Friday, September 9, 2011


I wanted a picture of an ancient altar this morning, so that we might have a better visual. Imagine, the excitement of being back building an altar and sacrificing to the LORD!

I found Ezra interesting this morning after I learned a little more background that I want to share with you. In chapter 4: 5 we are told that the people became frustrated in the plans. Do you know that this frustration delayed them another 16 years? Did you wonder what is this about? Well, I learned this morning that the enemies they are speaking of was the beginning of the Samaritan race that occurred between some of the Babylonian colonists and the remaining Jewish women.

When they were asking to worship with the people. The people were afraid because the reason for their slavery was idol worship and they wanted no part of this again. So, they replied no. They rejected them being a part, but were frustrated out of their fear to avoid that once again they lost their focus on their spiritual life! Once again their personal affairs got in the way and delayed the furthering of God's KINGDOM!

Wow, we get in the way all the time - or let me speak for myself! I get in the way with my frustrations and fears of helping to build God's Kingdom!

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Frankie said...

Very interesting! Thanks for sharing your research with us.

Anonymous said...

Thank you