Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bold print or not?

Monday afternoon I was minding my own business walking down the aisle in the grocery store, when I noticed a very attractive woman walking towards me in her early 70's.  I remember thinking how attractive she was when she leaned over to me and very rudely told me that my shirt was too loud!  Ouch!

It may be, but what difference did it make to this woman?  I don't really care if your shirt is too loud, if you like it - wear it.  It doesn't bother me...anymore than my shirt should bother her!

I went from very quickly thinking this woman was an attractive older lady to thinking she was a rude old lady that somebody must have done wrong...I mean who walks up to a total stranger and wants to pick a fight about their shirt?  I smiled and thanked her and tried to walk away, but she wanted to be sure I understood, because she told me again.  I guess she wasn't sure I understood.  I did the first time.  I thanked her again and walked on.  What bothered me the most about the encounter was is something wrong with her physically, was something mentally wrong, or was she just mean?  I watched her and she appeared on outward appearances to be fine.  She appeared to be in good health and covering well on the outside, but something indeed is wrong when someone does what she did.

We never know when the enemy is using us to try to steal someone's joy!  This lady was being used by the devil to try to steal my joy and quite honestly he did it for a little while, but the longer I thought about it I realized it wasn't about me and my shirt.  It was about this lady so I am asking for prayers for this little lady that something was bothering her so bad she walked up to a total stranger to get a reaction.  Pray for the lady that was in the grocery store on Monday on my aisle and having a really bad day.

Also, I like my shirt.  If you think this one is loud, well you should see some of my's okay I'm the one wearing them, so don't loose any sleep over it!  

Most of all remember this verse that came to my mind from John 10:10 ~ 
The thief comes to steal, to kill, and destroy.  Jesus warns us all about the enemy!  Be on guard!  Smile and let His Light shine!

Sweet blessings,

Friday, January 22, 2016

Worry and birds

I love this scripture from Matthew 6!  It is a wonderful reminder that God provides...

Are you worried today?  Trust and believe His words!!!

He provides everything we need and when we need it, but do we trust Him?

In my new journey this year of drawing with study of scripture this one came to mind and I wanted to draw a bird and ask myself some questions as I drew.  During the process, I was reminded of just how important all of creation is to God.  I was also reminded that He is all we need!

His answers are never what we expect and most of the time He delivers in a most unexpected way, but His are always the answer that we need for the journey He is giving us!

Trust in Him!

He provides for the birds and for us!

Sweet blessings,

Friday, January 15, 2016

Fabulous book! A Worthy Heart by Susan Anne Mason

5 star Christian fiction that is well worth your time!

Did you ever wonder what it was like to be a young lady leaving home and family behind traveling to the United States to a whole new life?  Well, through Susan's words we get an idea and it's great!  I felt Maggie's eyes get big standing next to the railing pulling into New York by the Statue of Liberty and I felt her heart pounding with excitement and a little fear of the unknown yet I felt her strength!  The Irish girl in the big city about to discover a whole new world and we live it with her.

I was given this book to review by Bethany House and it is fabulous.  You may purchase it through your local bookstores, or any of the other book websites you purchase books.  Give yourself a gift that is definitely one you will not be able to put down.

My hubby, Kenny had surgery this week and it was the perfect time between being his nurse and cook to read this wonderful book.  Honestly, I could not put it down and he may have had to wait a few minutes at times for me to run to his side.  Truly I enjoyed it that much.

I loved the way Susan built the characters that you see the quirks, the love, the jealousy, the dynamics of most families.  The things that happen that are out of our control that you know nothing about, yet play such a huge role in our journey on this earth.  A young man that is so filled with hurt that he makes bad choices yet in his heart he knows there is more to his story.  He knows something just isn't right and he digs to know why his father feels different towards him.  He wants to know why he isn't worthy of love and finds that indeed he is...

It is heart warming and beautifully woven with the love between 2 people, but also families and extended families.  It is truly 5 stars and I hope that my friends and family will read this book and feel God's love woven throughout this story, but also throughout your own story!  A true gift thanks Susan Mason for this beautiful authentic story!

Love this book!

Sweet blessings,

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Need a little joy? Well this study might be helpful!

I enjoyed this study written by Sue Edwards on Philippians.  It is easy to work through, but yet she gives enough extra in depth that you might be pressed to go deeper with her extras...because you want to know more!  You want the growth of the digging deeper.

I was given this Bible study to review by Kregel Publications for an honest review to be written on this blog.  Honestly, Kregel never sends me a book I don't enjoy or maybe sometimes they step on my toes, but I grow from the journey! (so I enjoy in the long run)

The study is 8 lessons with Sue giving you a link to download and she teaches a brief segment for more added insight.  I thought they were good videos providing just enough added details without going on and on and loosing anybody's attention.  I liked  that you could watch them when it worked for each individual that wants to do the study.  If someone misses the study (in a group setting) it doesn't mean they miss the video.

I also enjoyed that Sue relates it to where we are right now in time.  Beginning with Paul being in prison when he wrote this letter back to the time that Paul was with the people in Philippi.  It was a a great way to picture and really begin to be a part of the book of Philippians.

The quotes used are fabulous!  I am a huge woman of quotes they speak to my heart and help me relate to others and she brings in absolutely thought provoking ones.  One of my favorites was found in lesson 2 from Tom Wright in his book "Paul for Everyone" ~ "There is a wonderful old prayer attributed to the sixteenth-century sailor Sir Francis Drake.  He prays that when God leads us to undertake any great piece of work, he will also remind us "that it is not the beginning, but the continuing of the same, until it be thoroughly finished that yieldeth the true glory."...Once you've set off on a journey, there's no point stopping half way."  
Isn't this great?  I mean picture Paul in prison with a man chained to him, cold surroundings, hardly any light would it not have been awfully easy to not write this letter?  Yet, he did so that God's glory would continue to shine through him.  Powerful message for each of us!

Another one from week 3 that Sue shared again from Tom Wright's book on Paul and this one is so good too.  "For a traveling apostle to be put in prison must have seemed like a concert pianist having his hands tied behind his back.  How can he possibly continue the work he's been called to do?  But Paul, with his strong belief in the way God works through unlikely circumstances, is ready with the answer."  Yes, God is ready are we ready to allow Him to use our circumstances?

A lot of meat in this study!  I don't like to give a lot away when I write a book review other than encouragement to purchase it and allow yourself to take this journey with Sue, but mostly with God.  Sue points to God throughout and your relationship definitely will be refined in the process.  I learned throughout that my circumstances are not for naught God uses them and we all know this, but through Paul we definitely see the example.  Sue walks us through the journey beautifully!

Sue definitely steps on a few toes in the study, which I believe for growth toe stepping is a necessary feature.  Serving in women's ministry for years myself as Sue did lesson 3 really steps on toes...she speaks of jealousy and comparison and how we some times allow this character flaw to trip us up and get in the way of what truly matters.  Sue is honest sharing her own struggles with this and quite honestly I struggled to and this helped me to realize my own struggles!

Rather than give away more details that I hope you will experience yourself...purchase the book through Amazon. com or any of your favorite book buying spots!  I would give it 4.5 stars out of 5 just because we always have room to grow!

Happy Bible study girl,

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Where do we try to achieve wisdom?

Wisdom is much better than Gold!  Check out Proverbs 16:16 and let me know your thoughts!

I love this process of drawing scripture and making you think about it, while you create.  I know, I know the art buyers are going to be banging on my door...ha! ha!, but that is not what this is about it's about growth and joy!  So there critics!

A few thoughts from the past few days about where people might be getting their wisdom and what God pointed out to me!  Ouch! Ouch! Truth hurts sometimes!

Well, in case you are living in a room without news the lottery is into the billion range and people are going nuts.  Now I heard a few statistics that you have a better chance of being president and well most of us aren't even running for that job than winning the lottery!  Yet, people are standing in lines for hours waiting for their opportunity at the gold.  Another sad statistic is that a lot of past winners went broke after winning their jackpot...not to be Debbie Downer because well the possibilities of things one could do with that money...but wisdom with God means eternity with Him!  Weight that one on the scales and see which one is better for you!

Another is ~ did you happen to tune in to the Bachelor for a few laughs last week.  I admit that I turned it on to have a laugh and not thinking about anybody going to find true love, because again statistics speak to this not happening for most of the people that show up on this show.  It's sad the spectacle that the women are going to just to get this young mans attention...rose on the head, pony, kisses, raising chickens...the list is crazy!  I did laugh some, but honestly I was ashamed to admit and am ashamed to admit I watched it.  It's awful that people are looking for love by grasping for attention by antics...again where are we looking for wisdom Debbie!  Last night, I did not watch I watched Alabama win the National Championship!  Yes!  

Now, this brings up another topic.  Bitterness, really folks let it go! Celebrate the hard work these teams put in to get to this game and remember it is a football game! I am a true Arkansas Razorback fan!  Go hogs go, but Alabama is my 2nd favorite team.  I pull for them always when they don't play Arkansas.  I know we all love our teams, but wow what an amazing game.  It could have gone either way.  Clemson showed amazing talent, grace, and hard work, but somebody must win the game.  Again, we take our sports way too seriously in the wisdom of what matters in life....again this is speaking to me!

I leave you with this question again.  Where are we looking to achieve wisdom?

Check out Proverbs 16:16!

Sweet blessings,

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year, New Beginnings, New Joy

The only way to begin a new year, new month, a new day, or even moment is with God leading the way!  Simple enough, but we get sidetracked  with life.  It seems that we (I) would be wise enough to take His hand the moment we (I) open our(my) eyes to begin each new day, but ...

I have many things that I am processing right now.  Some things out of my control and just things I know that God will handle  the way they are suppose to be handled.  Some things He is expecting me to make choices and allow Him to guide me through them.

If any of you have ever attended a retreat I've been involved with I believe in women taking part at these times to let scripture speak to them.  We may discuss the scripture and what word they believe The Spirit is speaking to them about or we may draw about scripture...well I have been taking the drawing scripture seriously and intend to continue this journey.  It is wonderful to feel the growth by taking the time to create with the Creator guiding me.  I am only showing this to you to encourage you to perhaps start this process as well.  It's fun.  It's insightful.  It's fulfilling.  

Next, now this is a hard one to share, but I've always been honest with you and I will not stop now.  I know that many of you know I've gained weight. SURPRISE!  I'm not in the dark about it and well quite honestly it's not about others and their thoughts on my weight.  It's about me and it not being good for me. 

 Kenny wanted to take a photo this past weekend of me and Cassie I refused.  He assured me that I was beautiful to him and always would be, but well I am not to myself!  So, the journey of weight loss begins.  I didn't get here overnight, so it will not be done overnight.  Also, I am  being honest here...truthfully please don't give helpful weight loss hints!  Honesty hurts enough sometimes and it is my journey!  Prayers for God's help in this area are welcome!

I have to tell you that even with the weight gain, the issues that are out of my control that God is handling; I am joyful and excited about what God is doing in my life.  I know challenges are ahead, but I know that I don't face any challenge without God helping me or guiding's just a matter of whether I step back out of the way and let Him guide me!

So I am off to drink my water and draw!

Sweet blessings,