Friday, September 30, 2011

Reached out and touched him

How often do you just need the touch that someone else cares?

Today, in Mark 1 and Luke 5, the words Jesus reached out and touched him - were written.

Imagine, the love this man with leprosy felt! No one had touched him in a very long time. We don't know how long, but we know he was treated like a leper...yes, the old saying like a leper. Now we know where it comes from...alone, without touch, without notice, without words, without family, without...

Yes, that is how they lived without all the things that matter the most in life.

The words moved with compassion, Jesus reached out and touched him...

How long has it been since you were moved with compassion?

Search your heart and today and respond to this question. If it hasn't been long, good for you...If it has then change it today! Let someone know that indeed you see them and so does God! Be His arms and feet today and let someone know that they matter...they make a difference and touch them! Touch their heart with a word of encouragement, touch their spirit with a smile, and touch their very soul with a hug!

Sweet blessings,

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The father realized

Do we ever realize?

We go through life making decisions that we don't even think about all the other people it might affect...

Reading today from John 4: 46-54 I was struck with the father's plea to Jesus for healing for his son. Jesus replied - will you ever believe?

A few verses down the father was met by his servants telling him that his son was healed the moment Jesus spoke the words of healing. Do we ever get it?

We find it easy to believe politicians that almost never tell us the truth...they only share what they want us to believe and we do...
We believe the news...and how could we?
We believe what Hollywood wants us to think and how???? What authority do they have?
And yet we don't believe with all our fiber that Jesus will do exactly what He says!!!

BELIEVE TODAY! Let's all take one step at a time and believe with each step today!

Sweet blessings,

Monday, September 26, 2011

Stored all these things in her heart

Twice now we have read where the mother of Jesus treasured the things about Jesus in her heart. I am always touched when I read these words, because we all know she is going to cling to these treasured memories.

Reading these words I felt like God was giving her a gift to realize that one day she would need these treasures badly. Treasures of the day the shepherds came and how the angel had told them about the sweet baby and how the angel was joined by a vast host of others praising God! Imagine the memory of this being about your baby.

Today, it was the time that a mother and father lost their 12 year old son. How? Well they were leaving Jerusalem after the Passover festival heading home and probably thought that Jesus was walking with friends or other family. Three days later they finally found him in the temple; I would think today a lot of parents would be so happy to find their son at the church worshipping and learning, but still they had lost their son for 3 days. The worry, the concern, the heartache for fear of what had happened and what did Jesus say? But why did you need to search? Didn't you know I would be in my Father's house? Well, He was Jesus, but they were still His parents and I just know that this mom was proud, but at the same time wanted to hurt Him! Yet, she stored these in her heart. I imagine the things she stored were the love of the moment of realizing what Jesus picked, the awe of realizing who are son was, the laughter of mom didn't you know, the sadness of realizing who He was, and yet the fear of what was ahead.

Original words of Hebrew meant she would keep these things continually treasured for herself. She would keep all of these wonderful thoughts deep inside her heart knowing just how special her son was and is...

What do we treasure in our heart? Do we realize how special Jesus is to us? Do we keep the things of Jesus continually in our heart to ponder? Let us learn from His mother to keep these special moments continually in our heart!

Sweet blessings,

Sunday, September 25, 2011

For He took Notice...

Today, reading from Luke about Mary; I was taken with her song of praise.

Here we have a young girl about fourteen that has been overwhelmed with all that she recently has been told and that has happened to her. Yesterday, the birth of Jesus was foretold to her by an angel. Yes, Gabriel appeared and the first words he shared were Greetings, favored woman! The Lord is with you! I am always slightly amused reading these words, because I picture this young girl filled with fear and this angel so excited to share that the two just make an amusing image in my head. Even Gabriel realized that Mary was uncertain, perhaps afraid, about to run...because then he says "Don't be afraid". Now I break out into laughter at this point, because really????? Who wouldn't be afraid?

Anyway, then she travels to visit her relative Elizabeth that Gabriel happened to mention in the visit above. Imagine, this young girl receives the word that she will have the Son of the Most High and all the thoughts that are going through her head. I am going to die. I'm not married, I'm engaged to Joseph this baby will not be his and how will all of this work out. So, she takes off to a village where Elizabeth lives. Immediately, Elizabeth encouraged her with words of how special her baby really is...and Mary breaks out into a song of praise.

Do we break out into songs of praise when God gives us wonderful news, but news that is going to change our world? Perhaps cause others we love to be angry with us, perhaps cause more problems in our life than we ever dreamed? Probably not, but Mary did!

The words that caught my attention were from Luke 1:48
For He took notice of his lowly servant girl, and from now on all generations will call me blessed.

Imagine, this young girl knew God saw her and that He knew her future! She trusted and she believed!

Lord, let me learn from the words that Mary sang that indeed you do see us and you see our future! You know the plans and that it will all be okay, if we just trust in you! Forgive me for the days that I have doubt and uncertainty and let me learn from these special words of Mary that indeed you see me and know the path! I love you and I thank you this morning for these special words! Amen

Sweet blessings,

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tell about the Light...

Why is it so easy to share the latest recipe?
What about the latest football game details?
Or what about telling the latest knowledge about the economy?
Or the newest place in town to buy the best outfit?
Or what about the best restaurant?

So, easy to share things that happen in everyday life, but what about your relationship with God? Why is this so difficult? We don't have to force it, but we can share you know the coolest thing that I know God did...such as something you know without a doubt it was God. You had not shared details with anybody, but God your prayer concern and it happened! Share it! So what if they don't believe you...a seed is planted! Slowly, it will begin to sprout and grow...They will see your light and ask more questions!

If God is truly where He should be in your life, then you cannot help but share all the cool stuff HE is doing! He alone is doing amazing things in this world and we need to share it!!!! We can mix it in the discussions the same way we mention the cool things our nephews or nieces did yesterday or your grandkids did...It is a part of your life, just like your other loved ones, so share THE LIGHT WITH THOSE AROUND YOU!

Today, when I read John 1:6 the words God sent a man. John the Baptist, to tell about the light so that everyone might believe...
We need to take these words to heart and be like John the Baptist and tell about the light, so that everyone might believe!!!

Sweet blessings,

Friday, September 23, 2011

Never change

Change is not easy for all of us yet it is something that happens all the time. Our moods, our habits, our thoughts, our circumstances, our situations, our seasons, our journeys...always changing. Often times we hear or we say ourselves I don't like change and yet it is a constant surrounding us! It is going to happen - change! Whether we like it or not change is coming.

Presently, I am in Colorado and the leaves are beautiful. The most beautiful yellow, but they have changed from when I was here in August. The snow covers more of the top than in the photo shown to the left, the season is changing and so are the surroundings. We can't stop wow, look at that or ooh, look over there, but yet things have changed.

When I got up and picked up the Word this morning the words I read were such a comfort to my soul from Malachi 3:6 - I am the LORD, and I do not change. It comforts me that the LORD is steady and firm, that He knows His desires, He knows He loves us, and that He forgives us. I cling to the words and the promises of the LORD, so it is a comfort or a healing balm to my soul that the LORD does not change! Always we have Him and His Love, if we pick Him! If we choose Him, He is ours and this is an awesome promise that I cling to and never worry with fear that His love is not with me!

Sweet blessings,

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Today reading from Malachi 1 when the words about the animals that were stolen, crippled or sick being offered to God as offerings and it struck me - am I giving God the things that aren't 100% the best including me? What am I offering God?

We should offer to God the very best even if it hurts us...We should never give God the leftovers of ourselves or our offering. How often is this exactly what we do?

Do we make sure that we have our to do list done?
Do we make sure that we purchase all our wants before we give to God?
Do we make sure our desires are met before we present our offering?

In my bible I wrote the words, Do we give God our leftovers? It pains my heart that some days that is probably exactly what I give God! It hit me hard when I knew in my heart that its true...

Oh I can put on a good show of all I am offering, and you might be able to do this to, but God knows! He knows just like he knew when He ask in Malachi these words - Should I accept from you such offerings as these?

Your amazing grace and love never cease to amaze me LORD! Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me indeed!

Sweet blessings,

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Standing for 6 hours...

Amazed is the word that just flew across my mind, when I read from Nehemiah that the people stood for 3 hours listening to the word of God be read and then 3 more hours for confession!


Today, if you run 5 minutes over people are complaining. Having worked for a church and listened to the congregation list their concerns and issues it surprised me when I fell upon these verses. These people stood. These people were not seated in their own favorite pew daring anyone to sit down in their seat - no they stood in honor of God's Word for 3 hours!

Do you think it was because of all they had been through? Do you think they were so excited to be back after captivity in Babylon?

They felt as if they were honoring God by standing and as if He were right there with them and I am sure He was...

Imagine, the scene unfolding before you...first the reading after having celebrated the festival of the shelters for the first time back near the temple. Imagine the joy! Imagine the happiness! Celebration like none had ever witnessed...In fact, none like this had happened since the time of Joshua! A very long time! Reading, studying God's Word for six days and then the solemn reading on the 7th day of 6 hours standing and listening to God's Word. It takes my breath away just imagining the whole week in my mind. Remembering all they had lost, but now they had once again all because of God.

No one tapping the watch face, no one leaving because it was time - no only people that wanted to share this special gift that God had given them and to honor Him with all they could themselves! Today, honor Him with yourself!

Sweet blessings,

Monday, September 19, 2011

Ahh haa!

Nehemiah 7:5
So my God gave me the idea...

Ever wonder where you get the fabulous new thought or idea?

Well, duh!

God is so amazing and I love it when He places something on your heart and you are like where did that come from...well...

We serve a Mighty God that uses the least among and it looks like we come up with these really cool ideas. I love how magnificent He truly is!

Thank you Lord for using me!

Sweet blessings,

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Always hope...

Ezra 10: 2
...But in spite of this there is hope

I smiled this morning with the reminder of just who God truly is...

compassionate, caring, loving, forgiving, full of grace the list goes on and on...

In spite of unfaithfulness to God we always have hope just like the people in the Bible!

Thank you Father for grace, grace, grace and more grace!

Sweet blessings,

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Hand of God was upon him

Ezra is an interesting book that I've missed so much in the past when we have read it. God is pointing so many things out to me this time around...
1) His hand is definitely on Ezra - Ezra knew the law by memory and could write it all from recall; only God's hand being on him...It had been 1000 years since the law was given.
2) It would take four months to travel 1000 miles from Babylon to Jerusalem
3) Dangerous route; everyone traveled with messengers or guards due to the thieves that to live would steal from the caravans, but to show their absolute faith in God they traveled with no one protecting them but God! What a statement about their faith! They fasted and they prayed for all the protection they needed!
4) Do you know that the 7500 pounds of silver, 500 bushels of wheat, 550 gallons of wine, 550 gallons of olive oil and unlimited salt weighted more than 4 tons? Think about that one trailers, no cars, no trucks, nope they had a HEAVY LOAD without trailers to carry!
5) The travelers would have numbered around 7000 to 8000 people returning; some were accustomed to the life in Babylon and did not return.
Ezra's faith is an example for all. We don't hear a lot about Ezra, but WOW! I am amazed by the load, much less the faith that Ezra showed!

Thank you Father for sharing the faith of such wonderful men that you called to step up and they did! Thank you for allowing us to see through these ordinary people great things happened as reminders that this can still continue today! Amen

Sweet Blessings,

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Trouble sleeping

Esther 6:1
That night the king had trouble sleeping...

I love the way God works!

I had trouble sleeping myself last night, so I was studying for a retreat this weekend. During the time awake I was reminded of God's timing!

Things do not happen until God wants them to happen. Don't you find it interesting that the night before Esther would share with Xerxes what was going on the King could not sleep, so he ask for the book of history. He wanted to read about everything that had happened during his reign. Do you know the particular event he read about was the one of Mordecai saving his life? Do you know that 5 years had past and this deed had gone unnoticed until this very evening?

I had been pondering how I was suppose to bring some things together for the retreat this weekend, so God helped me get out of bed and study. He showed up! He tied it together for me and it was amazing once again!

God's timing is amazing!

So, next sleepless night you might get up and see what God wants to share with you!

Sweet blessings,

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

He set the royal crown on her head

I remember several years ago, when I toured this palace with my mom in St. Petersburg, Russia and the awe and wonder of the grandeur and opulence. I thought about young people that some how ended up in a palace and became royalty. The lawns were kept to a tee, the fountains were scrubbed to shine and glow, it was just beyond words.

Today reading from Esther, the story of a young lady swept up one day and taken to the palace. A young lady that was a foreigner to the customs, ways, especially palaces, and for one year went through special training to perhaps become the Queen. Did you catch it perhaps she would be queen? Her whole life was turned upside down and inside out to perhaps one day be queen otherwise she would forever live with a lot of other women in a harem.

Imagine, the thoughts going through her mind. How? Who me? I wanna go home! I learned just this morning that her Uncle Mordecai that was raising her actually had family lines that go back to another King. King Saul, which I found interesting and wanted to share. Esther we don't know if she went voluntarily or against her will, but she went. We know that God always plans and a part of His plan was for Esther to save her people. I think of all that went through this young ladies' mind the loneliness, the doubt, the fears, the hows, the whys and did she eventually fall in love with this king? Did she find happiness in the palace? Was she the Queen that actually loved her King?

We don't know the answer to all of these questions, but there is one thing we know...
God had a plan for Esther and it was her choice if she followed through with God's plan in Esther 4: 14 - ...Who knows if perhaps you were made queen for just such a time as this?" God knew and it was Esther's time to step forward in faith...

Today, step forward in faith! Make a difference for the KINGDOM!

Sweet blessings,

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Come running!

When I whistle to them, they will come running, for I have redeemed them. Zechariah 10: 8

Reading this morning this scripture and then knowing this afternoon we begin a Bible study on Ruth this verse just got me! God is telling us that we must never stop short, we must go in haste and HE will redeem us! It requires us to respond, we must take the steps!

Is God stirring your heart?

Is God asking you to step out in faith in something new and different?

Is God asking you to respond?

Don't wait!

Lately studying Ruth I've often thought what did she take with her? Did she take anything to remind her of home? Did she want a clean break, so she left with nothing? Was she barefoot like the woman smiling in the photo running toward her new life with God? Did she hesitate at all? What about you? If God called today, told you leave all that is familiar right now...would you be running with a smile on your face saying okay?

Lord, it is my prayer that when you whistle that I will come running...I know that it isn't always so, I beg forgiveness for those times. I know that You alone redeem me and never do I want to fail you, but then in my heart I know just how often I do. I am so sorry. I love you LORD and it is my prayer that my courage and strength in You will give me the courage that it is YOU and not me I just need to take the step! Amen

In closing, I was reminded of the old saying...about whistling while we work! Well we are doing God's work so let's whistle on the road to redemption!
Sweet blessings,

Monday, September 12, 2011


Today, reading Zechariah 6: 9-15 the picture and words of the LORD were so telling about the coming Messiah.

God gives detailed instructions and things mess up when we do not follow the instructions given. Once again, we are reminded of when Uzziah mingled the office of the priest which come from Levi with the house of David for kings. Very distinct lines with very distinct duties and they were not suppose to change them, but oops...he did! Trouble started!

In the reading today God instructs to make a crown a very ornate crown much like the one talked about in Revelation 19 that will be placed on the head of Jeshua. Now this is a just a symbol of the future Messiah and this is showing that the Messiah is the one that will unite the two lines!

The Messiah will come from Israel, he will build the eternal temple, He will be glorious (13) He will be king and priest, He makes peace, He opens the kingdom to all, He will fulfill God's Word, and He will demand obedience! Reading this this morning reminded me of the crown of thorns and all that Christ did for me and for you! He cleans us up! He had to for us to ever be made clean and yet we still cannot comprehend all that He did for each of us! The price He paid...The pain...the Love...all for you and for me!

God gives instructions with details and they do matter, don't let any one tell you that God's Words do not matter. Yes, Christ came for you and for me and He took our sins, but God still wants our obedience! He knows the plans, we take detours, and God must clean us up after our detours! Open My heart and ears to hear your desires for me and the courage to step into your plans and not my own!

Sweet blessings,

Friday, September 9, 2011


I wanted a picture of an ancient altar this morning, so that we might have a better visual. Imagine, the excitement of being back building an altar and sacrificing to the LORD!

I found Ezra interesting this morning after I learned a little more background that I want to share with you. In chapter 4: 5 we are told that the people became frustrated in the plans. Do you know that this frustration delayed them another 16 years? Did you wonder what is this about? Well, I learned this morning that the enemies they are speaking of was the beginning of the Samaritan race that occurred between some of the Babylonian colonists and the remaining Jewish women.

When they were asking to worship with the people. The people were afraid because the reason for their slavery was idol worship and they wanted no part of this again. So, they replied no. They rejected them being a part, but were frustrated out of their fear to avoid that once again they lost their focus on their spiritual life! Once again their personal affairs got in the way and delayed the furthering of God's KINGDOM!

Wow, we get in the way all the time - or let me speak for myself! I get in the way with my frustrations and fears of helping to build God's Kingdom!

Sweet blessings,

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Will I be strong or will I be their next meal?

Daniel in the lions den is always a fascinating story for me to read and imagine. Today, I realized that Daniel wasn't a young man he was about 80 years old when this event occurred! Eighty years old!

I have never realized this before, so Daniel had wisdom of having lived, but still look at the teeth on those lions - and they were hungry! Would your faith stay strong or would you doubt just a little bit when they showed their teeth?

Another thing that really caught my attention was the King's words in verse 16 - May your God whom you serve so faithfully rescue you. The King valued Daniel's faith. The King was growing because of Daniel's faith and the king went back and fasted...Daniel was making an impression on the king or should I say God is working through Daniel to change the king! The King had a personal trust in God!

The King issued a decree about the living God that would live forever...
The God that rescues His people!
The king trusted Daniel we are told in the first part of chapter 6 that the King made plans to place him over the entire kingdom. The king knew Daniel was a good man and that he was loyal by the things Daniel had done in his strong love of God. God placed Daniel in a role of influence with the king and they were doing great things together!

Daniel walked the talk and others saw all that God could do, because Daniel truly believed! Do we truly believe like Daniel? Are we allowing God to use us like Daniel did to change the world? Believe today and allow God to use you to change the starts with each person! Be the one today!

Sweet blessings,

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Writing on the Wall

Do we see the "writing on the wall"?

I love that old expression and reading God's Word this morning it hit me do we see when God writes on the wall for us?

I know He sends messages very plainly. He speaks through His Word and others, but do we get it? Do we realize and listen?

Here this King knew these important vessels were brought from God's temple and yet they were using them actually drinking from them while praising other gods! Imagine, how awful that action was to God!

Read the story in Daniel 5 for yourself and be reminded that God does warn! God does write on the wall in warnings and imagine sitting in that room as Daniel shared the meaning of the "writing on the wall."

God numbered his days, he didn't measure up, and his kingdom was going to be divided! Talk about quieting down a party! I imagine they quickly remembered all they had heard of the things God had done and knew in their hearts they were about to witness some of this themselves!

Sweet blessings,

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


What is your center?

Reading today from Ezekiel 48, I was reminded that the temple is at the center of the vision that was given to Ezekiel. The city will be "the LORD is there."

Where is your focus?

How do you find your balance?

Chaos surrounds us, so how do you keep your heart and soul at peace?

My prayer is that you answered that just like the temple and God being there in the center your center is God! You keep your heart, your soul, and your eyes centered on God's Word and on Him to drown out the chaos surrounding you daily!

Sweet blessings,

Monday, September 5, 2011

Details do matter

Yesterday, we began to read about this vision that God gave Ezekiel and is shared with us beginning in chapter 40 - 43.

the LORD took hold of me...

Imagine, such a vivid vision of the LORD taking hold of you. I know at times in my journey I've felt the Lord taking hold of me and without a doubt I know He is guiding me a certain way or along a certain path, but imagine that God was about to show you the future. A time when "the Messiah" will return and destroy the ungodly and this is where Israel will live and worship. (Rev. 19) Gentiles will be among them.

God knows His plans. He is very exact with His desires and knows exactly how He desires things to be...So, why do we not trust Him with our details? Those times when He wants something and we shout "Who Me?" Forgive us Father for our weakness of not grasping just how and who You ARE!

The Gateways, The Courtyard, the rooms for sacrifice, the rooms for priests, the inner courtyard and temple...when they got to the east courtyard...Suddenly the glory of the God of Israel appeared from the east. The sound of his coming was like the roar of rushing waters, and the whole landscape shone with his glory....God's glory departed to the east when He judged them earlier and it returns from the east...He will regather and restore ALL!

All of these plans and reminders of all that was lost because of sin. Never again should any of us forget what was lost because of sin. God's glory will return and He will be among us! Oh, what a day it will be...

Sweet blessings,

Friday, September 2, 2011

Cried out!

1 Chronicles 5:20
They cried out to God during the battle, and he answered their prayer because they trusted in him.

Reading this morning it hit me how often we cry out to God when we are drowning, when we are fighting a battle that we are so afraid we lose, when we think we might die...but do we cry out in the moments that things are going good? Do we talk to Him daily about the joys and ask Him to share those with us as well? Are we like the people in this part of the Scripture that shouts out in the throes of battle and the moment they win they go back to their old ways of sin...of placing other things before God?

So many questions, so many things for all of us to ponder and take a good look at ourselves. Honestly looking at myself I definitely share the drowning moments with Him; no doubt about it. The joys when I honestly look at myself not as much. Do I think He doesn't care about the joys as much as the battles? No, I don't think it's God I'm thinking about - it's me. I feel more ability or is it pride during those joyful times where in the battles I know exactly who I am and who God is?.?.? is that perhaps it...we truly realize exactly who God is and He is truly the only one that can conquer the battles we face?

Over the years I am realizing that He wants to share every moment with us - not just the good and not just the bad. Every moment and I've realized this because I have been in His Word. I have begun to really know Him more and more and just how much He loves me and you!

I was looking at a devotion this morning and these words were shared with me -
All scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right. God uses it to prepare and equip his people to do every good work. (2 Timothy 3:16-17 NLT)
Do you tremble when you read some of God's Words? Does it cause you to have a fear of His Awesomeness? It should tremble! We should all tremble!
Tremble is defined in one commentary as we should "stand in awe" another is we should "careth anxiously for God's Word." Definitely, we should stand in awe and we should care...but most of all we should pick it up and read it! We begin to grow into the People - He intends us to be with Him moldly us along the way through His Word.

God is so big that we just cannot comprehend How Big He Truly is....

So, today share the joy, share your fears, share your life with the One who truly loves you -
Our Father!

Sweet blessings,

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Don't! Stop! Wait!

Watch out!

Have you ever heard one of these little critters warn others something is headed their way? It's pretty loud!

When you see someone you love about to step off a cliff do you warn them or let them fall?
When you see someone about to hit the car in front do you warn them or just sit there?

Of course, I hope you warn them! Is it easy? Sometimes, but not always.

Yesterday, I had to say no to someone that needed help. A help that I am unable to provide because I can't give them what they need. I was able to warn them that they needed to take steps to help themselves and gave them options, but I wasn't able to provide the answer. I hung up feeling afraid of what might happen to them, but knowing in my heart that I could not enable the person by giving them help, but not the help that is needed.

God is so good! When I read the story this morning from Ezekiel 33 calling Ezekiel to be the watchman for the people of Israel I knew God saw me. I felt Him telling me Debbie you are only to warn them. You can't give them what they need only I can give them what they need and they must take the step. You - Debbie are to warn and this you did. Give it to me and know that you gave the warning. Did the heartache go away for the person? Nope, but I knew God was trying to say by this word being on today's date - the day after I had to give tough love to the person that He saw me. He was trying to help me understand that He alone is the answer to difficult situations that we are just not able to handle.

So, warn the ones you love. If you see a bad choice, warn them and then give it to God. Let it go and don't carry it with you.

Thank you God for allowing me to know that indeed you saw me this morning. Thank you for giving me the words that I am to warn and then they must take action towards you for healing. Thank you for always bringing your Light and Hope into difficult situations on this earth when it seems we are surrounded by darkness. Lord, I ask you to be with this person and give them the strength to take steps toward you for healing. To lay down their scars at the altar and feel your healing love covering them constantly. Father, forgive me when I fail and direct my path and words to be the one you desire me to choose. Amen

Sweet blessings,