Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bold print or not?

Monday afternoon I was minding my own business walking down the aisle in the grocery store, when I noticed a very attractive woman walking towards me in her early 70's.  I remember thinking how attractive she was when she leaned over to me and very rudely told me that my shirt was too loud!  Ouch!

It may be, but what difference did it make to this woman?  I don't really care if your shirt is too loud, if you like it - wear it.  It doesn't bother me...anymore than my shirt should bother her!

I went from very quickly thinking this woman was an attractive older lady to thinking she was a rude old lady that somebody must have done wrong...I mean who walks up to a total stranger and wants to pick a fight about their shirt?  I smiled and thanked her and tried to walk away, but she wanted to be sure I understood, because she told me again.  I guess she wasn't sure I understood.  I did the first time.  I thanked her again and walked on.  What bothered me the most about the encounter was is something wrong with her physically, was something mentally wrong, or was she just mean?  I watched her and she appeared on outward appearances to be fine.  She appeared to be in good health and covering well on the outside, but something indeed is wrong when someone does what she did.

We never know when the enemy is using us to try to steal someone's joy!  This lady was being used by the devil to try to steal my joy and quite honestly he did it for a little while, but the longer I thought about it I realized it wasn't about me and my shirt.  It was about this lady so I am asking for prayers for this little lady that something was bothering her so bad she walked up to a total stranger to get a reaction.  Pray for the lady that was in the grocery store on Monday on my aisle and having a really bad day.

Also, I like my shirt.  If you think this one is loud, well you should see some of my's okay I'm the one wearing them, so don't loose any sleep over it!  

Most of all remember this verse that came to my mind from John 10:10 ~ 
The thief comes to steal, to kill, and destroy.  Jesus warns us all about the enemy!  Be on guard!  Smile and let His Light shine!

Sweet blessings,

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