Tuesday, December 31, 2013

God's Wonder!!!

  Amazed and filled with wonder is the words that come to my mind.  I was sitting at my quiet spot studying this morning when I looked up to see 4 moose crossing our frozen pond.  Now I must tell you that over the past several days I've ask the Lord to give me my focus for the upcoming new year and again the words "look for My wonder" kept coming to me.  

Over the past several years, I've felt strongly the Lord telling me look for me and share what you see or learn.  So I've been in prayer about this new year, Lord is there something new that you want me to share or look at and over and over I still felt God's Wonder.  In prayer this morning this scene unfolded before me.  It's not everyday that 4 moose run across a frozen pond right at the moment you are in prayer and study about God's desire for me in the upcoming year.  I know without a doubt again I am to share God's Wonder with all of you.  To remind myself and all of you to look daily for the things God is doing right around us.  The moose don't hang around the house all the time.  It was a special moment provided by God and I know it!

I will be posting pictures on Facebook of the moment, because I can't figure out the computer and camera setup to post from, so it will be from my iPad on Facebook.  

In Psalm 78:4, 6, 7, speak as to why we need to share God's Wonders with others…

We will not hide them from their children; we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD, his power, and the wonders he has done.

6 so the next generation would know them, even the children yet to be born, and they in turn would tell their children.  Then they would put their trust in God and would not forget his deeds but would keep his commands.

We need to share the things God is doing.  Don't be afraid to share those spine tingling moments that only God provides.  I must tell you that my moment ended today with tears streaming down my face with the awesome reminder that God sees me and He sees you!  He knows where we are and He wants us each to know He is right there with us.

In the upcoming year give yourself the gift of being in God's Word, so that you recognize the moments and then you are able to share them with everyone else!  WE all need to see God's Light shining in this dark world.  Remember, that it is about Him always.  WE need to point to Him with what He is doing through us and allowing us to share with Him.

Happy New Year,

P. S. please look on my Facebook page to see the photos and I am so sorry I can't load them here for you.  I'll figure that out in the new year!  I will title the posting God's Wonder...

Monday, December 30, 2013

Leaving the crowd behind...

Jesus is offering an invitation in Mark 4 to the disciples to leave the crowd behind and join him in the boat.  I was studying this passage yesterday and several things struck my attention and got me to thinking.  I want to share them with you and get your thoughts as well.

First, Jesus ask the disciples to leave the crowd behind to go over to the other side.  Don't you think He is asking them to be with him and not everyone else?  Jesus is inviting each of us to the same thing ~ a relationship with Him.  He wants each of us individually and sometimes that scares us just like the storm that surrounded them.  We know Jesus wants to truly know us.  In a crowd we think we might be less noticeable, less obvious with things that might need attention so we are being vulnerable to get in the boat with Jesus.

Second, in the NIV version these words are found in verse 36: Leaving the crowd behind, they took him along just as he was in the boat.    The words just as he was caught my attention.  What does this mean to you?  Do we accept God for who He truly is?  Do we understand when He doesn't answer our prayers the way we expect?  Do we understand when His ways aren't our ways?  Do we accept His ways when His answers are not our desires?  It really got my mind rolling.  Here the disciples are in this boat with Jesus a storm rolls in and they take Jesus just as He is and within moments they forget who He is…fear fills them up.  

Third point is do we trust Jesus in the storm or forget who He is and jump ship?  How often do we forget who we daily spout we believe in to immediately allow the ground to shake around us?  Do we stay beside Jesus in the boat perhaps curled up in the crook of His arm knowing in our hearts that His way is best or do we stand beside Him shouting the same words the disciples shout Don't you care?  Do you see me Jesus?  

I have to admit I've responded both ways.  At times depending on where I truly am in my walk with Jesus I either climbed up in the curve of His arm knowing His way is best and other times I stood almost demanding answers for why this is happening to me.  Not a pretty picture, but the picture is one where I've distanced myself from Jesus and stayed with the crowd.  I know the closer I am to Jesus the peace, but the further I hide in a crowd the further away I am.  What about you?

Are you willing to leave the crowd behind in the coming year to climb over the side of the boat to a closer relationship with Jesus?  I hope you climb over for a great adventure!  If not, point 4 from the reading that The Spirit left me with was He still stopped the storm even though they weren't where they needed to be…So Jesus may be upset and frustrated with us not realizing what we have with us, but He doesn't give up on us!

Sweet blessings,

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Who do you call?

When you are in trouble who do you call?  I loved this picture of this little guy with the old tin can phone…

Studying Jonah yesterday I came across the words in chapter 1; Get up and call on your god!  Here's Jonah on the run from God.  He runs toward a town called Tarshish, which is he opposite direction from where God told him to go.  How many of us do this?  Run the opposite of where we know God is leading us?  I've done it, maybe some of you have to…Anyway he buys a ticket to board a boat in Joppa to go to Tarshish.  He is running from God as fast as he can and he goes down below on the ship to sleep.

When suddenly he is awakened by the captain of the ship telling him, Jonah to call on his God because they even recognize that Jonah serves a mighty God.  These men had thrown everything overboard trying to save the ship from this awful storm that was threatening to tear up this ship.  They were afraid they were calling on their gods which of course were not answering.  They were in chaos and doing everything humanly possible to save this ship, while Jonah is asleep below.  Don't you know they wanted to shake him awake?  He was not just napping, he was in a deep sleep.  Jonah knew God was trying to get his attention.  He knew God.  He knew why it was all happening and yet he was allowing it to continue all because he didn't want to follow God's plans.

How often are we like Jonah allowing those around us to suffer because we don't want to call God or answer His desires for our life?  How often do we pretend that we don't hear or we got a busy signal when we called?

Do we have people in our life that will toss overboard to get our attention?  Oh, I know these men were trying to save their own skins, but they tried everything else first…they did realize who Jonah's God was during this experience we are told in Jonah 1:16 ~ At this the men greatly feared the LORD, and they offered a sacrifice to the LORD and made vows to him.  

Jonah running away reached others, but he still had to take the journey God was calling him to…What about you?  Is God calling you to a specific path that you are avoiding?  He will use wherever we are, but our hearts will not experience peace until we are in God's will.  I think Jonah was able to sleep because he knew God so well that he knew God was never ever going to leave him running the opposite direction of His desires.  So, sometimes we may sleep while on the run, but God will turn us around one way or another.

I love that God loves us so much, that HE pursues us even when we are running the other way!

Sweet blessings,

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Make time to build the relationship...

It takes time to really build a friendship, doesn't it?  Doesn't it take time to realize whether you truly have anything in common with a person?  Well, the same is true of our relationship with Jesus.

It seems obvious yet, at times we don't make the time.  We look at others and desire the relationship they have with Jesus and the things they share, but think why don't I have that…well it is a choice that each of us must make for ourselves.  I can't make it for you and you can't make it for me.  We must do it for ourselves.  We desire to know Jesus more, so we will make the choice to spend more time in His word getting to know Him and receive His paths for our journey.

When you go on a trip, do you print off directions from map quest or something?  Do you follow the gps?  Well, then why wouldn't we pick up the roadmap for our life?  God's Word is such a map to study and learn all the time growing to know God is a whole new way.  We realize just like Jonah did exactly who God truly is…look at Jonah 4 be reminded of who God is…Jonah knew who God is and was and He knew God would save these people that Jonah didn't think were worthy.  Let's look at the words Jonah shared about who He knew God was…I knew that you are a gracious and compassionate God, slow to anger and abounding in love, a God who relents from sending calamity.  Do you want to know who God is?  Well spend the time building relationship with Him.  Don't these words offer encouragement for this journey?  Doesn't it comfort you to know that God is gracious, compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love?  It does me!  It provides hope for every step I take on this trip of life…let God's word encourage you.

It's almost a new year.  Time to make new choices, new desires, and to pick perhaps a new path…begin by picking up the best roadmap for this trip called life…The Bible.

Sweet blessings,

Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from my home to yours!  The photo is actually of my Christmas table that my sweet friend Kathy so graciously decorated for me.  It's beautiful and I wanted to share it with all of you.

Enjoy this special time of celebrating Jesus coming into this world for each one of us.  Treasure the memories that you make with family and friends.  Each moment is a gift, so celebrate.

As we each celebrate Jesus birth remember the woman that welcomed without hesitation the little one.  His mother, Mary responded to Gabriel with the words, " I am the Lord's servant, May it be to me as you have said."  A young woman that wasn't sure exactly what this meant to her.  Whether it meant she would die, Joseph would leave her, her parents, her friends would all turn away, she simply stated some very profound words.  I am the Lord's servant, May it be to me as you have said.

What is Jesus calling you to do?  Are you going to respond with a willing servant's heart like Mary?

Over the past several days, I have ask the question of different groups and individuals the following.  If you were told right now that something really unbelievable was about to happen to you (such as you were going to have a baby), how would you react?  The groups have been all ages and all types and without a doubt the laughter covered the rooms and then quiet prevailed.  It could happen any moment the unexpected question from Our Savior Will you?  How will you respond? 

It is my prayer that you will see Hope throughout the Christmas celebrations with shouts of joy and so much laughter shared with friends and family and that each of us will say Yes to Our Savior's Calling!

Sweet blessings,

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Spa days...ahh

Spa Days...nothing like them is there?  Relaxing, refreshing and renewing is how I describe a spa day which brings me to think about Queen Esther.  Yes, Queen Esther had over 12 months of preparation before she went before the King.  According to everything I read she would have had 6 months of treatment with oil with myrrh, and six month with perfumes and preparations to beautify her before she ever went to the king.  Wow, when we think of spa days and she had 12 months sounds great doesn't it? 

Well, not so fast...

Do you know what myrrh is?  Me neither, so I decided to find out.

Well, myrrh is derived from a thorn bush and she would have had to have been immersed in the floral oil made from a thorn bush.  Now Esther was a Jewish servant girl that would have been so uncomfortable with the servants bathing her, preparing her, washing her and I would have been too.  I can take care of that myself thank you.  No I don't need your help, I can do that...Imagine it.  Also, imagine a home filled with no loved ones only women competing for one man.  The jealously, the hatred, the competition,  no friends, the loneliness and all for one man.

Myrrh was also used in the burial process.  It hit me that Esther had to die to yourself in order to do what was being demanded of her.  

Esther would not have been comfortable with any of the spa treatments, but she was willing to be and do what she had to do.  God's plan which she was not aware of at the time was all a part of the process.  He was transforming Esther to be transformed into the Queen that would save the people because she was willing to let go of her needs.

What are we willing to let go of to grow intimate with the King?  Our Savior wants all of each of us, are we willing to be uncomfortable?  Are we willing to endure the hard fights?

Are we willing to ????

I give thanks Lord that you love me enough to ask me to grow closer and closer to you!

Sweet blessings,

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

So thankful for kisses

I learned something new today and I want to share it with you, because it touched my heart and maybe it will yours too!

The most common word in the New Testament of the bible for worship is used over 60 times and it is the word pro-skun-e-o, which literally means "to come forward to kiss."  Don't you love it?

Think about it a moment.  God is love and worship is what we do to respond to God's love.  When we worship God we are showing our love for God by responding to HIS LOVE!

I absolutely love how Our Heavenly Father does not anything without purpose in mind to touch one of us at every turn!  The words He had used or He used all have a special purpose in mind to touch our hearts when we need that gentle nudge reminding us of HIS AMAZING LOVE!

Give thanks today and come forward to kiss Our Savior.

Sweet blessings,

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Giving thanks for Doctors and Nurses...

Yes, today is a great day to give thanks for the people that we don't want to see, but we do!

Yes, that would be doctors and nurses.  We want them when we want them and not before...

Seriously, isn't that about the way it is?  When we are sick we don't want the postman, the lawyer, the judge, nope we want a doctor and we want them now!  Otherwise, it's okay to run into them (some of them) in the grocery store speak and move on, but...

I'm making a joke, but we all indeed need to give thanks for the doctors and nurses we run to when we are not quite ourselves.  The people that know how to figure out what is going on and hopefully help us to feel better soon.  

I've been getting in those appointments at the end of the year and honestly I do give thanks for these people.  People we expect to know all the answers as soon as we ask the question.  

Dear medical friends please know that in someway that is a compliment that we think that much of you and expect you to know the answers...Forgive us for the times that we forget you are humans just like us.

We give thanks for our human doctors/nurses today, but we also give thanks for "The Great Physician" the one that we all serve.

Sweet blessings,

Monday, December 16, 2013

Love me some football...

Yes, ladies and gents I am giving thanks for football!  I love it and always have...I remember watching football growing up with my daddy and I've always loved to watch it whether my team is playing or not...

I mean I love it when my nephews say DeDe you watch more football than I do...I take it as a huge compliment.  I actually love the game.  Certain modern day aspects have taken away from the game just like the rest of life, but I still love the game.

I am a #1 huge fan of Arkansas Razorbacks win or lose.  I call the hogs through and through, but that doesn't keep me from having number 2, 3, 4,5, 6, 7, on down favorites as well.  My number two as a;waus been Alabama way back to the Bear Bryant days and now I am a Nick Saban fan...yes LSU fans. I'm still a fan with Nick!  He knows how to win football games and that is all I am talking about playing and winning football.

My number one player other than my nephew Blake is Peyton Manning.  Now, who can not pull for a guy that sets such a wonderful example as a person and still can pick apart a defense better than anybody I know?...okay go ahead all you patriot fans rip me a new one...we all have our favorites, but truly my favorite is the sport of the game.

In college, along with all my business classes I took a football class with Coach Farrar and loved it!  I really did.  Now, I don't remember all the plays or anything, but I actually liked learning about the game that I love to watch.

I still love sitting down with my daddy and talking the latest football news and games!  Yes, I give thanks for special memories made while sharing a good game in the process.

Not that anybody cares, but my team for #1 is now Auburn, yes even though I am a huge Alabama fan...I am SEC most of the time too...Super bowl well of course, the Denver Broncos!

Have a great Monday all you Monday morning quarterbacks....

Sweet blessings,

Saturday, December 14, 2013

So Thankful for friends...

Friends who will do anything for you...

Everyone that is in this photo and so many more that aren't, I know I can count on...

I wish I had a photo with all of you in it, so that I could say thanks, but I don't have the photo...but I can still shout "thanks for being my friend"!

I love you all and I treasure the laughter, the phone calls, the tears, the silence, the emails, the moments that we have shared being friends and all the moments still to make!  All to often we take these things for granted and I don't want that to happen ever...love you all!

I love Proverbs 17:17 from the Message that says, Friends love through all kinds of weather...
and it is so true!  

I still remember the giggles like we were  little girls on the trip that we took in the photo above in Jefferson.  Treasured moments spent with special women....

Love you and indeed I give thanks for each of you in the photo and those who aren't...

Sweet blessings,

Friday, December 13, 2013

His star...

Today, I give thanks for stars...

Don't you love to go out at night and look up at the stars to celebrate their beauty?

Well, during the Christmas season we must think about his star...

In Matthew 1, we are told that the Magi saw his star in the east and they went to worship him.  Imagine, they knew his star.  They packed up, they got on their camels, and they followed a star on a very long journey.

Whose star are we following?  In a world caught up in the latest and the greatest search deep today and ask yourself whose star are you following?

Is it the latest in Hollywood or Washington D. C.?  Or is it the ONE of truth?

Give thanks today for HIS STAR and in the obedience of these wise men that got on the camel and followed!  Allow the obedience of these men to speak to your heart about "The One" we should be following as well.

Sweet blessings,

Thursday, December 12, 2013

"Tikvah" ~ Hope

I give thanks that Our Lord is so very purposeful with every big or small choice He makes!

He wraps a "tikvah" through the most unlikely of people and for that I am so very thankful!

I was reading a wonderful book by Ann Voskamp - The Greatest Gift.  If you haven't purchased it for your family then do it now!  Give your family a wonderful Christmas gift!  The reading yesterday was on Rahab and the scarlet cord.  The actual name for the cord in Hebrew is Tikvah and it means hope!

Don't you love it?

I do!  Our Lord indeed wraps a love heart up for each one of us to unwrap.  It is our choice to choose to have hope or despair.  It is our choice to wake up in the morning knowing the mountain we will climb and pack the tikvah in our purses!  It is our choice to believe HIS WORDS that are filled with tikvah.

Today, what are you going to take in your purse?  How about a little tikvah instead of perhaps that lipstick that truly doesn't make near as much difference as a whole lot of hope does!  Let's decide to take with us what truly matters God and all He offers for our errands today and everyday.

Thank you Lord that indeed you are so very Mighty that every little detail absolutely fills us to the brim with hope and love!

Sweet blessings,

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thanks for my hubby

I've told you I am on this journey to give thanks for "things that make a difference in my life" big or little.  Well, this is one of the big things!

Kenny is a big man with a big heart.

Now don't get me wrong, he is a tough guy to crack.  He can even seem harsh at times, but it's only after he has been pushed to that point.  Perfect, nope no way, but a good man!  I found a good man that loves me for who I am and doesn't try to change me (anymore)...Same is true the other way, we accept one another flaws and all because we realize what matters each other.

I give thanks to God that this man loves me in spite of me and encourages me daily to be all that God created me to be...I love you Kenny and indeed I do give thanks for you big guy!  Thank you Lord for Kenny.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Do you know where you are right now?

On Sunday, Pastor Aaron shared from Matthew 2 about the visit of the Magi.  It so spoke to my heart.  Go read the story for yourself and see what jumps off the page at you.

The Magi were looking for the one who was born king of the Jews, but when they arrived in Jerusalem the people were going about their everyday life.  When they began to ask questions it bothered Herod and he called in all the people that would know how to answer the questions.  All of these religious people of the day knew who they were talking about, but they hadn't been paying attention either!

It's just been speaking to my heart are we paying attention now to what is happening around us?  What signs are we ignoring?  What signs is God delivering that we are asleep to?

It was a very powerful sermon with so much food for thought.  Today, I give thanks for our Pastors that speak truth into our life, but most of all I give thanks for God's Word!

Sweet blessings,

Monday, December 9, 2013

Giving thanks today for ????

Yes, today I give thanks that we have heating and air conditioning when it is either too cold or hot to sit comfortably outside!  I know this is a modern day gift...but I appreciate it!

I appreciate all the people that keep it working!

I love the outdoors, but I am a light weight in either too hot or too cold weather.  I actually do better outside when it's too hot than too cold...I don't like wearing layers upon layers of clothes and still being cold.

Okay, I know this one isn't a big though maker, but ...

I'm just saying I like hear and air conditioning, so I give thanks that I have them!

Sweet blessings on this cold day,

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday of Peace

Are you settled in right now?

Peace is just flowing through you?

Are you like me and the word peace on the second Sunday in a short Christmas season sound funny?

A little bit, but God knows we all need that peace that only He is able to provide.  

Mary's world had been turned upside down with the proclamation that she was about to deliver the Savior of the world.  Yet, don't you picture her with that peace that passes all understanding just surrounding her?  I do and that gives me great comfort and hope!

Today, celebrate that peace that we all know because of Jesus!

If that peace, isn't there...ask someone to share Jesus with you.

Sweet blessings,

Friday, December 6, 2013

Giving thanks for all the kiddos in my life...

Lord, thank you so very much for all the young people in my life that I love so dearly!  Amen

I love getting to watch my nephews and nieces use all their amazing talents. 

Yes, I can be that annoying aunt that makes you look at pictures or hear the latest about my crew....

I do love them and I do think they are the greatest and you should about all of yours!

Celebrate the gift of the young people that surround you and make life a whole lot more interesting.

Sweet blessings,

P.S.  Yes, that young man wearing number 7 is one of mine.  Yes, and he is a really good little athlete...do you want to hear about the rest of my kiddos????  Okay, I'll hold off until next time....

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Yes, I love ...

Yes, I love a pedicure!

I told you this year was going to be about celebrating the things that I give thanks for and well pedicures are one of them.  Not everyone is good at giving a pedicure, but I celebrate Teresa and the gift she as of making my feet look pretty and feel sooooo much better!

Celebrate the people that make our walks...yes literally our walks so much prettier and better!

Thanks Lord for Teresa and the gift of making me feel special each and every time I sit down in her chair!

Sweet blessings,

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I give "thanks" for being allowed to ask big questions...

Don't you love the fact that we serve a Huge Savior, that allows our questions?

I do!

I don't understand why people hurt us.
I don't understand why we may lose our job.
I don't understand why about the homeless situation...

I don't understand why some people get cancer...
I don't understand why a young child dies...
I don't understand why I wasn't able to have a child of my own...but we are allowed to ask the questions.

We may not get our answers, but then again we might!

Today, studying Luke 1...look at verse 34...Mary ask the question, "How will this be,"...according to the NIV, in the Message "But how",  the ESV "How will this be" .  Mary asked the question she had on her heart and we are allowed to do the same.  We know without a doubt she didn't understand it all, but she accepted God's will for her life.  Today, let's give thanks for this young woman who ask a question and replied these amazing words...I am the Lord's servant...May it be to me as you have said."

I don't understand a lot of situations, but God does.  It is my prayer that we all learn to reply like Mary.

Sweet blessings,

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Really sheep? Yes...we are like sheep!

I love the verse from John 10, "I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me-just as the Father knows me and I know the Father..."

I took this photo in Colorado this past summer.  We turned the corner one day and all over the sides of the mountain were sheep and way off in a distance was their shepherd...It took my breath away knowing that indeed Jesus knows us just like this shepherd knows each and everyone of his sheep!  It doesn't matter where one may wonder off to the shepherd knows...the same is so true of us!

Each and every sheep looks a little different.

Does things differently.

Sounds different.

Just like the sheep we are not too smart some times...We are helpless without Our Shepherd.  The scriptures came to life for me watching the sheep and knowing indeed the Shepherd does KNOW each of us and wants to know us intimately.  He pursues us to the great distances until we come to Him!  He desires relationship with us, so that this trip we are on makes more sense to us.  He wants to direct our paths and He wants to take care of us...

I give thanks today that My Father desires to know me more and more...

Check out John 10, Psalm 23, Psalm 78 or Isaiah 40:11 that I love ~ He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young... Isn't that something to give thanks about?  He tends us...He gathers...He carries them close to His Heart and He leads us...YES, indeed let's give thanks!

Sweet blessings,

Monday, December 2, 2013

Think about your family tree and all the skeletons...

Yes, give thanks for every last one on your family tree!

Today, turn to Matthew 1 and look at the names you find in Christ's family tree...
we will just name a few...






Uriah's wife ~ Bathsheba


What do we see just with the few listed?  Flaws check out their stories in God's Word or go and be reminded of them once again.

Yes, they all have flaws.  No perfection here just normal people that made mistakes, just like me and just like you!

Hope throughout Matthew chapter 1, along with the rest of God's Word.  Normal people that God loved and He used to help everyone.  He loves all of us and here in this chapter we find out just how much...His Son Jesus was given this family tree filled with flawed men and women that HE still loved and sent His son to save...just like you and me!

Give thanks today for our family trees and for Jesus the savior of All!

Sweet blessings,

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Giving thanks that we always have hope...

Today is the first Sunday in advent...HOPE.

Always, we have hope because of Jesus.

When the world is barren just like the photo we always have hope coming through, if we open our eyes to see!  Today and everyday throughout this season let's remember to focus on Jesus and indeed the spirit of Hope fills our very souls!

We give thanks today that Jesus always provides Hope!

Sweet blessings,