Saturday, June 13, 2009

Told you so!!!

I told you so!

Do you remember those conversations? See I told you if you would have just done what I suggested things would have turned out okay! Do you remember your mom doing this or perhaps you doing this to your child?

I was reminded in today's reading about that saying with Ahab in 1 Kings 22. The kings are hanging out together for the day in their royal robes, in their thrones on the thrashing floor by the gate of Samaria with over 400 men prophesying before them. Do you picture it? Picture it in your mind...the scene, the noise, the pomp and circumstance, the trying to impress the kings...

We have one man that made iron horns and he declared the kings would gore the enemy with the iron horns and this is the same man that later slaps the man with the real story of what was going to happen. All 400 men told the same story and the good King thought this was odd. The man that went to get Micaiah said look all these other guys told the kings exactly the same thing for your own good say the same. You are in prison just agree with the others. Micaiah said, as surely as the Lord lives I can tell only what He says.

Upon arrival to the scene, King Ahab ask the question and Micaiah replied, "Yeah, yeah - go for it you will have victory." The King knows that Micaiah is being sarcastic from the tone of his voice or movement of his body ~ somehow he picked up that this was not truly what he saw.

The King demands only what the Lord told you and so he lets loose about how God is using the other prophets to tell Ahab what he wants to hear, so he will go to battle and die. Of course, the other prophet that had brought the iron horns didn't appreciate this at all either so he walks over and slaps Micaiah and taunts him. Micaiah gently replies that you will remember this day when you are in hiding about it!

Was anything different for Micaiah? Nope it was straight back to prison, even though he told the truth. He turned to Ahab and more less told him, you will not be returning...

What about Jehoshaphat? Well, he was a good king that made a bad choice and he hung out with the wrong people. What happens when we do the same thing? Ever make that bad choice because you might be running with wrong group? Jehoshaphat heard the good prophet and still went along with a very bad decision and he went along with the crowd ~ probably because it was the popular choice not the right choice.

Thinking about choices,

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Frankie said...

Thank the Lord that we can seek forgiveness at the foot of the cross for our bad choices. God in His great love and mercy provided a way for us. Scripture says that when we confess our sins, God is faithful and just and will forgive us.

Praying that today I seek Him in my choices and listen to the truth of the Holy Spirit.