Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Too much Division and not enough multiplication of love!

Divided is how we stand!  We aren't united anymore, we are divided.  Whether it is by religion, skin color, economics, political parties, or we just don't want to agree, because it's not cool!  Division is the word.  

Sadness overwhelms me.  I turn on the news and absolutely cry that the voices are so loud, so angry, so filled with hate, but then I ask how?  How do you develop these feelings towards another person and we don't even know the people. Yet, even if you do know them; why can't we accept that this is what makes the world go around. Being unique.  Being special. God made each of us different for a reason!  It is a part of His Plan, so try to understand, try to feel compassion, try to just accept that we are different and you don't have to believe the way I believe, but it doesn't mean I hate you or that you should hate me!

I think back to when I knew so strongly in my heart that God was calling me to begin a ministry that was to bring down walls.  Walls that we humans build so proudly.  We shout our thoughts so proudly and don't get me wrong ( I am strong in my own opinions) but ... we are to be united and care about our fellow beings.

In women's events over the past years, I share that God truly opened my eyes when He took me out of my comfort zone.  He took me out of my church of over twenty years to open my eyes.  He took me to women's shelters, He took me to the rescue mission, He took me I DID NOT GO ON MY OWN!  He took me to show me one very important fact to show me that until you walk in someone else's shoes we don't know their situation.  I also share, you only know what I want you to know about me and my story.  You have no idea what is going on deep inside of me anymore than I know what is happening to you!  So let's stop judging each other!  When you look at me you see a middle age, white woman that might look like she is doing okay.  Well, some days I am, but other days I am falling apart on the inside!  I know in my heart the same is true of every human walking this earth.  We do not know until we walk in the same shoes.  The shoes my be homeless, they might be addiction, they might be gossiping, they might be illness, they might be infertility, they might be money problems, they may be family issues, they may be anything, but whatever it is we don't know and we do not understand until we walk it.  

Hate because I am white?  Hate because of my political leanings?  Hate because I am a Christian?  I ask how and why?  I ask how did we get here?  It is just wrong and nobody can make this okay!  Nobody. How I ask did we get here?  I think the symbols above say a lot about where we are as people...
We are divided.  We add to our own self worth.  We multiply our own thoughts to matter way more than the next persons, and we think way less of the commandments that God gave us!  God is what matters!  It is not about what I think or what you think and we need to get over it and remember what God tells us...
In John 13 these words are found 
A new command I give you:  Love one another.  As I have loved you, so you must love one another.

Jesus didn't beat around the bush, no He told us love one another!  So, now that I've gotten all this off my chest I truly want to say let's bring down the walls and quit thinking we know more than our fellow person!  Let's love each other.  Let's look with new eyes.  Let's look with new perspective and remember deep down inside that you only know what I want you to know and I know that is true of what I know about you!  You may appear strong and like you know everything to me, but deep inside you are crumbling...well the same may be true of me!  God made us each unique!  Don't forget that we each have the right to make our choice, because God decided that we get to pick Him or not.  We all need more of Him to change this world and stop the division!  So...let's love each other!

Love your neighbor,

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hello Fire Department!

Well, fireworks around my house are not really welcome!  I know they are fun for the kids, but...I know I've become that older lady that doesn't think they are so fun anymore.  All I can tell you is thank you firemen for helping with my Pepper (who is part lab and part pit bull).  Now here is the whole story for you to decide if you are like me and becoming not really a fan of fireworks anymore.

Kenny went on a weekend hunt in Montana with his buddies.  So I had all 3 of my babies with me who each desire my 100% attention, before anything else even happens!  Yes, they are each very spoiled!  The weekend was actually going quite well.  The 3 are playing and truly enjoying each other and we aren't having to break apart the puppies too many times.  It was a fun time...until...

Well, the 4th arrives.  The day goes very well.  We all 3 finally curl up in bed to watch a little television and well that's where the story changes.  A neighbor shoots off a cannon and then the whole neighborhood explodes.  It is unbelievable!  I'm not even adding to the story it sounded like a war zone.  I know the kids were loving it, but my dogs well that's another story.  They didn't like it at all.  Sadie and Cassie were tolerating it.  Under the covers and shaking on each side of me, when Pepper goes wild.  She is so afraid she runs and runs and finally she squeezes her huge body underneath my bed.  Well, I think I don't know how she got under there, but she is still.  So we wait it out.  After midnight, they stop.  Finally...but Pepper doesn't she moans, she cries, and she will not budge from underneath the bed.  Well, it was a very long night!  I worried about her, I tried begging, yes a grown 56 year old on the floor begging her to come out, bribery didn't even work with her favorite treats.  Finally, about 3 in the morning, I give up and crawl in bed dozing between moans and barks.  I get up at 6 to begin the begging again.  It's not a pretty picture.  Usually the begging is the other way around the dogs begging me for their favorite treat...not the day after the fireworks! 

I call my dad about 7 and tell him about my night.  He offers (a little fearful tone) to come help me.  Now I am desperate, but the picture in my mind of my dad who is 83 on the floor begging with me isn't a good picture.  So I run by my other idea by him.  Is it true the fire department will help in this type of situation?  Well, he isn't sure, but you could call them.  So I look up the direct line.  I didn't figure 911 would work in this situation.  (even though to me it was a worthy call)  I didn't think they might think so.  So I ring them up very cheerfully I greet them and begin to explain my saga.  Well, they told me they would be happy to help me.  So, in a few minutes they arrive.  They survey the situation and decide my bed must be taken apart to get her out.  They 
take apart my bed and finally we have my big baby out.  You see she was stuck and afraid!  She was a very happy girl once she realized no loud noises and the guys were nice men too.  Yes, they put my bed back together!

I thank them profusely!  Gushy almost and they tell me that this call to my house was much better than the last time I called using 911.  These were the firemen that helped put out the fire at my home some years before.  They told me they were so happy it was a dog rescue this time around and were happy to see my home after it was rebuilt and full of my hubby's critters!  So, long story short we had a happy reunion due to the fireworks.  Later that day I took Strawn's pies to the fire station as a thank you after all they working on a holiday and they saved my dog from a very long wait for daddy to get home that night.  Yes, thank goodness he arrived in time to have duty on the evening of July 4th!  Yes, it was another long night and yes she did try to go right back under the bed.  Thankfully, we were able to catch her and take her into another room to wait out another long night of noise! 

Next year, Lord willing I think we will be on a quiet mountain top in Oklahoma or Colorado for the fourth of July.  It's just too noisy around here with celebration of our independence!

All of this to say - Hope you had a great 4th of July celebration and be sure to thank firemen that help old ladies with their strange dog requests!

Sweet blessings,