Thursday, September 15, 2011

Trouble sleeping

Esther 6:1
That night the king had trouble sleeping...

I love the way God works!

I had trouble sleeping myself last night, so I was studying for a retreat this weekend. During the time awake I was reminded of God's timing!

Things do not happen until God wants them to happen. Don't you find it interesting that the night before Esther would share with Xerxes what was going on the King could not sleep, so he ask for the book of history. He wanted to read about everything that had happened during his reign. Do you know the particular event he read about was the one of Mordecai saving his life? Do you know that 5 years had past and this deed had gone unnoticed until this very evening?

I had been pondering how I was suppose to bring some things together for the retreat this weekend, so God helped me get out of bed and study. He showed up! He tied it together for me and it was amazing once again!

God's timing is amazing!

So, next sleepless night you might get up and see what God wants to share with you!

Sweet blessings,

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