Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Standing for 6 hours...

Amazed is the word that just flew across my mind, when I read from Nehemiah that the people stood for 3 hours listening to the word of God be read and then 3 more hours for confession!


Today, if you run 5 minutes over people are complaining. Having worked for a church and listened to the congregation list their concerns and issues it surprised me when I fell upon these verses. These people stood. These people were not seated in their own favorite pew daring anyone to sit down in their seat - no they stood in honor of God's Word for 3 hours!

Do you think it was because of all they had been through? Do you think they were so excited to be back after captivity in Babylon?

They felt as if they were honoring God by standing and as if He were right there with them and I am sure He was...

Imagine, the scene unfolding before you...first the reading after having celebrated the festival of the shelters for the first time back near the temple. Imagine the joy! Imagine the happiness! Celebration like none had ever witnessed...In fact, none like this had happened since the time of Joshua! A very long time! Reading, studying God's Word for six days and then the solemn reading on the 7th day of 6 hours standing and listening to God's Word. It takes my breath away just imagining the whole week in my mind. Remembering all they had lost, but now they had once again all because of God.

No one tapping the watch face, no one leaving because it was time - no only people that wanted to share this special gift that God had given them and to honor Him with all they could themselves! Today, honor Him with yourself!

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

Today's reading made me think about how the Israelites did not know what God expected of them because they didn't even know what God's Book of Law said. Isn't that alot of us today? Because we really haven't read the Bible for ourselves.