Friday, June 12, 2009

Whine! Whine!

Isn't this the cutest picture? Nobody likes a whiner, do they? At least, with a baby it is easier to understand and sometimes its even cute. Not so, with a big manly King though!

Today, in 1 Kings 21 I am amazed at the attitude of the King Ahab. Why I am I don't know, even today we hear our leaders whine, and then whine some more, don't we? Ahab had everything, but he wanted a vineyard that was just down the road from the palace. The vineyard was owned by Naboth. Ahab could not just take this because of the laws that governed, the covenantal law. It was Naboth's family property preserved for their portion of land in the promised land.

Naboth wanted to keep his land, so he replied "The Lord forbid that I should give you my inheritance from my fathers." Ahab went home sullen and angry, wouldn't eat and laid in the bed. Sounds like a mature man, doesn't it? It is so upsetting that this man had everything in a palace and yet he desired one more thing that wasn't his and rather than his wife telling him to get a life or grow up what does she do?

Well, her name alone means unexalted and impure so we all know that she probably doesn't give good advice. (if she lives up to her name) Well, she does live up to the name ~ she is definitely impure. She was sarcastic with questions such as Is this how you act as king over Israel? Don't you hear that condesending voice talking down to her husband? The goading. She was from a land that took what they wanted and she was letting Ahab know how she felt his land was beneath hers once again.

How often have you heard about a woman that helps to make a man what he is? Well, would you want to be like Jezebel to make your man? She stole and caused the death of Naboth so that Ahab could take the vineyard. It was Naboth's vineyard and he had the misfortune of it being too close to the palace and the King decided he wanted it.

Discontent is a sin that makes one suffer in punishment even before it causes one to do another to answer the discontentment in our hearts. A story of discontent, Satan at work through a wife, murder...and when Ahab heard what happened he immediately got up and went and took the vineyard. A very willing partaker in sin and more sin. He seemed to be okay with sin.

Are we okay with sin? Is it okay to figure out ways to talk to our husbands to get the things we desire? Do you want to be like Jezebel to achieve things in this world? I hope not, but sometimes I don't think we look at ourselves honestly.

Look honestly only at yourself and truly repent for the things that we as wifes might sarcastically lead our husbands into or things that we might goad our husbands into...I pray that you don't do these things, but watch television or listen to the stories around us and we realize that a lot of these things are still happening today. Ladies, we need to take a good look at our hearts and turn away from sin and be encouraged that we have grace. Start today in prayer with Our Father lifting both yourself and your hubby up to the Lord for forgiveness and thankfulness for His grace, his love and most of All for His glorious love beyond measure!!

Loving the Father,

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Frankie said...

I sure hope that I am not happy with sin. I think that we can slip into sin little by little and not even call it sin. The author and speaker, Kay Arthur, says that sin will cost us more than we ever intended. I was so struck by that thought. Maybe it happens little by little until we can't believe what it has cost us.

In verses 28-29, of that same chapter we see that it cost Ahab's sons. The Lord had mercy on Ahab when He saw how Ahab humbled himself. The Lord said because Ahab had humbled himself He would withhold the consequences until Ahab's sons were in power.

One of the things that I am reminded of in this passage is that there are consequences for sin. That is not the message we get from society. The consequences may not be today or tomorrow but they are inevitable.

Praying that we listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit warning us of danger.