Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Greed rears its ugly head!

I believe that I was suppose to post twice today, so here it is...today's reading that really spoke to me was from 2 Kings 5:20-27 and Elisha's main man, Gehazi. Gehazi was Elisha's servant. He was beside him. After Naaman left Elisha's home without Elisha taking any gifts from Naaman. Gehazi was thinking. Thinking about how could Elisha let this man leave without taking any gifts.

So, he decided to chase after them and take them for himself. He lied told him that Elisha changed his mind and then he added to the lie adding that two young prophets have now shown up and they need Elisha to help them ~ in turn you help them with that money you were going to leave...

Elisha is waiting for him on his return. He knows. Where have you been? Who me? Little old me? No where...the lie only gets bigger...Elisha tells him I was there in spirit when Naaman stepped down to meet you from his chariot! OUCH! Don't you realize that I know? Does he lose his job? No, he and his children will all receive the leprosy that Naaman had just left behind. Right on that spot where he once again lied leprosy covered his body. We read further on where Gehazi shares the great stories of things Elisha has done. He isn't bitter with Elisha, He knew what he had done...the blame was on him and no one else...

What a lesson to learn. We need to look at ourselves and reflect..


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Frankie said...

Well, it is me again. That story from scripture just shows us that what we think we are hiding from God, we are not getting a way with it. He knows and it will be revealed.

Debbie, I also thought of how we think just like Naaman sometimes. We are expecting healing to come in a certain way and God heals in the way He wants to and we find ourselves disappointed like Naaman.

Praying that I would be open to how BIG our God is today.