Monday, October 29, 2012

Even for just one!

Last night Frankie and I were invited to attend a local Bible study while visiting here in Colorado and it was wonderful.  The group was women from their twenties to their sixties or so from all parts of the United States gathered together to begin a study on Philippians.  It was the first time they gathered so to begin the teacher began with the background information of the book of Philippians and the author, Paul.

I must say right up front it was great!  I enjoyed the background of exactly where this was happening, what was going on around the writing of this letter, and the setting up of the scene.  I love to think about what is going on with the people in God's word as the stories happen, so this was right up my alley!  I loved it!

We began by learning to important points about the book of Philippians that the word "joy" appears 16 times and that Christ is mentioned over 50 times in a 4 chapter book!  Wow!  I knew both were mentioned a lot, but I had not counted them and don't remember if I've heard heard that fact before, but what touched me most was the study of Acts 16 and what exactly Paul was dealing with during the time he planted the church of the Philippians.

Paul was ready to share the news about Jesus with others.  He was trying to go to Asia, but God closed that door and opened the door of Macedonia (Greece) through a vision.  So he headed for Greece to bring the special news of Jesus to a group of women and a guard that was put in charge of Paul!  Yes, Paul went through some pretty major things all for the special news of Jesus to reach these people!  God is going to do what it takes for each of us ~ even if that means pain for the ones delivering the good news!

Yes, Paul arrives in Macedonia and begins to look for the local church, but can't find one.  Do you know it only took ten men to form a Jewish synagogue?  Yet, in this really large city there was not one, so he headed to the river to find a place to pray.  Upon arrival they found a group of women that were there to share news about God, but Paul began to share and their hearts were opened.  Lydia responded to the message and ask Paul to her home.  Paul stayed and the beginning of this new church.

Along the way a small slave girl that told futures and made a group of men a large amount of money crossed Paul's path.  This little girl began to get on Paul's last nerve with her shouting of the truth.  Yes truth, but it must have been in a very aggravating manner because Paul finally had enough and demanded that demon out of this little girl!  Yes, so these men lost their money maker and became angry.  So Paul was in trouble now.  Yes, they attacked Paul and Silas.  Stripping them, flogging them, and then threw them in an inner cell and placed in stocks.

A very long day for anyone, but these two special men at midnight began to sing and praise God!  Imagine it.  We complain about long days, but our day usually don't include any of the above.  No it may be we miss an appointment, we have an argument with a spouse, we have a sick child, we lose our job, we receive bad news at the doctor, but not usually a beating, naked in front of a huge crowd throwing us in jail in the dark attached to another human in chains!  No this was a bad day all for this guard that was told guard this man or your life...

Well, God showed up!  Earthquake form and everyone was freed to run.  But no one runs because of Jesus showing up through these two men singing and praising God in the jailhouse!  Yes, they all heard the news that they each needed!

God is going to go to extremes to reach even one!  I look around right now and ponder isn't God really trying to reach a whole lot of us?  Truly look around for yourself and God loves us all so much that He is going to get our attention.  Yes, even through difficult situations He will get our attention because He loves us and wants to spend eternity with us.

It gives me chills up and down my spine at just how much God really does love each of us!  Even through the pain of another He will do what it takes to reach us.

Paul still had the joy of Jesus even after all he went through to plant this church!  He knew the importance of sharing with others, do we?

Sharing how happy I am that God took me to this study last night to be reminded of how much God loves each of us!  He will share it with or without us, but don't you want to be one of the ones that is allowed to be part of this amazing adventure?  Imagine it through everything Paul went through he still felt joy and love and was excited to share it with everyone!  

Share today,

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Follow Me

I woke up this morning still tired.  I tossed, I tumbled, and tossed, and tumbled more last night.  I just can't seem to relax and honestly I seem to do the same thing when I'm awake during the day.  My mind is jumbled, my thoughts are jumbled and I'm not sure of my next step.

I awoke early to read God's Word and was lead to the story of Levi being called to follow Jesus.  Levi is the disciple that later became Matthew.  Remember he was a tax collector and others viewed him as less than desirable, but Jesus saw something special in him.  So he said the words in Luke 5:27 ~ Follow me.  

I love that Jesus calls all of us to follow Him and that absolutely none of us are worthy.  Or I will speak for myself and know that I am not worthy.  At times I feel this so strongly and He always reminds me just like this morning.  I called you because you are worthy because of me Debbie.  

I am always amazed how I am directed to a scripture that touches my heart where I am in the moment.  Lately due to stress from life in general I've questioned what I'm doing and where I'm going, but this morning ever so gently the Lord reminded me that He called me to Follow Him.  Now He didn't give me the answers to all my questions, but He reminded me that what is important is just to Follow Him.  So, I'm following and we shall see where exactly He leads me.

I'm still not certain, but I'm okay with that knowing He will show me the certainty of the next path.  I am experiencing the pangs of unsteady feet along the path, because He knows where we are headed, but I don't.  Yet I know it is an adventure that I don't want to miss, so I've taken His hand to parts unknown and we shall see where He takes me now!  It's exciting yet jumbled times waiting to watch it all unfold along the way!  Stepping with faith to parts unknown...


Friday, October 26, 2012

I lift my eyes...

Well, all of you that know me know that I am a true Southern girl, right?  Well, when it snows in the south we stay home for the day, right?  Well, this Southern girl drove through a Colorado pass last night in the dark with it snowing and yes dodging moose!  Exciting, yes!  Anxiety-ridden? YES!

Until this Psalm came across my mind with a reminder of who I look to for strength ~
Psalm 121
I lift my eyes to the hills-
where does my help come from?
My help comes from the LORD,
the Maker of heaven and earth.

He will not let your foot slip-
he who watches over you will not 
Indeed, he who watches over Israel 
will neither slumber or sleep.

The LORD watches over you-
the LORD is your shade at your right
the sun will not harm you by day,
nor the moon by night.
The LORD will keep you from all harm-
he will watch over your life;
the LORD will watch over your coming 
and going
both now and forevermore!

Actually once He placed this on my heart even though I was creeping along the drive; I didn't totally relax, because He also gives us a brain to think with and mine kept repeating what were you thinking Debbie?  Why didn't you get a motel room and drive over at least in the daylight?
Because indeed when I woke up this morning to the beauty of the hills truly mountains I was reminded of exactly where my help does come from and indeed it is the LORD.  He drove that car last night for this Southern girl and got me to the house which was nice and warm with excitement feeling my spirit ~ because He always welcomes me to this place in such a special, beautiful way!

Thank you LORD for the blessing of sharing this part of your amazing creations!

Sharing in the beauty,

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Whose treasured possession?

Today I feel so strongly the reminder from Malachi 3:16 that we are all God's treasured possession!  Yes, each and everyone of us, if we are His!

I loved the picture as a reminder that we all look different, we are all made differently, we are all special!  Yes, we are each unique and special!  Remember, the words in Psalms 139:13 and 14~ For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb.  I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made!  Yes, Praise the LORD that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

God loves each of us more than we are able to comprehend!  In Malachi 1:2 we are told by the LORD these words - "I have loved you," Do you get it?  Do any of us get it?

You are God's treasured, loved, uniquely made special person!  Claim it today with whatever you face remember who loves you!!!

Loved by the King,

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Do you remember growing up and your parents would tell you not to do something and your automatic response was why?  Was their automatic response because I said so?

I remember a lot of conversations very much like the one above with no other explanation is needed young lady type of attitude shown by my parents.  (as a side note I quickly changed my attitude too) I truly felt more information was needed and definitely would have been appreciated!  Oh when we were young...well maybe last week something might have happened along this line because we always want the answer to why.

Once again in study yesterday the story from Luke 5 with the calling of the first disciples was being taught and discussed.  The line that just grasp my attention was Peter's response to Jesus.  Jesus was teaching from the boat of Simon Peter when He told Peter to put down their nets to catch some fish.  Peter not sure exactly how to let Jesus know that they had been doing this all night with no fish to speak of and now He was telling them to go again.  Peter being quite the diplomat responds, "Master, we've worked hard all night and haven't caught anything.  But because you say so, I will let down the nets."  How often does Jesus tell us to do something and we respond with why?  Perhaps we aren't even diplomatic like Peter was and we shout not me ~ I've already tried that it didn't work?  Peter was probably tired, but yet he did as the Master requested even filled with a little bit of doubt.  Are you filled with a little ounce of doubt today?  Well, I encourage you to respond like Peter and because Jesus says to do it you will or I will!  After all reading further the fish caught began to break the nets and then even sink the boats!  Wow, if we respond in a positive manner Jesus always gives us way more in return than we ever give Him!

God shows up in Mighty Ways, but do we?  Allow God to astonish you today just like He did with the crowd that watched this scene unfold.

Sweet blessings,

Friday, October 12, 2012

Praise the Lord!

Are you grumbling today?  Are you complaining?  Well, let's have an attitude adjustment and Praise the Lord!

After all we woke up this morning, the sun is shining, and God is good all the time!  I was thinking about praising God while I was thinking I was praising.  You know when your alone and you get your praise on??  Well, even alone my praise and worship is a little quieter than some people because God made each of us unique!  Yes and He knows how He makes us, so He appreciates us being who He made us to be.  If you are loud with your praise, get it on!  If you are quieter with it,  you get yours on to.

Today is a day of praise!

Psalm 33:  1-5 (HCSB)  says it like this:

Rejoice in the LORD, you righteous ones; praise from the upright is beautiful.  Praise the LORD with the lyre; make music to HIM with a ten-stringed harp.  Sing a new song to Him: play skillfully on the strings, with a joyful shout.  For the word of the LORD is right, and all His work is trustworthy.  He loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of the LORD'S unfailing love.

Give thanks for HIS unfailing love!

Sweet blessings,

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Move on!

I love it when God shows up in a fresh new way though His Word!  Last night He showed up in a Mighty Way through His Word and I have to share it with all of you ~ my friends!

We all know who Moses is right?  He is the man that God picked to lead the people out of Egypt.  Moses had much wisdom and yet he was so human just like us.  We think we know the right answers some times and so did Moses.  I want each of you to take your Bible and read the following scripture for yourself out loud.  Yes, out loud.  Exodus: 14 beginning in about verse 5 to picture the whole story of the people leaving Egypt, Pharaoh and his big guys change their mind, so they set out behind the people.  The people face the sea in front and the Egyptians in hot pursuit from behind when they scream out to Moses what now?  Moses replies don't be afraid, stand firm, and watch God fight for you!  

Are you like me and you quit reading at that point?  Don't and please read this for yourself out loud it makes a huge difference!

In verse, 15 listen to what God tells them:  Why are you crying out to me?  Tell the Israelites to move on.  Get moving in other words.  Don't stand still and wait for me to act.  Act and watch me work at the same time!  How often do we sit still when God is wanting action and faith in Him to work while we move?  I love this!!!!!  Share this with a friend that is perhaps standing still instead of taking action and moving on and having faith!

God is so awesome!  Be in AWE of Our Amazing Savior!!!!!  

Sweet blessings,

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Do you want more from God?

One of our Bible study groups has been looking at Exodus 33 this week and God's glory and Moses asking God to go with Him and be with Him!  

How does God show up in your daily life?  Do you ask Him important questions about Him showing His glory?

Today, ponder a time that God showed up in your life and His glory shined through you!  Give thanks for this special moment and then share it with someone that needs to hear about Our Savior showing up your life and that He will show up in theirs as well, if they desire to have relationship with Him.

Allow God's glory to shine through you today!

Sweet blessings,

Monday, October 8, 2012

Come and follow me!

Are you someone that it's easy to take that step out of your comfort zone?  Remember, when you were younger and perhaps friends ask you to try something different perhaps try out for cheerleader, or a sport, or even the school talent show?  Perhaps you were like me and that just was not comfortable for you!  

Then we progress to college and a whole new world.  Picking your lifetime job to begin studying for at the age of 18 was quite a challenge for me!  I think I switched majors 4 times and at the age of 40 something finally realized that my calling was nothing like I studied in college, but it was something that was a challenge for me.  A step way out of my comfort zone.  A step away from all that I knew, but it felt right in my heart and still does!

Imagine, you are out fishing with your family and fishing is your line of work.  It's how you provide for your family by the fish you catch you feed your family as well as those that purchase them.  Suddenly you notice this man walking along the shore that calls out, "Come, follow me" and immediately you leave your nets and follow him.  Do you think they paused and looked at each other or immediately tossed the net to follow Jesus?  Look at the story in Matthew 3: 18-22 and ponder these thoughts for yourself.  

Once Jesus captures your heart I believe you are able to leave your net immediately with His help!  What is Jesus calling to you?  Is He calling you to come?  Is He calling you to step away from the net and allow Him to show you a new way to proceed with your life?

Today listen carefully to the voice calling you!

Sweet blessings,

Friday, October 5, 2012


Are you a person that likes surprises?  When I answer that question I must reply "it depends"!  Not all surprises are welcome, but some are fantastic!  Before I go any further I love this little girl and the hint of smile and the hands lifted up with surprise, really?  She is adorable!  I felt like her this morning in my devotional time asking really?  Did I really not recognize Jesus?

Beginning my devotional time this morning Luke 24: 13-35 spoke to my heart!  Jesus surprised me once again this morning with the reminder that He shows up when we least expect Him and do we recognize Him.  

Do you remember the story about the two men walking along the road to Emmaus.  Do you know the word Emmaus means "warm springs" and they were used for healing purposes?  Doesn't that add a lot to this wonderful story?  Two men hurting walking and talking about what happened on the cross with Jesus.  These two men don't realize it, but they are on the road to healing and how often are we found on the exact same road?  Often times I would hazard a guess!  It doesn't take much to be hurting, but these men were devastated they had followed Jesus, believed Him to be the Messiah and did not understand what had just happened.  This event happened 3 days after Christ was crucified, these two men were sad, because they were not sure about the being risen story, or that He was really Christ after all.  Doubt had entered their hearts and they were sharing and talking when suddenly a man appeared to walk with them.  The Greek word used in the story actually means "to draw near, approach."

So, the men were on a road to healing when Jesus drew near to them!  Isn't Jesus the coolest?  The men didn't recognize Him and shared the whole story with Him about what had just happened.  I wonder sometimes if Jesus ever gets tired of reminding us who He is?  He went back to Moses and other great stories of things found in God's Word to remind these men of the whole story.  Don't you begin to see and feel the healing beginning slowly to their souls and our own?  When we go to His Word the healing begins!  

They arrive and the men ask Jesus to stay and share a meal with them.  When they break bread their eyes were opened and they knew who He was!  Yes, and then He is gone.  Do we realize when Jesus shows up on our road to Emmaus?  Do we recognize it when He heals us?

I love this story and I love the fact that sometimes I know Jesus shares a chuckle at our humanness and how He must continually reassure us!  These men traveled with Jesus and yet they did not recognize Him until He opened their eyes!  The important thing that Jesus pointed out to me this morning was that  once again He did open their eyes!  He doesn't give up on us!  Thank you for continually pursuing us LORD!

Are you on the road to Emmaus?  Where has Jesus showed up lately and surprised you?  Look for Him today and allow Him to surprise you once again, so that you may be healed!

Sweet blessings,

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Everyone is looking for you!

Daily I am in groups of people and listen as people share about something missing.  Oh, they don't say I've lost something and I can't find it.  No, it's more like I am working so hard because I want to be able to buy that house in that part of town, or I want that type of car, or I want that piece of jewelry.  Or the conversation might go something like this;  life is so hard and I just don't get it.  So many conversations, but the root is all the same.  Something is missing.  So they search in stores, they search in bars, they search in different towns, they search on the internet and still the answer isn't discovered.  Oh, they might get an answer and they think it's the right one.  Finally!  For a moment or even a few days or months it makes them feel better, but before long the search is on again.

Do you recognize the scene above of searching?  I've done it myself.  It's kinda of like that song from years ago that goes something like looking for love in all the wrong places.  Remember it?  Well, I believe that is what we all do at different points in our journey!

This morning sitting on the back porch God lead me to Mark 1 and the story of Jesus going off by himself to pray.  I imagine the scene of an early morning, the quietness of the house, still dark and people around everywhere.  After all, Jesus always had people traveling with him, so people would have been surrounding him in the home.  He woke up and wanted to spend time with God, so he left the house and went to a solitary place.  Alone in the quiet speaking to His Father and  suddenly his disciples show up with the words that just spoke to me this morning.  "Everyone is looking for you" immediately the Spirit said that is what is wrong with the world.  Everyone is looking for Jesus and nobody realizes it!  Our society, our friends, our world whatever your world looks like tells you and me constantly that the answer is more, more, and more of whatever and that is true, but it is more of JESUS!  Not more stuff, not more money, not more events on your calendar, not more friends, not more of anything, but Jesus!

I share this because I know from personal experience that it is true.  I have the most profound peace that only Jesus provides.  I will take a wrong turn and my world turns upside down and I realize that what is missing is my solitary time with My Father and the way to correct my upside down world is to spend more time with Jesus!  He didn't move, but I did!  My world got busy with the stuff and suddenly something is missing and thankfully The Spirit will nudge me to return to Jesus!  Share with someone today about your journey of looking for Jesus!

Found Him and So Very Thankful that I did,

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Don't lose anytime...

I've been studying the story of Abigail.  I've always enjoyed her story.  Wondering how such a woman filled with such wisdom ended up with a "fool" like Nabal.  Nabal's name even means fool!  He was mean, he was proud, he was loud, and these are just a few of his finer qualities at least from what we read about him in 1 Samuel 25.  We also learn he was very wealthy and had a beautiful wife and she was intelligent!  Yes, both of these are listed in God's Word.  Such beautiful words shared about Abigail, but my favorite verse was found in verse 18.  Abigail lost no time!

I want to back up a minute and explain the story a little bit.  David and all of his men were hiding in the desert from Saul.  David had helped Nabal's shepherds while they had been  doing the job of taking care of Nabal's sheep.  David had watched over them during their sheep shearing time and now he needed Nabal's help.  So he told some of his men to go remind Nabal how they had helped take care of the shepherds and now Nabal could return the favor.  David wanted Nabal to help provide food for all of his people.

Well, Nabal being true to his name turned them back to David with a reply of "who is this David"?  When they returned and gave the reply.  Well, David was not a happy man!  He was going to answer Nabal's reply in haste with pulling his sword on him!  Yes, he was going to be rid of this man.

In the meantime, the servants told Abigail of the actions of her husband.  Abigail knew who this man/David was and knew she had to do something.  I love the picture of Abigail.  Her servants thought enough of Abigail to come to her and tell her what was happening.  During this time women just weren't consulted much, but this servant recognized Abigail's intelligence and went to her for help.  In verse 18, we are told that Abigail lost no time!  What a lesson for all of us to learn from this smart, beautiful woman named Abigail.  We see wrong things happening around us daily and God placed on my heart this morning this question to ask myself and to then in turn ask all of you - Are we wasting time watching the wrongs that surround us?  How do plan to act?  Are we going to jump into action like Abigail did to right the wrong?

Abigail gathered all the supplies she could gather and placed herself in the path of David and all of his men!  She stopped David from making a very bad mistake of having blood on his hands.  She kept David from acting in haste without thinking about the wrong that he was about to do to another human because he was in a hurry to answer a fool's response to his request.  Abigail humbled herself to show David the respect he deserved and God placed this woman in David's path to say the words that he needed to hear before he answered evil with a wrong answer!  Yes, sometimes we must move out of the comfortable place into an unknown area to be where God is calling us to be at that moment.  So today be like Abigail and waste no time!

Sweet Blessings,

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Always amazed!

It is my prayer that I never loose those goose bump moments of God showing up in my life!  I love those moments when I realize that Our Savior sees me or anyone else for that matter!  Do you not love to hear these moments shared by the people around you?  Don't you love the reminders of God's Mighty Power?

This week in one of our Bible study groups we have been looking at Ezekiel 1- 2 and how God might be using a storm in our life to speak to us and are we allowing the storm to wake us up.  I love the reading that we studied this week with the wonderful reminder throughout of God's Power and are we even realizing how powerful He truly is.  You would think this point would be well obvious, but with the busy world we reside in      is it?  Do we realize it?  Do we get caught up in the storm and forget to look at the power in the storm?  Do we open our eyes and receiving the message that God might have for each of us?

I am responding by sharing this amazing passage with each of you.  Read it and really listen to the word that God might be sharing with you!  My message was to open my eyes and allow God to show me His Power!
What is your message? 

I will be waiting to hear the gift of the message that God had for each of you!

Sweet blessings,