Friday, June 5, 2009

Under the Sun!

Best way to live under the Sun is definitely with THE SON!

Well, the wisest man to ever walk this earth ~ failed just like we do. A man that God appeared to twice turned away from God. In his old age when you would think he was even wiser!!! He messed up! How often do we think we are wiser the older we get?

Solomon's love of women turned him away from God what turns you away? What gets in your way? What do you let get in your way to make you become weak? We are in a constant warfare and we must keep focused on God! Do we let our pride give way like Solomon's did? I mean how could he think that 700 wives and 300 concubines weren't going to get him in trouble? How can we think that passing along the latest tidbit will not get us in trouble or just one more won't hurt me? We are so weak without God..we are unable to do things without God...focus on the Mighty One!

The reading continued with God telling Solomon that he would keep the covenant he made with David, but that Solomon's kingdom would be taken away from his son. God used Jeroboam to be His instrument to punish Solomon. Eventually Jeroboam becomes a very evil leader. All kings that were from the Northern Kingdom, Jeroboam being the first were evil. You know why? In verse 38 it tells us IF, a big word, isn't it? If you listen and follow my ways and do whatever I consider to be right, and if you obey my decress and commands, as David did than I will always be with you...Well, we know why they didn't make it ...they did not obey!!

Solomon also wrote Ecclesiastes toward the end of his life scholars believe.. Our writing tells us that everything is meaningless...which in some translations the word vanity is used. The Hebrew word is hebel meaning fleeting, vapor, meaningless and it is used 38 times in this book by Solomon. We are never satisfied is the key to the reading today. It was true when Solomon wrote this and still true today, isn't it? One commentary stated that Solomon's wish with this book was to draw us to the emptiness of this world so that it would draw us to God. It would entice us to keep the commandments and to value the emptiness knowing that God had something better.

Well, the best way to put this for us is to live under the sun with THE SON!
Jesus did and does so much for us that I don't think we fully comprehend what He did.

We all say we get it, but do we? I think about this so much now when I read and study the Bible...Do I fully get grace and what was done for you and me? I know that I don't...I know that my little pea brain, doesn't fully grasp what Christ did for me, but I will not quit trying to share my little bit of understanding with those around me!

Walk today under the Sun with THE SON!


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Frankie said...

We are given instructions(the Bible)also telling us what to do and we are like the our Biblical ancestors. We still go our own way. I pray today that I will be obedient and not go my way but His way. Praying also that I too really and truly grasp the depth of God's love and what He did for us.