Thursday, September 1, 2011

Don't! Stop! Wait!

Watch out!

Have you ever heard one of these little critters warn others something is headed their way? It's pretty loud!

When you see someone you love about to step off a cliff do you warn them or let them fall?
When you see someone about to hit the car in front do you warn them or just sit there?

Of course, I hope you warn them! Is it easy? Sometimes, but not always.

Yesterday, I had to say no to someone that needed help. A help that I am unable to provide because I can't give them what they need. I was able to warn them that they needed to take steps to help themselves and gave them options, but I wasn't able to provide the answer. I hung up feeling afraid of what might happen to them, but knowing in my heart that I could not enable the person by giving them help, but not the help that is needed.

God is so good! When I read the story this morning from Ezekiel 33 calling Ezekiel to be the watchman for the people of Israel I knew God saw me. I felt Him telling me Debbie you are only to warn them. You can't give them what they need only I can give them what they need and they must take the step. You - Debbie are to warn and this you did. Give it to me and know that you gave the warning. Did the heartache go away for the person? Nope, but I knew God was trying to say by this word being on today's date - the day after I had to give tough love to the person that He saw me. He was trying to help me understand that He alone is the answer to difficult situations that we are just not able to handle.

So, warn the ones you love. If you see a bad choice, warn them and then give it to God. Let it go and don't carry it with you.

Thank you God for allowing me to know that indeed you saw me this morning. Thank you for giving me the words that I am to warn and then they must take action towards you for healing. Thank you for always bringing your Light and Hope into difficult situations on this earth when it seems we are surrounded by darkness. Lord, I ask you to be with this person and give them the strength to take steps toward you for healing. To lay down their scars at the altar and feel your healing love covering them constantly. Father, forgive me when I fail and direct my path and words to be the one you desire me to choose. Amen

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

What is that little critter?

Thanks for reminding us through your experience this morning that God sees us! He reminded me today of how lonely I have been at times in my life. In fact I could honestly remember how it felt. I at once became thankful for the friends and family that make my life full today!