Thursday, October 4, 2012

Everyone is looking for you!

Daily I am in groups of people and listen as people share about something missing.  Oh, they don't say I've lost something and I can't find it.  No, it's more like I am working so hard because I want to be able to buy that house in that part of town, or I want that type of car, or I want that piece of jewelry.  Or the conversation might go something like this;  life is so hard and I just don't get it.  So many conversations, but the root is all the same.  Something is missing.  So they search in stores, they search in bars, they search in different towns, they search on the internet and still the answer isn't discovered.  Oh, they might get an answer and they think it's the right one.  Finally!  For a moment or even a few days or months it makes them feel better, but before long the search is on again.

Do you recognize the scene above of searching?  I've done it myself.  It's kinda of like that song from years ago that goes something like looking for love in all the wrong places.  Remember it?  Well, I believe that is what we all do at different points in our journey!

This morning sitting on the back porch God lead me to Mark 1 and the story of Jesus going off by himself to pray.  I imagine the scene of an early morning, the quietness of the house, still dark and people around everywhere.  After all, Jesus always had people traveling with him, so people would have been surrounding him in the home.  He woke up and wanted to spend time with God, so he left the house and went to a solitary place.  Alone in the quiet speaking to His Father and  suddenly his disciples show up with the words that just spoke to me this morning.  "Everyone is looking for you" immediately the Spirit said that is what is wrong with the world.  Everyone is looking for Jesus and nobody realizes it!  Our society, our friends, our world whatever your world looks like tells you and me constantly that the answer is more, more, and more of whatever and that is true, but it is more of JESUS!  Not more stuff, not more money, not more events on your calendar, not more friends, not more of anything, but Jesus!

I share this because I know from personal experience that it is true.  I have the most profound peace that only Jesus provides.  I will take a wrong turn and my world turns upside down and I realize that what is missing is my solitary time with My Father and the way to correct my upside down world is to spend more time with Jesus!  He didn't move, but I did!  My world got busy with the stuff and suddenly something is missing and thankfully The Spirit will nudge me to return to Jesus!  Share with someone today about your journey of looking for Jesus!

Found Him and So Very Thankful that I did,

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