Thursday, September 29, 2011

The father realized

Do we ever realize?

We go through life making decisions that we don't even think about all the other people it might affect...

Reading today from John 4: 46-54 I was struck with the father's plea to Jesus for healing for his son. Jesus replied - will you ever believe?

A few verses down the father was met by his servants telling him that his son was healed the moment Jesus spoke the words of healing. Do we ever get it?

We find it easy to believe politicians that almost never tell us the truth...they only share what they want us to believe and we do...
We believe the news...and how could we?
We believe what Hollywood wants us to think and how???? What authority do they have?
And yet we don't believe with all our fiber that Jesus will do exactly what He says!!!

BELIEVE TODAY! Let's all take one step at a time and believe with each step today!

Sweet blessings,

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