Monday, June 29, 2009


Do you ever find yourself trying to redefine the rules of something? We know the rule, but if I just tweak it a little bit this way it will be so much better. If I just do this one little thing this way, it will improve things not hinder them?

Well, in the reading today from Isaiah 13. I found that the whole chapter was reminding us that the world doesn't have the right to redefine God's standards. Oh we try alright..remember telling your parents well Sissy over there is allowed to do it or so and so over there did it so it's okay for me.

It was so powerful to read verse 18 ~ What sorrow for those who drag their sins behind them with ropes made of lies, who drag wickedness behind them like a cart!
OUCH! Do we do that? Think on it a bit..what an image it makes in our hearts. We tag this lie on to this lie and another lie on to that lie making a long rope tied around our necks choking us to death and we drag them right along with us and even place them in a cart to make it a little easier to drag along plus we might take a few more along since they are in a cart!

Just because the world tells us things are okay, doesn't mean they are okay! God's grace is truly amazing. The image that just came to my mind is why don't we drag along the peace, the love, the amazing grace, the joy, the comfort, the things that God provides for us and let those overflow from our carts rather than the image of the lies..the old good vs. evil?

I would like to challenge you this week to something new, if you don't already do this ~ find a spot, a quiet spot to spend at least 15 minutes with God alone. I want you to turn on your praise music and listen for what God wants to share with you. I want you to spend the time just talking to Him like you would one of your friends. Take this time in a quiet area of your home just you and God and see what He might be sharing with you. I would love to hear from you about giving this a whirl and what might happen from these experiences. God wants to hear from you and remember it tells us the Psalms to "Be still and know that I am God" ~ So be still and know!!

Being still,

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Learning is fun!

Isaiah 28: 29 ~ The LORD of Heaven's Armies is a wonderful teacher, and he gives the farmer great wisdom.

What more really needs to be said? The Lord teaches us and it is a matter of whether we choose to learn. The picture spoke to me, because I think we need to remain like children willing to learn.

We, adults sometimes think we are so smart what more do we need? A lot. We forget that we never quit learning and to grow we must continue to be students of the Wonderful teacher. We must be like Mary and choose to sit at His feet and be still. We must have the faith of the woman with the issue of the blood that we will be healed, if we just touch the hem of his garmet. We must have the hearts of children that are open to learn and the ears to listen.

Thank you wonderful teacher, for teaching this stubborn woman that I still have so much to learn!


Friday, June 26, 2009

Return and flourish

Today's reading from Hosea 14 was beautiful imagery...The Lord says, Then I will heal you of your faithlessness; my love will know no bounds, for my anger will be gone forever. I will be to Israel like a refreshing dew from heaven. Israel will blossom like the lily; it will send roots deep into the soil like the cedars in Lebanon.

God is always so willing to heal us and forgive us. Stay away from the things that keep us from being all that we can be through The Lord. In verse 8, I am the one who answers your prayers and cares for you. I am like a tree that is always green; all your fruit comes from me."

In thinking about my own life, which is all I can go by...I know He forgives and I know that I've been transformed from a shy, insecure woman to a woman that speaks out only because I know my Father wants me to share His amazing love and forgiveness with others. He wants everybody to be all that we can be through His mighty love for each of us! We are able to indeed flourish through God's amazing love...we will indeed flourish like grain or the grapevines, if we allow God to be all that He wants to be in our life!

I encourage each of you to study the Word for yourself and see what God is leading you to do. Listen and grow and get ready for the most wonderful dance of your life!


I will win her back!

Music to our ears! Hosea 2:14 But then I will win her back again. I will lead her into the desert and speak tenderly to her. God will pursue us! Is that not the most wonderful news?

Valley of trouble becomes the gateway of hope.

I will wipe away the many names of Baal from your lips, ~~ what are the idols that He will wipe away?

Verse 19 ~~ I will show you righteousness and justice, unfailing love and compassion.
Wow! I will be faithful to you and make you mine, and you will finally know me as the Lord. What beautiful words and we are so undeserving or at least I know I am.

It goes on in Hosea 3: 1 - 5 The Lords still loves Israel even though the people turned to other gods and love to worship them. How many things have you placed before God and spent more time with than God? What do you place before God? Return and devote themselves to the Lord. God redeems, forgives, loves and what a beautiful image that God will woo us or pursue us from Hosea 2: 14 that truly spoke to my heart...But then I will win her back once again!

Thanking God,

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Martha's Vineyard

Martha's Vineyard...A neat place a few fun facts that I've learned today.

Martha's Vineyard holds a county fair with very unusual is a skillet throw for women and the winning toss was 70 feet!

Diane Sawyer bought a home here about 7 to 10 years ago for the record price of $10 million at the longer the record holder.

Years ago, the ship captains wifes did not want to live on the water anymore so they moved away from the water to guess what street? Cowturd Lane, yes you read that right..the name was changed to Music St. because of all the piano playing on the street. I'm sure it was better to say you lived on Music St. anyway.

Also, Charles and Anne Linburgh spent a lot of time on this island after the loss of their child. They wanted to get away from all the publicity. Her parents had a home on the island and according to a 90 year lady on the island that worked as their maid..Charles slept in a tent in the yard rather than in the house.

Also, they have a festival on the island that the children all make their way to the sea and place flowers in the sea in memory of all the men that have been lost at sea.

When the Clinton's vacationed here they could not come in Air Force One because the airport runways are really short. The reason being the Navy would practice landing on these runways and they are no longer than an aircraft carrier.

During World War II the people were afraid on the island. The truth is a U2 boat did land on the island. They got about 5 miles from the boat and were recognized because of having different boots and raincoats than the normal people..

Also, we saw Gloria Swanson's home that Joe Kennedy purchased for her years ago. The house was right on an inlet, so that he could come and go and also of the bootlegging that he was known for up in these parts. Very much true they said that the money was from bootlegging.

Let's see in the town I was told that Meg Ryan was in town, that Caroline Kennedy owns a home near town, Carly Simon, Mike Wallace....on and on...I didn't pass by any of them at least that I noticed, but oh I did find some neat shopping...

Also, we passed the Methodist campground with the Gingerbread Houses and it was really neat...

I think this has been my favorite stop by far...Nantucket was nice, but I liked Martha's Vineyard and oh another thing I learned in town....word is our President comes here to raise a lot of money for the DNC...He spent over a week here last summer just raising money from the local folks that have plenty to pass around. Word is he is actually coming again in a few weeks to raise a little bit more.

I'm thinking that the stimulus package could be helped out tremendously by raising funds in these towns that I've passed through the last few days...lots of it around this part of the country...

I did like it though, when the sun shined.


Pleasing in the Lord's sight!

Finally, "He did what was pleasing in the Lord's Sight"!! It seems like it's been so long that we have read this in our daily reading. Hezekiah finally did what was pleasing in the sight of the Lord.

The verse that really spoke to me was from 2 Kings 18: 5 ~ Hezekiah trusted in the Lord, The God of Israel. There was no one like him ...He remained faithful to the Lord in everything, and he carefully obeyed all the commands the Lord had given Moses. He trusted, he remained faithful, he obeyed and the big statement ~ So the Lord was with him and he was successful in everything he did. Wow!!! Powerful..nothing more needs to be said, does it...Ponder this thought today and remember our readings over the past several weeks about the men that didn't do what was favorable in the Lord's sight.

Trust, Have Faith, and Obey why is this so hard? God proves he is with us just like with Hezekiah...ponder it today..


Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Well, another interesting visit. The sun is shining though!!!! Let me tell you the cheapest one bedroom cottage is only $1 million. I just don't even get it...the excess is unbelievable...I walked into one store picked up a small purse that was so cute, but I'm talking small and it was only $480, so I commented it was very cute and placed it back in its spot.

The island is very quaint and pretty. I like the cottages, but not a million dollars worth. Seriously, it is pretty, lots of fishing boats, lots of very cute stores, and lots of very big homes. Only 10,000 people live here year around and in the summer it is around 50,000. Most people that work here commute from the mainland.

We had lunch at a neat little outdoor restaurant and enjoyed the sunshine. We walked and shopped in the little tourist shops and caught our tender back to the boat. The view outside my window is of the little lighthouse that is right out the window. I love the lighthouses and the reminder of the light in this world...God is here.

I have to share a quote I just read "As we grow in our trust of God's presence, we become more willing to live our lives in the shape of huge question mark." Listen I love this...We begin to learn to trust God and and instead of telling God what we want from Him, we ask Him what He wants us to do. We try to align ourselves with God's rather than convincing God what we want is a good idea. I love this!!!

I am reading a lot and loving it! I'll share more later....

Many blessings,

Encourage one another to the Light!

Encouragement is something that all people are able to do for Christ! Why then is it something that we don't do? Think about it...We aren't all able to teach, speak, serve, but we are all able to mail a card to remind someone they matter, phone someone to see if we can do something, stop by and help someone do something...we are able to do write a note or pick up the phone...We are able to pray for someone and for their encouragement.

Today's passage from Isaiah 8:11-22 spoke to me about encouragement. It tells us the LORD gave a strong warning not to think like everyone else does. Be different, stay strong, don't listen to evil people or wicked talk. We all get to choose whether we accept The Word or do we reject Christ? The choice doesn't really seem like a good one though or one that we would even consider.

I watch some young people though and think the choice is obvious and of course, they pick the other one. The same is true of us as adults and what happens? We stumble, fall, fall into a trap or snare, and we are never able to rise out of these bad choices, because we are captured in the bad habit, the choice that we made ourselves.

WE must put our hope in the Lord and make the choice for light. Verse 20 speaks so highly to Look to God for instructions and teachings! People who contradict his word are completely in the dark. Do you ever feel like you are in the dark and you just wish that somebody would turn the light switch on for you? You have fallen and if you just had the strength to flip that switch it would help change the way things look in that room? Well, I believe as a sister in Christ we should think to flip that switch for you. We should watch for when we need to light a candle in that room of darkness. We need to help them find the Light!

Why is it hard to encourage? I found a quote by Willis Reed that is so true ~ Go for the moon, If you don't get it, you'll still be heading for the stars. We have nothing to lose and a lot to gain ~ another member to the family of Christ!

Encourage someone today! Flip that light switch!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Whaling Town

Well, fishing boats are everywhere. I am sitting in my room on the boat looking at many fishing see in the pic. It is amazing how many fishing boats there are here in New Bedford. We went into town on a trolley stopped at the Whaling Museum and listened to the story of whaling. Wow, those were amazing women that stayed married to those men that might leave one day for their fortune in whaling to be gone 5 years and return with $95.00 for that whole five years. What do you think girls? Easy life?

Well, they stayed behind took care of home, children, and tried to manage and pray that their men would return one day. Some did, but a lot didn't...It was actually pretty eye opening and I thought once again, How blessed I am. I was born when I was to who I was and then to be married to a man that works pretty close to home and takes care of me.

Count your by one ...and be thankful for each one!!!


What a lady!

Breakfast this morning was bumpy. The day is still dreary, but the company was unbelievable. I sat with a little lady that is 93 years old traveling with her daughter, son-in-law and a nurse. She is quite a character who still has the most unbelievable spark and zest for life.

She is a navy widow. Her husband served all over the world in the navy. He was serving the day Pearl Harbor was attacked and she stood on a hill and watched Pearl Harbor being bombed. She ran to safety. Her husband was off on a destroyer and she was one of the few wifes left on the island. They placed her on a destroyer and got her to safety of the states.

She goes everyday to see the sights and continue to live her life! She laughs, enjoys and shares. God is amazing the people he places in our life. Another lady sat with us at dinner and when my mom complained that daddy wouldn't travel with her she gently reminded her that she was jealous when another lady had her husband just to walk with much less travel with and it was a very touching moment. Also, a very good reminder of what is important..

Today's reading was special because I love the scripture from Isaiah assuring us that Immanuel is coming! God is definitely with us and I love the reassurance of these words every time I read the world we live in we still need these words so much and so often God is with us...Keep this in your heart, whether you are happy or hurting, strong or weak, God is with you!


Monday, June 22, 2009

When is enough, enough?

Well, have you heard the expression ~ who do you think you are Mrs. Astor? Well, this is THE MRS. Astor's home in Newport. Yes, the!!! The homes in this place are unbelievable...The Vanderbilt's who had The Marble House and then the other Vanderbilt's that had to outdo the other Vanderbilt and build the Breakers...they are unbelievable...Check them out online...The Breakers is the first home with electricity throughout and they had gold on the walls, real gold, marble tubs that were so huge and solid marble it took filling them 4 times and letting the water out to warm them up...Can you imagine?

The stories were unreal. They told stories of the servants childrens looking through peep holes to watch the dances that might not even start until midnight. You were definitely the whose who to attend the party. At least third generation money at least a million in your pocket...Belmont, Duke, Vanderbilt, Astor, on and on...they only visited these houses for 2 months of the year. Most of these are called their cottages.

I walked and thought how could one think this is okay? The money spent then to build these and the absolute not really a home. I think of the children, the furniture was so not a home. I heard the words of one of the Vanderbilt daughters...something like I remember the day I discovered I was an heiress. It was the saddest day of my life. How will I know anybody ever loves me? Well, she did meet someone, but ...a child having these thoughts isn't a nice thought.

I did enjoy the tour of the Beechwood that is shown in the pic...they had actors dressed up like the servants, the children and it was like we were attending a party the next evening. It was fun! I recommend you visit if you visit Newport.

Having fun,

Rule at any cost!

Today's reading over and over it said, ....did what was evil in the sight of the Lord. Over and Over again. Until it got even worse.

2 Kings 15: 16-20 the reading about Menahem. He killed the entire population and ripped open the pregnant woman. I thought they just keep getting worse. My mind immediately went to today and around the world....

I don't have to name the countries or the things happening it's bad. Just watch the news and the words they did what was evil in the sight of the Lord...The same is true. Wonder what God is feeling about all of us and the evil in this world? He would have to be unhappy and we all take on the attitude of see no, hear no, speak no and it will all go away....Does it? Nope?

Pray today for the world we all live in that we will remember the difference between good and evil. It is sad that people want power and it doesn't matter who gets in the way to get it! Just watch the news and see the young people that were killed yesterday and early this morning already across the globe...


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Walking together

Today is Father's Day and I'm away from my dad on his day. I told him before I left town that I was sorry that I wouldn't be home, but that he knew how I felt about him, didn't he? I told him that he knew I believed with all my heart that I had the best dad ever and I was sorry that other people didn't get him for their dad...something along that line and you know I believe it! I hope most of you feel that way about your own dad....I was blessed with the best in the land and I try to let him know that I realize that it doesn't happen for everybody...

My dad encourages me, he loves me and it doesn't matter how I act and he will still pick up pieces of my life, if I goof up and I'm almost 50...My dad loves me and this I know...Thank you daddy for always loving me!

I think of many things today on Father's day one is a good friend that is going to go through the day without her dad on the first one without him and I know she is hurting, I hope she knows that she isn't alone her friends are thinking of her and lifting her in prayer. I hope she knows just how much her dad loved her and is smiling on her still today!!!

I also think about people that didn't have a great relationship with their dad and today is also difficult or what about men that are unable to have children today is difficult, but for all of us whatever our situation with our dads. REMEMBER, your heavenly Father will carry you through this day. Share your tears, your anger, your love whatever you feel lean on Him today. He has this huge lap for you to crawl up on and share your feelings and for you to feel His love!

Today's reading that I want to focus on is from Amos 3:3, "Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction? Does a lion even roar in a thicket without first finding a victim? on and on....What is acceptable in your relationships of life? Is it okay to disagree or do you just want yes people around you???? think about it...I think I grow from others not agreeing with me and I love growing, even if it is sometimes difficult.

In this chapter the verses are actually dealing with the punishment of Israel and their fall to the Assyrians. The prophets warned Israel, but they didn't listen..look at verse 7, verses 13-15 ~ God tells us they will pay for their disobedience he specifically tells I will destroy the pagan altars. God warns us, do we listen?

Tell you dad you love him today ~ your earthly dad and your heavenly Father!!!


Saturday, June 20, 2009

God's Plan or ours?

Sometimes do you think exactly what are you doing God? It would be much easier to just do this or that? Or perhaps you think I know I must be out of my mind God couldn't be asking me to do that? little ole me? You must have somebody so much better for this task? Do you ever have those feelings?

I have always loved the story of Jonah.Instead of running to do what God wanted him to do ~ he ran fast the other way, got on a boat and headed for parts unknown. Only problem was God knows about all parts unknown ~ even the belly of a big fish.

Where is it you have run to and ended up in the belly of a fish? Well, learn from Jonah and repent and then follow that with a big dose of obedience. Once you do the fish will spit you out on the beach and you will be able to head where God wanted you to go in the first place. You may as well not take the long route, because eventually you will be in Nineveh or should I say your Nineveh?

The picture above is one of Nineveh at a gate...You are standing at the gate will you step in and follow through with God's plans or will you still insist on following your own? Nineveh was a large city that if you were to see it all it would take 3 days of your time. Nineveh was a great city that sat on the eastern bank of the Tigris in ancient Assyria across the river from modern day city of Mosul, Iraq. Have you heard of Mosul?

Jonah did what God told him to do and the people followed through with God's words.
Jonah got mad about it. He didn't like these people and he didn't want them to change their ways. He knew that God was compassionate (thank goodness) and that He was merciful (big thank goodness) and that God is eager to turn His back on destroying people! Hallelujah! Where would be if He wasn't?

God's ways are not ours ~ Thank goodness! God may call you to minister in areas that are distasteful, but a word to the wise ~ obey.

Trying to be obey,

Friday, June 19, 2009

Not happening!

Elisha was a very powerful man, even in death! I smiled at God's power once again in death. The image of the men in a hurry tossing another man in to the tomb, the body touches the bones of Elisha and whoosh the man is back to the land of the living! Wow!!

Anyway, today's reading was about Elisha and the arrows from 2 Kings 13: 1-9...Elisha gave some arrow-shooting lessons to Joash. Elisha tells Joash exactly what to do for success and what does he do? He didn't follow directions! instead of knocking the ground 5 or 6 times he only struck it 3 so he would only have 3 victories over the enemies...The word says the man of God was angry with him. Here the man is about to die and he is still trying to help and people don't listen. In this scripture we still have the conflict of Joash and King Hazael of Syria. Now remember that King Hazael was not a a worshipper of the one true God, but he did serve as God's policeman in regard to Israel and Judah. Interesting, isn't it that God will use unholy people to do His work?

I don't know which image touched me the most about Elisha today, but I loved the last few days of studied this Man of God. Even in death he wanted to be alone and he got rid of that unwanted person in his tomb...


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Who do you listen to?

Are you only good when the right person is giving you advice? Do you change when the people around you change? Are you careful about the group of folks that you run with?

Today's reading really spoke to my heart about the people that influence our journey. These people don't walk our journey for us, but they do help us make good choices. In the end, we will still answer for ourselves nobody else.

It does help if we seek the right advice along the way, don't you think? Today's reading from 2 Kings 12: 1-16 spoke along this line. Joash is a good king as long as his trusted high priest was alive. He loved this older man and respected him. Without his chief advisor, he wandered off of God's mission - way off!

Joash, was 7 years old when he assumed the throne of Judah for 40 years. This is the little boy that escaped death from the evil Queen Athaliah. This queen thought she killed all the legal heirs to the throne, but she missed one. Look at verse 2 ~ Joash did what was pleasing in the Lord's sight because the priest instructed him. Even though he did not destroy the pagan shrines.

Joash wanted to repair the temple and he set up the way the money would be taken to do this: 1) each male 20 years old would a half-shekel per head 2) money received from payments on personal vows which varied from 3 to 50 shekels 3) voluntary..23 years later the temple was still not repaired..No more money for the priests and Joash took things in his own hands. He made a chest with a hole to place your money and set it at the gate. Money just flowed in at this point. Joash and Jehoiada personally handled the temple work from this point on.

Isn't it sad, that during the restructuring or rebuilding that they still didn't remove the pagan altars? What about us? Do we remove the things we place before God when we are working on our temples? Focus is so important in our journeys.

Today, what will you focus on? What will you make the center of your journey? I know that my life processes much easier as long as I keep God where He should be at number 1. Life flows along rather well, the moment that I let my relationship with Him slide my life slides as well. Look at your own, wouldn't this be true of you as well? Or am I alone in sliding and the results of the sliding?

The people around us help us to focus on what is right. You are who you run with...I remember my parents teaching this and turns out that once again they are right

Many blessings,

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Celebrate! Celebrate!

Today's reading got me right off the bat...the line from 2 Chronicles 21:20 ~ No one was sorry he died. Jehoram was a really bad guy. One bible stated it he passed away, to no one's regret, and was buried in the City of David, but not in the tombs of the king. The people refused to place him where most all the kings were buried.

He was like the expression you hear ~ he was bad to the bone. He became king and immediately had his brothers killed, plus some of the other leaders. He ruled for about 7 years and was married to Ahab's daughter. She was also very wicked.

Elijah telling him that he would die an awful death and you would think it would at least turn his head a bit, but no. He was definitely evil and the only thing that kept the Lord from destroying the country more was look at verse 7...the covenant the Lord made with David. The Lord keeps his promises.

The thing that struck me this morning was isn't it sad to think that not a single person had regret or was sorry to see this man go. Instead they wanted to celebrate!
Now don't get me wrong I think it is a beautiful day when you can go and celebrate a person's life at a memorial or funeral, but not because they died, but because of the way they walked this journey. Don't you want to have people celebrate your life when you are gone for the way you lived it ~ not because finally they are rid of you?

Think about it! How do you want to be remembered?


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Greed rears its ugly head!

I believe that I was suppose to post twice today, so here it's reading that really spoke to me was from 2 Kings 5:20-27 and Elisha's main man, Gehazi. Gehazi was Elisha's servant. He was beside him. After Naaman left Elisha's home without Elisha taking any gifts from Naaman. Gehazi was thinking. Thinking about how could Elisha let this man leave without taking any gifts.

So, he decided to chase after them and take them for himself. He lied told him that Elisha changed his mind and then he added to the lie adding that two young prophets have now shown up and they need Elisha to help them ~ in turn you help them with that money you were going to leave...

Elisha is waiting for him on his return. He knows. Where have you been? Who me? Little old me? No where...the lie only gets bigger...Elisha tells him I was there in spirit when Naaman stepped down to meet you from his chariot! OUCH! Don't you realize that I know? Does he lose his job? No, he and his children will all receive the leprosy that Naaman had just left behind. Right on that spot where he once again lied leprosy covered his body. We read further on where Gehazi shares the great stories of things Elisha has done. He isn't bitter with Elisha, He knew what he had done...the blame was on him and no one else...

What a lesson to learn. We need to look at ourselves and reflect..


God things!

Wow! Today I have to share about last night with William Paul Young, the author that wrote the was fantastic! God moved in that building and it was amazing! It was a Monday night with LSU playing baseball, Les Miles in town and we still had over 750 people come to talk about God. Is that not fabulous? God worked in a big way and it was awesome!!!

God is definitely using this man to share His story. I don't know the right words other than to say God is working and in a mighty big way. Paul shared with all of us that he wrote this book for his children and only intended to run the original 15 copies that he ran at Office Depot. I believe he told us last night that it is now over 13 million? not quite sure the exact number he used ~ but huge! Did you know that a normal best seller only sells 7500 copies? Most books sell 5000? Don't tell me that God isn't in this book. Did you know that they only put in $300 to advertise this book? They sold over a million copies out of a garage the first year.

When Paul talks it is so about a friendship with God. The relationship that we all yearn and how religion isn't what God wants ~ he wants it about Him and being wtih Him ~ relationship, friendship! He was very scriptural he answered the questions that people have about the book with much thought and so from the heart. He continually talked about the things that God was doing and that it wasn't Paul doing anything. He talked about how they wrote this book together and how God heals through this book. He talked about the conversations that this book is starting and that is what this book is about. God is using this book to open hearts to openly talk about Him. Continually the whole evening never once did Paul try to take the glory the whole evening was about what God was doing and how he gets to travel along that one year ago he was still cleaning toilets and working in a manufacturing plant.

We all have a shack. Did you know that? It is our secrets in our souls that you only share with God, the Holy Spirit and Christ. You have a shack and you need to meet them in your shack to heal, to forgive and to love! Some of you may have been hurt by religion and that is what Paul beautifully addressed it's not God. Don't shut your door on God it is the flaws of people that hurt one another. Go to the Shack and be healed by God. Did you know that secrets cause all of us to lie? A secret causes so much pain that it just builds and builds and the pain goes right along with the secret of growing until your Shack is a building with many rooms to cover all the secrets?

The highlight of the evening was at the end, when the audience stool in a standing ovation and Paul turned his backs to the audience lifted his hands and arms in the air and gave all the glory to God! It was a moment that moved everyone in that room beyond words. It was so very moving. God is so good.

If you have been hurt by humans that are just that human in a church, at a job, in your family ~ don't shut your heart to God. I suggest you read this book and maybe it will help to heal you with God going through the experience with you. He will be there, it is a book of healing. God works in mysterious ways that we are not able to imagine, so don't try to put Him in a box to even try. I encourage you to just watch Him work and enjoy being in the friendship with Our Savior. Talk to God today..whatever you call Him..Father, God, Almighty, Poppa, just talk


Monday, June 15, 2009

I'll have double portions from God please!

Have you ever looked at another woman of God and thought I would just like to have a little bit more of Jesus in me, like her? Well, me too. You know what? All we have to do is talk to God about it and spend the time with Him and we will get just that ...a double portion and even more.

I love the story today from 2 Kings 2: 1-18. Elijah and Elisha (his student) are walking to Gilgal and Elijah suggest that he will go on to Bethel by himself. It is a trip of about 13 miles about 4 hours on foot by himself. Elisha is determined I'm going too. In Bethel they meet up with some prophets that tell Elijah he is making a really big trip today and Elijah then says he is off to Jericho another 4 hour trip. Once again, telling Elisha he will go on his own. Elisha once again saying no I'll go with you. Another group tells Elijah the same thing that he headed on a big trip today. Now Elijah tells Elisha I'm headed to Jordan about another hour away and you guessed it Elisha said me too.

Elijah then ask Elisha, "What I can do before I am gone?" Elisha's reply is "please let me inherit a double share of your spirit and become your successor." Don't you love it! A double share of your spirit ~ not riches, not anything else ~ a double of what you have with God!

Elijah replies, if you see me when I am taken from you, then you will get your request. Suddenly a chariot of fire appeared, drawn by horses of fire. Drove between the two men, separating them, and Elijah was carried by a whirlwind into heaven. Can you imagine? Elisha saw it and cried out, "My father! My father!" I see! Elisha was the man now ~ he parted the Jordan using Elijah's cloak. After all, he now has double what Elijah had, why because he requested it, believing it!

I have to mention one more story from the reading today that I had to smile about from 2 Kings 2:23 - 25...the story of the balding man. A group of kids made fun of Elisha saying Go away, baldy and chanted it at him. He cursed them in the name of the Lord and out came two bears that mauled them all ~ 42 of them. I think it truly upset Elisha and maybe he was having a bad day. A few facts about this story. It was undesirable to be bald according to Isaiah 3:17,24. also, I read that little children did not necessarily mean little children. The word used in these scriptures is "naw-oor' which is used over 200 times in the Old Testament and it usually translated to a young man. So the commentary thinks they were probably teenagers that were taunting Elisha. So, a word to the wise don't taunt anybody!

In closing remember to watch your words with people, but when talking with God request a double portion of Him today!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

How do I put out the fire?

In 2 Kings 1:1-18 today, I thought I know those servants were wondering why doesn't the king have to do this himself? I mean after the first team went and were burnt up and then another one and the same...I would be thinking I need a fire hydrant now! Do you think there is one close to that hill that Elijah perched himself up on?

Seriously, in this story ~ The king fell through lattice work of his palace and he was hurt bad. He sent his servants to inquire of Baalzebub (name means Lord of the flies ~ that alone is not one you would want to inquire about your health) about whether he was going to recover. Well, this was a very bad move, why would they inquire of a God that doesn't know the answers to anything? Anyway they were on their way a 40 mile journey to this place, when Elijah told them He's gonna die. The men forgot to ask Elijah's name, so the king had them describe him and he knew immediately it was Elijah.

Go arrest this man. First captain was arrogant with Elijah and said Hey you Man of God the king commanded you come down with us now! Well, Elijah replied if I'm a Man of God let the fire come down and destroy you. Poof, they are gone..2nd time same thing...3rd time ..this captain approaches with respect and he immediately fell to his knees. He pleaded with him to spare his life and the lifes of these other servants. The angel of God told Elijah to go with this man.

Elijah tells the King why did you send the men to another God, is there no God in Israel to answer your questions? Therefore, because you did this you will never leave your bed, in fact surely you will die in it and he did. The King died because he rejected the One and Only True God. He sought another.

Who are you seeking today? What are you looking for today? God is your answer today and all other days, so consult Him today with your questions and your life! He wants to share these days with you ~ right now, right here so talk!


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Told you so!!!

I told you so!

Do you remember those conversations? See I told you if you would have just done what I suggested things would have turned out okay! Do you remember your mom doing this or perhaps you doing this to your child?

I was reminded in today's reading about that saying with Ahab in 1 Kings 22. The kings are hanging out together for the day in their royal robes, in their thrones on the thrashing floor by the gate of Samaria with over 400 men prophesying before them. Do you picture it? Picture it in your mind...the scene, the noise, the pomp and circumstance, the trying to impress the kings...

We have one man that made iron horns and he declared the kings would gore the enemy with the iron horns and this is the same man that later slaps the man with the real story of what was going to happen. All 400 men told the same story and the good King thought this was odd. The man that went to get Micaiah said look all these other guys told the kings exactly the same thing for your own good say the same. You are in prison just agree with the others. Micaiah said, as surely as the Lord lives I can tell only what He says.

Upon arrival to the scene, King Ahab ask the question and Micaiah replied, "Yeah, yeah - go for it you will have victory." The King knows that Micaiah is being sarcastic from the tone of his voice or movement of his body ~ somehow he picked up that this was not truly what he saw.

The King demands only what the Lord told you and so he lets loose about how God is using the other prophets to tell Ahab what he wants to hear, so he will go to battle and die. Of course, the other prophet that had brought the iron horns didn't appreciate this at all either so he walks over and slaps Micaiah and taunts him. Micaiah gently replies that you will remember this day when you are in hiding about it!

Was anything different for Micaiah? Nope it was straight back to prison, even though he told the truth. He turned to Ahab and more less told him, you will not be returning...

What about Jehoshaphat? Well, he was a good king that made a bad choice and he hung out with the wrong people. What happens when we do the same thing? Ever make that bad choice because you might be running with wrong group? Jehoshaphat heard the good prophet and still went along with a very bad decision and he went along with the crowd ~ probably because it was the popular choice not the right choice.

Thinking about choices,

Friday, June 12, 2009

Whine! Whine!

Isn't this the cutest picture? Nobody likes a whiner, do they? At least, with a baby it is easier to understand and sometimes its even cute. Not so, with a big manly King though!

Today, in 1 Kings 21 I am amazed at the attitude of the King Ahab. Why I am I don't know, even today we hear our leaders whine, and then whine some more, don't we? Ahab had everything, but he wanted a vineyard that was just down the road from the palace. The vineyard was owned by Naboth. Ahab could not just take this because of the laws that governed, the covenantal law. It was Naboth's family property preserved for their portion of land in the promised land.

Naboth wanted to keep his land, so he replied "The Lord forbid that I should give you my inheritance from my fathers." Ahab went home sullen and angry, wouldn't eat and laid in the bed. Sounds like a mature man, doesn't it? It is so upsetting that this man had everything in a palace and yet he desired one more thing that wasn't his and rather than his wife telling him to get a life or grow up what does she do?

Well, her name alone means unexalted and impure so we all know that she probably doesn't give good advice. (if she lives up to her name) Well, she does live up to the name ~ she is definitely impure. She was sarcastic with questions such as Is this how you act as king over Israel? Don't you hear that condesending voice talking down to her husband? The goading. She was from a land that took what they wanted and she was letting Ahab know how she felt his land was beneath hers once again.

How often have you heard about a woman that helps to make a man what he is? Well, would you want to be like Jezebel to make your man? She stole and caused the death of Naboth so that Ahab could take the vineyard. It was Naboth's vineyard and he had the misfortune of it being too close to the palace and the King decided he wanted it.

Discontent is a sin that makes one suffer in punishment even before it causes one to do another to answer the discontentment in our hearts. A story of discontent, Satan at work through a wife, murder...and when Ahab heard what happened he immediately got up and went and took the vineyard. A very willing partaker in sin and more sin. He seemed to be okay with sin.

Are we okay with sin? Is it okay to figure out ways to talk to our husbands to get the things we desire? Do you want to be like Jezebel to achieve things in this world? I hope not, but sometimes I don't think we look at ourselves honestly.

Look honestly only at yourself and truly repent for the things that we as wifes might sarcastically lead our husbands into or things that we might goad our husbands into...I pray that you don't do these things, but watch television or listen to the stories around us and we realize that a lot of these things are still happening today. Ladies, we need to take a good look at our hearts and turn away from sin and be encouraged that we have grace. Start today in prayer with Our Father lifting both yourself and your hubby up to the Lord for forgiveness and thankfulness for His grace, his love and most of All for His glorious love beyond measure!!

Loving the Father,

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I have always loved the story of this sweet, trusting, believing widow so much! She had almost nothing, but yet she was willing to trust and share that nothing with a Man of God.

It seems like today we all are so weary and afraid to trust the people around us. We look for ulterior motives, we look for are they telling the truth and I always try to have the attitude that it isn't my problem to worry with either of these questions. I am suppose to let God know what is true and it is between the person and God. I am suppose to be Christ to that person. Now I realize that handing someone money or enabling is not the route to take, but sometimes we immediately turn our backs without listening or involving God in this process. So, back to this scripture ...She explained her situation to Elijah that she was about to prepare to eat and then die along with her young son. In fact, she was pretty matter of fact about just how dire the situation at her home was at that moment.

Elijah shared don't be afraid. Go home and do as I've told you and things will be okay. She went away and did just as Elijah told her to do. The flour jar did not run dry in keeping with God's words. Isn't it beautiful? The trust that this little widow woman showed allowing this man into her home, sharing the last little bit of food she had with him and just believing it to be true. Why don't we show the same faith or do you?

The story goes on and the little boy becomes ill. He stopped breathing. She then questions Elijah, Why? He cried out to the Lord. O Lord, let this life return to him! One commentary tells me that this was similar to a Babylonian practice involving magic, but that Hebrews did not practice magic. Elijah's prayer was not for restoration of the boy's soul, but the word nephesh was used indicating breath of life was prayed for this little boy. Like in Genesis when God created the animals..the same word was used. God showed this woman that Elijah was definitely a Man of God. Do we show people that we are people of God? Do we help or do we turn our backs? Do we help them breathe a little easier in this world that we reside in for a short time?

Oh, the lessons from this passage of scripture..What did you learn?


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Idols and what do we do?

What are your idols? Humans are good at having idols, whether it is a person (sports figure, politcal person, etc.) or is it making something we do with our time an idol, anything that we place before God is an idol. Oops...let's learn a little bit about Baal worship and the time period to get a picture of the story from 1 Kings 17 that spoke to me today...

We were reading today that Ahab married Jezebel and how Ahab began to serve and worship Baal. Well, the photo is a picture of Baal. Baal was the god of rain, fertility, agriculture or really any god other than God, Yahweh, Our Savior. It can even be a human official it stated. The cult refered to in 1 Kings ran all the way until the time of Jehu which happens in 2 Kings around chapter 10 . I love this part Jehu set up the Baal worshippers said let's have a great sacrifice to Baal. See that no one is missing. Bring out the robes and everything. He made sure that no worshippers of the Lord were in there and only Baal worshippers were in offering sacrifices. Once everybody was in ~ he ordered his men to go in and kill them all. He brought out everything and burned it and then tore what was left down. Do you know what this ground became? A latrine ~ a bathroom and it is still one to this day. (at least according to my reading) Very appropriate, don't you think? Not that Jehu worshipped God afterwards, but that is another story..

Back to 1 Kings 17 - God responded in a interesting manner to the worship of this God of rain, fertility and agriculture...He hit him where it hurts. Since he was the supposed provider of rain, what does God do? He will send no dew, no rain until He says so. He shows where the rain comes from doesn't he? He tells Elijah to leave the Balm of Gilead area, which is where some believe a healing balm is felt. (modern day Jordan area)Also, interesting that Elijah is to leave the healing balm area and go the Kerith Ravine east of the Jordan.

God tells Elijah that he will drink from the brook and that ravens will feed him. I also found this interesting ravens to bring the food. Not an angel or another person, but ravens. So I looked up a few raven facts, they are possibly the most intelligent bird in the world, clever, cunning and very smart. Did you know that? I watched a video of a raven steal a ice fishermans fish while he left his pole in the ice to catch the fish. It was amazing. God provided for Elijah, just like he provides for us.

What is your idol that God is asking you to put down and leave? I know that at times just everyday life gets in the way of my putting God where He should be and where He should always stay ~ at the top! God should never lag behind in 2nd place or even 3rd. or 4th, but sometimes do we let him even fall out of our top 10?

Leave your idol behind and let God provide your needs, He will and He always does!