Monday, June 22, 2009

When is enough, enough?

Well, have you heard the expression ~ who do you think you are Mrs. Astor? Well, this is THE MRS. Astor's home in Newport. Yes, the!!! The homes in this place are unbelievable...The Vanderbilt's who had The Marble House and then the other Vanderbilt's that had to outdo the other Vanderbilt and build the Breakers...they are unbelievable...Check them out online...The Breakers is the first home with electricity throughout and they had gold on the walls, real gold, marble tubs that were so huge and solid marble it took filling them 4 times and letting the water out to warm them up...Can you imagine?

The stories were unreal. They told stories of the servants childrens looking through peep holes to watch the dances that might not even start until midnight. You were definitely the whose who to attend the party. At least third generation money at least a million in your pocket...Belmont, Duke, Vanderbilt, Astor, on and on...they only visited these houses for 2 months of the year. Most of these are called their cottages.

I walked and thought how could one think this is okay? The money spent then to build these and the absolute not really a home. I think of the children, the furniture was so not a home. I heard the words of one of the Vanderbilt daughters...something like I remember the day I discovered I was an heiress. It was the saddest day of my life. How will I know anybody ever loves me? Well, she did meet someone, but ...a child having these thoughts isn't a nice thought.

I did enjoy the tour of the Beechwood that is shown in the pic...they had actors dressed up like the servants, the children and it was like we were attending a party the next evening. It was fun! I recommend you visit if you visit Newport.

Having fun,


Linda said...

Sounds like fun. I remember thinking some of those same things when I visited the Biltmore---so excessive!

Frankie said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing a bit of your sightseeing with us. It's hard to imagine such extravagance.