Father was quiet.  Yet He called out to Him knowing that He was with Him and knowing that He would face death and pain.  Jesus knows all that we feel or all that we may feel in the future.  We all struggle with these feelings at some point, but will we turn to God like Jesus did?  

Will we remember that we all need Jesus?  Jesus saved us and we didn't do anything to deserve it, but He did it.  Remember trust and believe and perhaps even go read the story of Easter in John 19-20.

Take a moment and ponder some of your thoughts of Easter and give thanks for all your many blessings.  The older I get the true realization of what matters gets bigger and bigger and the importance of sharing of Jesus and His amazing love for each of us.

Happy Easter!


Thursday, March 22, 2018

Our story

I have been away from writing for awhile.  Truth is I needed a break from sharing.  

Yesterday, I went to the movie "I Can Only Imagine" which is about my favorite song.  The story of the man who wrote the song.  I even use to have it play on this blog, because it touched my heart so deeply.  Well, the movie did too!

I do not intend to give away the story, because you need to let God unfold it for you in the manner He desires that you go see it.  I just encourage you to go and let God speak.  

He will show up, but will you?

I have felt the urge lately to get back to writing and sharing, but knew sitting in that dark theater that I was suppose to. He was speaking to me about sharing how He works. So here I am not exactly sure how this will unfold or how often, but I will show up.

Share your story.  Share those moments that only God provides.  Our world needs God moments those moments that touch you to your soul and give chills throughout your body.  You know those moments share them.

I know I am asking each of you to share, so I will too.  

Lately, I haven't known and still don't really know where God is leading me.  It is hard for me to admit because I think I moved away from Him and that is probably why I am uncertain.  I never moved totally away, but I quit totally allowing Him to consume my every thought and choice.  Difficult to admit, but that is my truth.  How, why, might be questions you are asking and I really don't know other than life got in the way.  Again, you are probably asking the same questions how and why?  I allowed it without even realizing it.  

The amazing story of how this song came to be is only a God thing and how He showed up with the words I Can Only Imagine.  Are you going to allow God to show up and then you share about it?  I hope so, because He will use your story to grow His Kingdom and this world needs His light shining through each of us!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A Light on the Hill by Connilyn Cossette Book Review - Fantastic!

Beauty in the eyes of the Beholder!  A story so real that every woman will find something to relate to this book and every man should!  We women walk around so worried about our appearances and this story of a physical wound causing so much pain and heartache and the true way to find healing is wonderful.

Connilyn Cossette is a true weaver of the words that grabs your attention from the beginning to the end.  A book that you will want to never put down, because you will want to discover if Moriyah finds justice and healing.

I want to share so much of the story because it is one that truly stays with you, but I won't share much.  I don't want to ruin it for you the reader, but I do encourage you to order it today.  Do you need hope?  Do you need to see that indeed God heals, but not in ways that we might think of?  This wonderful book is for you!

Moriyah is a young woman that is harmed when she is a little girl while in the town of Jericho.  It is a horrible injury and one that she walks with long after the event. She is branded on her face with a mark of the Canaanite gods.  Yes, you read that right.  Imagine it for yourself.  How many of you might be walking with a horrible scar on the inside or a physical one?  Moriyah learns to exist in her father's home, but he is aging.  He wants to find a suitable man for Moriyah.  He thinks he does, but...I just can't share more the story it is so touching and one that you must read for yourself.

  This book truly might help to heal a wound that only God is able to heal.  He touched me through these pages and the way He allowed Connilyn to weave the story is super.

The story is one that will at times break your heart.  It will give you surprises that you are not expecting and it will provide hope through a woman that knows in her heart that God loves her. If you need adventure, this one contains adventure, love, and healing.  

I am on Connilyn's team that helps to get the word out about her books and she truly is a researcher that makes you think from a different perspective.  The book is beautiful and I can't wait for her next book and I just finished this one!

If a review is written on a star basis, well there are not enough stars.  It truly is that good or it was to me.  Who doesn't need to be healed from something in this world we reside in?  Which brings me to another point our world isn't so different from the time of Moriyah and you will see that in this book as well.

Order it today or pick it up at your favorite book store.

Sweet blessings,

Monday, January 1, 2018

My word for 2018 is "Quest"

2017 represented a year of reconnecting with people that I loved, but life had taken us along different paths for a time period.  People that made and still make a huge difference in my life.  People that teach me to be a better person and are honest with me along the journey. People that I trust and love to always tell me the truth.

On one of these trips was about reconnecting with my dear friend Linda and new friend Valine who shared with me about new things that might interest me.  Project Life, Chatbooks, how to do different things they were teaching me and along the way the topic of a word for the year came up.  I had half way done this a time or two, but not with my whole heart.  Linda shared on a trip to Canton that she thought her word might be "gathering"  and it got me to thinking what will my word be for 2018.

I narrowed it 3 words.  Hope, adventure, and quest truly believing that I was being lead to "hope" after all who doesn't need more hope?  Yet, it never settled into my soul.  I kept thinking perhaps the reason I never saw a word through the whole year was it wasn't my word.  I really want to grow and learn with the one word.  So, then I thought adventure.  After all, I love an adventure and travel, but yet again I felt that it wasn't the right word and finally I knew it in my soul.  My word is "Quest" and I truly believe it is my word for this coming year.

I have been doing a Bible study by Beth Moore that lead me to the word and really got my brain thinking.  It made me ask more questions.  If you meet me, I always ask a lot of questions.  I want to learn more about you, so I quiz you.  My hubby sometimes gets rather annoyed with my questions, but it's me.  The only way to grow is to ask questions and a quest is about growth.  I want to grow and learn.  We are never too old to quit learning and searching to become all that we are suppose to be after all, we don't want to just stay the same.  Oh it is safe, but it is not near the same trip!

The last few years I have grown because I have trusted God and gotten out of my box.  I have traveled alone taking pictures and being alone with God asking questions.  I have sought out relationships that help me to grow.  I am taking classes that definitely take me out of my comfort zone to become more of the person that I believe God desires me to be.  If for no other reason than to learn by the process of trying and being willing to say I gave it a whirl and look what I learned in the process.

I ordered my book from Ali Edwards to journal through this year with my word and I'm excited.  Do you know that the actual meaning is a long and arduous search for something, seeking something, or the last one mentions an adventure and journey!  Well, I get to cover two of the words almost and I know that hope will be found while searching and growing.  Also, perhaps it is about asking myself questions that I always ask others.  Digging a little deeper into who Debbie, that may be a really interesting adventure!

I looked at quotes about quest and these two really sealed the deal for my word.
"Rarely do we find men who willingly engage in hard, solid thinking.  There is an almost universal quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions.  Nothing pains some people more than having to think."  Martin Luther King, Jr. and the other is by Maya Angelou which is "Our stories come from our lives and from the playwright's pen, the mind of the actor, the roles we create, the artistry of life itself and the quest for peace."  I am not exactly sure where this journey will take me, but I have my camera ready, my bags on stand by, and my heart open to see where God takes me in this journey to grow and learn!

The other people that I reconnected with were some of my mentors that I love dearly, Dave and Annette Fortuna.  A couple that I know God placed in my life to teach me and help me grow to be all that He desires me to be.  I stood in the mountains in Colorado and was once again was touched with their genuine hearts!  Annette stood with her arms spread wide out in worship and it was the most awesome reminder to get outside my box! This is a memory that lead me to the word quest because these two people are constantly growing and sharing with others.

Thanks friends for being willing to teach this girl to be all that I can possibly be!  Love all of you dearly and you all know who you are whether your name appeared here or know who you are!!!  I can't possibly name all of you that teach me daily...

Beginning my quest,