Saturday, February 26, 2011

Record the names

The Lord spoke to Moses and told him to record the names of all the warriors by their clans and families. Imagine it, count off...those in Reuben's tribe, Simeon's, and...if you were male and fit to fight in a war then you were counted. No women, children or those unable to fight in a war were counted.

I wondered why does the Lord want a number taken? Perhaps He just wanted to give them something to do and this was before calculators and such, so it would have taken a little while. It was before we could just mail a form in the mail to the right department, but I felt there was more to it.

Matthew Henry told me that it was because God wanted to show He was good with His promises to Abraham. To keep track of the descendants that He promised Abraham and to also show that He was keeping track of His sheep! Also, so that they could set up a order of justice.

I love the explanation of any of these especially that God is keeping track of His sheep! Just like the hairs on our heads He knows where we are and He is keeping a record of us! God is faithful!

I just picture Moses and Aaron along with the heads of the tribes sitting on a rock and making tally marks for each person on their sheet. God nodding yes I know Him, he is from the tribe of Dan or where is old so and so from Gad? Smiling as each of His sons walked through the line and they were marked present. Present in His number!

I want to be marked present in His number!

Sweet Blessings,

Prayer Special: Austria - Pray for leaders in the church. Believers are declining and they need workers and pastors.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Deny self!

Today, it jumped off the page from Leviticus 23...a day to deny yourselves and present special gifts to the LORD.

Do we deny ourselves anything anymore? We reside in a nation it is all about getting, getting, getting...not giving, giving, giving!

Deny often do I deny myself what I desire? Do I even wait a few days? Do I wait a few months? What about you?

Today, I am going to ponder this thought..will you as well?

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special- Australia is the country for yesterday and today in our prayers.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Laws and more laws

Over and over in Leviticus it is you must do this or you must not do this...over and over again.

It's hard reading. It's boring, but important. So, do you think Moses got bored and tuned God out like we do? Or perhaps he wrote it all down and was like could you hurry up a little bit - I've got it already?

I don't think so!

Moses got it!

It saddens me when I really look at me sometimes. I get this is important, but I'm lying if I don't admit it's hard to read it. It's details, details. It's killing animals. It's sin! Sin! and more Sin! I like to cover sin not kill something and let everybody know what I've been up to...even though God already knows and He is all that matters!

Just yesterday at the mission we were discussing how hard the rules are for the women to follow and that we aren't any different than when we were children. We don't like rules, but at the same time we know we matter when someone cares enough to make the rules!!!

God loves us sooooooooo much! Jesus loves us sooooooo much! Our sins are covered nowadays with Jesus blood - the ultimate sacrifice and still we don't like to look at this sacrifice either. We like to focus on the stories, the miracles, the love shown, but not the ultimate sacrifice made for each of us! We better focus on it and realize just how much indeed we are loved!!!

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special: Aruba an island in the Caribbean. Heavily dependent on tourism. Unity among believers is a prayer concern!

Monday, February 21, 2011

I may contaminate

The Lord is speaking to Moses and Aaron and these are His Words - I may contaminate some of your houses in your land with mildew. Do you catch it? He might do something to make something unclean...

What do you think about these words?

It caused me to pause a moment. Of course, then I picked up a commentary one of my favorites, Matthew Henry and he thought that God may have put the leprosy in the house due to idols in the house, a curse on the house, and sin is in the house. The house would be treated just like a person with leprosy...unclean, taken down and taken to a far off place alone.

What do you think about these words? Do these words make you pause? The LORD contaminates?

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special - Today we pray for Armenia which is located in Asia close to Turkey and Iran. Armenia was the worlds first Christian nation. Pray for relief workers to help with economic depression, widespread poverty and unemployment. They need more bibles, youth camps!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Coming to Our Senses!

Today, I will be sharing with some ladies about our 5 senses and how we must come to our senses and return to Our Father! Waking up this morning I am filled with eager anticipation, but uncertainty at the same time. I am willing and ready, but fill so overwhelmed at times with the path God placed me on...

So, today I ask for prayers for strength that His Words and Stories that He wants shared will be the ones that each woman needs to hear, see, feel, touch and smell. It is my prayer that each story they will place themselves in and the story will become very real to them! We will feel God's loving touch, hear His amazing words that He gave each of us, touch another sister that needs to feel that hug, smell the aroma of our Christian sisters and taste and see that Yes indeed Jesus is good! Please keep all of us in your prayers!

Sweet Blessings,

Prayer Special: Today and tomorrow we are to pray for Argentina. Argentina is located in Latin America. The country faces a huge gap between the rich and poor. They have over 500,000 living in slums in and around Buenos Aires. Two pillars of Argentina, its strong middle class and education system are under threat. Pray for the decision makers in this country.

Strong spiritual hunger. Evangelical numbers, under one million in 1980, reached 3.7 million by 2010. No coincidence that this growth was simultaneous to some of the country's most troubled times. Pray that the Spirit will continue to draw many to himself and to do a deep work in believers.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Two friends at lunch

We were just two friends sharing lunch and did you hear? Have you ever shared this situation? You are visiting another person comes up and you share what you have heard?

On this day at lunch it was different. We had been challenged in bible study to physically carry with us something that reminded us that indeed God is with us every where we go. At almost the exact same moment we both realized that God was indeed at that table witnessing our sin! Yes, sin. I admit it here and we admitted it in class to the other ladies.

Today, I open the Word of God to Leviticus and it is about sin offerings and that we have to make things right with the LORD and they will be forgiven. It hit me again that I should share our story with you. It seems harmful, but yet its wrong. It isn't a big sin, so...God doesn't weight them does He?! No, lying is the same as murder. I know sometimes it doesn't seem the same, but I am so thankful that God doesn't weigh our sins after all - something that might kill another person's spirit or soul because of my wrong words might be just as wrong as a bullet that takes another persons life. Think about it! If my words ruined someone forever or your words it may not be as bad as killing someone, but the person that isn't gone forever suffers because of my tongue forever...The pain never ever goes away.

Wrong is wrong and it just doesn't matter the wrong! It's all wrong! I challenge each of you to take something that you allow your eyes to fall on that represents God sitting at that table with you when those words fall out, or you go somewhere perhaps you really shouldn't be at, or you respond to an invitation that you should not go on because it leads to a situation that is wrong! Let God be in on those meetings and things will be different. Also, keep in mind that He is already there but this does help to visually see something.

Let me hear from you after you try this for a few days. Let me know how it goes. It makes a difference!

Also, I want to let everyone know that Lindsey Graham from Ontario won the book from the blog yesterday! Yeah Lindsey!!! It's in the mail and you will love the book!

Everybody have a great day!

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special - Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda all located in the Caribbean. Anguilla needs prayers for spiritual strength amidst changes for this small colonial island. Antigua needs prayers for strongholds of sin with drugs, money laundering, violence. Beauty surrounding God's creation everywhere, but human strongholds dirty the beauty.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blog Tour about the Life Ready Woman

Wow! A great read by Shaunti Feldhahn and Robert Lewis about juggling with the struggle of getting it all done! Any woman or man for that matter not juggling wanting to do it all and not miss a thing? Well, God planned it where we are able to get it done at least the part that He planned for us!

I love how they brought together the focus of reminding each of us that God makes us special and unique and how we need to embrace God's Word to discover all we are meant to be according to His Word! It is broken into two sections: First - God's Plan and Purpose for all of Us and Second - Getting to God's Best for You. I enjoyed the book. At times it was a little detail, but details that we need to grasp all that God will do if we reach to Him.

One of my favorite sections was looking at our gifts from God's perspective. I don't have a tendency to think of it from God's point of view and this grabbed my heart! They pointed out that God has amazing things planned for each of us and we are intended to be a part of the plan, but that we have to be open to allow this to happen. It was thought provoking about allowing God to reach His destination with his roadmap for our life! I don't know about anyone else, but that sounds fabulous to me!

I encourage you to read the book and in fact, I was given a book for the first person that emails me with a desire to read the book. I will send it to you in the mail. Email me quick at I was given a book to participate in this blog tour and being in women's ministry and meeting with women everyday this is a good read!

Purchase the book at and find out for yourself!

Sweet blessings,
Debbie Covington

Peace Offering

The peace offering according to Matthew Henry was purely expressive about adoration for the Lord and therefore they were wholly burnt. The peace offering was for reconciliation, concord, and communion a token of friendship.

The offering was burnt whole, but separated in parts. The priest gave part of the offering to God and He was served first by placing it on the altar, part was given to the offered, to be eaten by his family and friends, and part the priest took for himself they ate together symbolizing friendship and fellowship between God and man.

The offerings today all mentioned the words "a pleasing aroma to the Lord". When I looked this up it was like a sweet savour to the Lord. Obedience was and is pleasing to God. Are we a pleasing aroma to the Lord? Are we being obedient to His calling? Are we offering what He desires of us?

The sweet lamb in the picture today was one of the animals that was often times sacrificed on the altar for reconciliation between the people and wanting to be clean for the Lord. Jesus served as our Lamb - His blood for our sins offered on the cross. The Lamb of God that took my sins and yours so that we might have eternal life. Do we ever grasp this offering?

The reading went on to talk about the burning of the fat. I wanted to understand more about this and Matthew Henry explains that God must have our inwards; for we must pour out our souls and lift up our hearts, in prayer and we must bless His name with all that is in us. It is required that God have everything within us and that we totally devoted to God. Wow, it represents a lot more than fat doesn't it?

So much in the offerings to think about and yet it is hard reading, isn't it? Is it just me? I don't like to read about animals being sacrificed, but God loves us so much that He provided a way for us through sacrifice. The ultimate sacrifice of His Son and yet this is difficult for us to read about, I can't imagine...Grace, grace, grace...never will we be able to comprehend!

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special - Continued prayers for the world today. Peace for everybody. More understanding and love shown to each other.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Heavy loads

Today's reading seemed repetitive and I ask Lord what is it you want me to get from this today? I admit some days its hard to get my focus on the Word and the meaning I am to take away. God ended up sharing quite a bit with me, isn't He beyond words?

First, the words "set apart" just jumped at me every time I read it. I know that we should each look different, act different and people should always see the "light" in us! We should be different. We should follow God's instructions and that means we each look different. He plans each of our journeys down a different path and we are not suppose to look the same! So, let's plow our own path following God's direction!

Second, God gives us what we need to carry our loads! Notice the picture this woman is hauling a big load, but she is equipped to carry it! I'm spoiled and truthfully God pointed it out this morning and you would think on a girl's birthday He wouldn't do such things...think about it. We holler our back hurts and everybody jumps, women in other countries don't have this same right. It broke my heart looking at this woman and realizing how blessed I am and I could name others that we are simply born where we are born!

I noticed in Numbers 7:7 he gave the group 2 wagons because they only carried things like curtains and hangings, verse 8 this group he gave 4 wagons and eight oxens and in verse 9 no wagons or oxens because they carried delicate, fragile, sacred objects! God provides what we need to carry what He gives each of us!

Another thing I learned today was that powerful and important people should use their influence with others about God! God treated each group with respect even in his Word! He listed each group with their offerings, he didn't summarize. No, each matters to Him and He wants all of us to know this information!

Also, I loved this part...Whenever Moses went into the Tabernacle to speak with the LORD, he heard the voice speaking...WHENEVER...we must go to Him, if we want to hear from Him! Approach Him and He will give you what you need!

Sweet Blessings,

Prayer Special: Angola a country located in Africa with widespread poverty despite having a lot of natural resources. Very little trickle down effect for the people despite great wealth in oil and diamonds! A country that suffered for almost 40 years in constant war. So much facing the people of this country. Lift them up for Christian leaders and love.

Monday, February 14, 2011

and the Glory of God

Imagine, the visual of the glory of the LORD filling the Tabernacle! Imagine it!

During the day, the cloud would cover the tabernacle and at night it looked like a pillar of fire. A regular pattern! I love this! Another version of the bible says, So it was continuously!

So it was and so it is...Where do you see the glory of God? Is it in the birth of a baby? The rainbows? The sun rising or setting? A friend's words that answered your prayer? The song on the radio that answers the prayer? The creation surrounding you? The list goes on and on, but where do you see the glory of God? He is everywhere still, but we take Him for granted...Yes, for granted, but how we ask? I don't know, but I fear it is true...Do you take miracles for granted or mark something as a coincidence rather than thanking God?

I love the last verse from the Numbers section today, So they camped or traveled at the Lord's command,...Do we move or stay according to what God directs us? Do we even consult Him before moving or making a choice? Thoughts for all of us to ponder today!

Keep in mind God's glory today traveling to and from work! Look for Him! Be Aware of Him! Talk to Him before you move!

Sweet Blessings,

Prayer Special: Today we pray for the American Samoa. Pray for recovery from hurricanes that limit economic development. A lot of growth in the Mormon religion in this area. Pray for Christian leaders to be awakened and renewed in this area of the world.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Today, reading the details of the ark, tables, lampstand, and the rest I thought I would like a visual. I would like to be able to picture these in my head after all God was very specific. He gave details, details, details so it was important. So, I found a link where the have reconstructed them in Israel and it helps to be able to look at a replica. The workers used the bible to construct the replicas and of course, they didn't use real gold and such, but we get an idea of what the things would have looked like...
Check out this link for yourself and hopefully it will help you with the reading today as it did me.

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special: Did you see the television and newspapers about Algeria? Do you think it is by chance that again today we are suppose to pray for this country in our Operation World Prayer Guide? I don't think so...God knew and knows where we need to lift the people and leaders to Him! Pray for Algeria and continued prayers for Egypt and the rest of the world!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gave freely

Over and over today in reading Exodus the people were willing to give. To give what they had whether it was physical or gifts they were cheerful givers to the LORD! Wow!

I loved it! Gave freely to the Lord! Willingly, willingly, prepared, gave them freely to the LORD! Both men and women came, all whose hearts were willing. They brought! But the people continued to bring additional gifts each morning... The people have given more than enough. Moses had to command don't bring anymore we have more than enough!

How long has it been that we have brought more than enough? If all of us together brought what we had whether it is physical or a gift of talent, would it be enough for those hurting in the world? I think so at least according to God's Word if we each bring a sacred offering or those that are gifted craftsman the project could be completed! Wow, what a beautiful thought and something to strive towards the goal of providing what is needed!

Freely giving and willing - huge words that sometimes we find hard to follow through with at times. Cheerful givers is what we are each called to be and just like we are told in Luke...she did what she could...Each of our could's look a little different, but we are all able to something! So today with a willing spirit and cheerful heart what will you do? What will I do that will make the world a better place?

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special - Continued prayers for the people of Egypt! Pray for the right leaders and peace to prevail...Also, today's prayer concern from the OPeration World book is Algeria. I don't think it is a coincidence that it falls today February 12, 2011, that we are praying for Algeria when I turn on the television this morning and they are in demonstrating in Algeria against the government. Today we are to pray for Algeria and I believe that it must be very important for this country to be in the news today and it also falling on the day of prayer for this country in the Operation World that was printed in 2010 and it fell today for these prayers!!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011


Each year of reading God's Word, I come to love Moses more. Today, after reading about Moses spending 40 nights and days with the LORD on the Mount the words - he wasn't aware that his face had become radiant- just jumped at me. He wasn't even aware of not eating for 40 days and night, he wasn't aware that he looked different, he was just Moses being obedient to God. He was a special man. He interceded continually for the people and stood up for them continually. He was an humble man that loved the Lord.

Today reading it struck me that some people begrudge giving God a hour on Sunday morning much less 40 days and nights without food! We just don't get it! Moses was so into worship and spending this time with the LORD he didn't realize how much time had passed! The radiance that showed on Moses was an honor that God gave him that he didn't even realize. Other people realized it that they would respect and honor and perhaps not question Moses again. God wanted to honor Moses, but Moses wanted all honor and glory to God, so at this point he covered his face. It was after the realization that others saw the radiance that the veil was placed over his face by Moses. Moses wanted no honor and glory all was to go to God! Wow, what a lesson we all need to learn from Moses!

Do you notice that when he returned to speak with the Lord he took the veil off? Why do you think? I think because God knows and sees all...we are unveiled before God. We like to think perhaps that the ugly things we do or say each day are hidden before God, but not so...we are naked before God, the good and the bad are right there and Moses knew this and took the veil off!

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special - Today we pray for Albania which lays on the Adriatic Sea next to Greece. The people of Albania are on a long road to recovery after the atheistic communism. Islam is the largest religion practiced in Albania. We need more Christian leaders in Albania to lead the people to Christianity. The economy is the second poorest in Europe, which leads to lots of corruption among their leaders.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Written by Finger of God

In writing the blog the picture is always very important to me. I want the right picture everyday and when the topic is the Finger of God it's difficult to find the right picture. Today, is a picture of an actual place in Nambia "called the finger of God". I loved it because it was a natural stone setting that did look like it was God made and possibly His finger in mind!

Imagine, the first writing was God! The letters were actually cut into that stone by God. In all I could find this is the first record of anything actually written down. No great letters existed before this point in history to claim otherwise and it is the first mention of writing. One commentator mentioned that Moses was trained in Egyptian things, but writings were not mentioned, so it is the most popular held belief that God began the writing right here with the commandments. One commentator stated that before this it was written on man's heart. It bothered me that it wasn't good enough for humans just to be written on our hearts it had to be written down for us to see. I guess that is why we like visuals, but it bothers me. Why do we want God to over and over proof himself...we see it over and over in His Word, and think about your own walk is it any different for you?

God wrote these tablets. Imagine Moses and holding those in his hands looking at them knowing God took the time to write down everything for His people. Wow, and then further wow when we know what happens in tomorrow's reading...if you don't hold on to what Moses does with these tablets!

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special - Today we pray for the country of Albania that is a mountaneous Balkan state located in Europe. Once under communist rule, very athiest state. The religious climate is hazy today with mostly over 70% Muslim. Pray for the people and country of Albania today!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I will meet with you there...

I loved the picture and knew immediately it was the one i wanted for today's writing! When I saw it immediately I was struck with this young girl with God's word and how He meets each of us in His Word! All we have to do is pick it up and open it up and read!

Oh, I wish I would have gotten it so much earlier, but I know it is all in God's timing! Today, what struck me in the reading was God and details. Details are very important to God and he wants obedience in following His details. Another point and the one that I want to write about is God plans to meet with each of us. He even planned where He would meet with Moses just like He does with us. One commentary stated our hearts are the meeting place today for God to reside with us! He plans every detail for us to be taken care of by Him. It is just a matter of whether we follow His plans or take our own course of action. Even when we take the other course He still maintains a plan to take us back into His loving arms of forgiveness! God loves us soooo much!

Where do you plan to meet with God today? Do you have your own special place and time? If not, set one up. A place that only the two of you meet and share.

Sweet blessings,

Prayer special - Today we will pray for the people and country of Afghanistan. We start the prayers for individual countries today from the Operation World prayer book. Challenges to pray about in Afghanistan include the present political situation, poverty, drugs, recovery and rebuilding of the country, removal of the taliban, prayer for our soldiers that are still in this country. Also, a new generation of Afghans over 60% are under the age of 21 and know nothing but war. Up to 4.5 million have returned after fleeing the country when it was under the Taliban rule. They need prayers of opportunities for education and employment.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Book Review for Made to Crave by Lysa

Recently, I was ask about participating in a blog tour to review and share with you all about Lysa TerKeurst new book and study entitled, “Made to Crave.” I received the book back in December and read it with a great anticipation. I loved the book partly because it was an easy read with truth packed throughout that I believe we all face every day. The book deals with trying to fill our cravings with food, instead of what we are truly longing for which is God.

Reading the book I was struck with the fact that we try to fill this space in our souls with so many things Lysa is dealing with food, but truly this book would fit anybody and whatever you may try to fill your craving with individually. We may fill the space with overspending, television, scrapbooking, addictions, the list are long, but the book speaks to any of these situations just think about your own situation and put that where Lysa talks about food. Nothing will fill us up, but our individual relationship with God and she deals with this beautifully with God’s Word.

Unfortunately, the study only arrived a few days ago and I’ve only been able to watch one session. I love what I see so far in the dvd. Lysa comes across very real and vulnerable, which I think all women are able to relate to much easier than someone not willing to open up about their own situation. I also liked the fact that in the video all types of women are in the audience showing that this study relates to ALL women not just one stereotype of woman.

I loved Lysa’s words that we are all made to crave God not food, which fits each of us. Just fill in the food with whatever you crave! Lysa encourages everybody to take this adventure to become empowered spiritually and who doesn’t need to be empowered?
Sweet Blessings,

P. S. Please be sure to read on with more details about the book and Lysa, along with some giveaway information that Lysa is having today on facebook!

About the book: Just because a woman finally fits into her skinny jeans doesn't mean she's won her battle with food. Too often, women overlook the spiritual component to their physical struggle with healthy eating. Made to Crave taps into the desires God gave you to consume food without letting food consume you!

Made to Crave is the missing link between a woman's desire to be healthy and the spiritual empowerment necessary to make that happen. The reality is we were made to crave. Craving isn't a bad thing. But we must realize God created us to crave more of him. Many of us have misplaced that craving by overindulging in physical pleasures instead of lasting spiritual satisfaction. If you are struggling with unhealthy eating habits, you can break the "I'll start again Monday" cycle, and start feeling good about yourself today. Learn to stop beating yourself up over the numbers on the scale. Discover that your weight loss struggle isn't a curse but rather a blessing in the making, and replace justifications that lead to diet failure with empowering go-to scripts that lead to victory. You can reach your healthy weight goal - and grow closer to God in the process. This is not a how-to book. This is not the latest and greatest dieting plan. This book is the necessary companion for you to use alongside whatever healthy lifestyle plan you choose. This is a book and Bible study to help you find the "want to" in making healthy lifestyle choices. 224 pages. Companion Bible study DVD set also available.

About Lysa: Lysa TerKeurst is an author and speaker who helps everyday women live an adventure of faith through following Jesus Christ. As president of Proverbs 31 Ministries, Lysa has led thousands to make their walk with God an invigorating journey.

Lysa wrote the book Made to Crave from the perspective of a woman who has never craved a carrot stick in her whole life. Having struggled with her weight her whole adult life, Lysa knows what it feels like to be in the vicious cycle of gaining and losing, but never feeling at peace in her struggle. Everything changed when Lysa decided to have her deepest desire met by God not food. Now, armed with the spiritual motivation she gained in her own journey, she is inspiring others to find lasting victory.

As a nationally known speaker, Lysa has been passionately teaching women God’s truths for years. Lysa’s personal adventures of following God led to appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, The 700 Club, USA Today newspaper, Woman’s Day magazine, and Focus on the Family radio.

Today, Lysa and her ministry team at Proverbs 31 Ministries encourage more than 375,000 women through their daily online devotional. In addition, she co-hosts a 1-minute inspirational radio program aired on more than 1,200 stations around the world. Plus, she touches hearts through their monthly magazine, P31 Woman. Lysa’s blog averages over 70,000 avid readers per month. She is the award-winning author of 14 books, including her newest releases, Made to Crave and Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl. Other noteworthy books include What Happens When Woman Say Yes to God, What Happens When Women Walk in Faith, Capture His Heart, and Capture Her Heart. Visit Lysa's website for more info and to visit her blog!

Link to buy the book:

About the giveaway and party:

Lysa is throwing a Made to Crave Party on February 8th! Made To Crave Party on Facebook!

During the party Lysa will chat with guests, host a trivia contest or two, and give away lots of other fun prizes (copies of Lysa’s other books and, iTunes & Starbucks gift certificates) – including a live Author Chat with Lysa for your small group!

Don’t miss the fun! Lysa is looking forward to learning more about you – so be sure to stop by Lysa's Facebook Author Page on February 8th at 5:00 PM PST (6 PM MST, 7 PM CST, & 8 PM EST).

I was given a complimentary book/study for taking the time to read and review this book on this blog.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Help fight the good fight!

Super Bowl Sunday! I love football. I grew up watching games every weekend with my daddy and loved our time together. We shouted, we yelled, we screamed and we laughed and shared this time together! We still talk our football.

Today, reading in Exodus 17 about Israel defeating the Amalekites I was struck with teamwork it took to win! Yes, teamwork! Do we Christians not realize that it takes each and everyone of us to defeat the enemy? I sit in amazement at times how quickly we shoot one another down with our individual, then denomination issues when in reality it is about God's Kingdom! Yes, GOD'S KINGDOM! Not Debbie's, Not yours, Not anybody else's GOD'S!

I struggle with this daily and the divisions we build between each other and today God spoke so clearly to me...look Joshua goes to the battlefield, Moses goes on the nearby hill and prays. When Moses arms tire, Aaron and Hur are there to help hold them up to fight the battle. Did Joshua fight alone? No! Did Moses pray alone? No!

After the battle, Moses and Joshua didn't build altars to build themselves up - no they built an altar to celebrate God. The altar was named "The Lord is my banner". What does our banner say? Does it shout the Lord is my banner? Do we realize that it takes all of us together to fight the enemy? God will win the battle, but whose team are we on? Are we helping each other to help God build His Kingdom?

Sweet blessings,

Prayer special - The Pacific area - Pray for churches in the Pacific area. Christianity is on the decline in this part of the world. Pray for a revival in the Pacific! Continue prayers for Egypt.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Get moving!

I felt humor reading the Word this morning! I read along in Exodus 13, then 14 and come to verse 13 and 14, where God tells them not to be afraid to watch the Lord rescue them today. He will fight the battle and to stay calm.

And then...
In verse 15, it is like the LORD says "Why are you crying out to me? Get a move on it!" Now this a little bit of Debbieisms, but...stay calm and then why get moving? Lord did I miss something between you are going to fight my battle and stay calm to why are you crying and not moving on? I saw this picture of the squirrel today and knew some of the Israelites had to look like this squirrel with the ears all perked up and oops what's that???? Ever felt like that?

Recently, I've been studying the Loved by God with Liz Curtis Higgs and I love her sense of humor. She points out sometimes how funny the Word is if you will pay attention and today it hit me that way. I just laughed with the image of the people in a panic mode then the calmness spreading around of the Lord reminding them that He is with them and suddenly shouting out get moving - don't cry out to me!

Continually, God encourages us with the phrase I am with you! He told Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, David, Isaiah, and on and on to each of us! How often have you picked up God's Word and without planning it the words you received that day are I am with you or I will go with you? God encourages me with those words a lot and today He did it with humor! It was as if my eyes were opened to one more time Debbie get a move on it and I'm going with you and I looked just like that squirrel...I wish you could hear the laughter that was in my office this morning! I was like a deer in the headlights - I was caught once again with the Lord reassuring me that He would fight the battle and how many times do I have to tell you!!!

Thank you Lord for the laughter and most of all for Your Word that reassures me over and over just how often you see me...little old Debbie sitting in north Louisiana wondering am I on the right track! Indeed, I am on the track you placed me and I'm moving as fast as I can....

Do you want to move along with us? Pick up God's Word and pack your bag for the adventure of a lifetime!!!!

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special - In our prayer from Operation World we are suppose to be lifting up Europe this day and prayer for unresolved tensions between ethnic and religious diversions. Let's pray for more Christian leaders for Europe today. Also, continue to pray for all leaders of our countries that God will lead each of them in the power they have to lead the people around them.

Friday, February 4, 2011

So Dark

Imagine how dark this plague described in Exodus 10, would have been. So dark that you could not see the person next to you. It was a damp darkness so not even candles would stay lit. It was total darkness.

Imagine the Egyptians standing looking across the way and the only light you see is in the Israelite area of town. The slaves have their homes lit and business as usual, but for 3 long days the Egyptians were inside their homes. A thick darkness filled with fear and evil. The only light is God's light shining on His people! I loved the verse in Exodus 10: But there was light as usual where the people of Israel lived. God's light was and is shining brightly!

It goes on in chapter 11, to talk about the death of every firstborn in Egypt. It tells us verse 4 that God himself would pass through the heart of Egypt and take the firstborn of the Egyptians. It will not matter whether it is the firstborn that will take the throne or the lowest slave they will all die, but that He will definitely show a difference between the Egyptians and the Israelites.

Another darkness was going to settle over Egypt and yet the wailing of the people would be heard in their part of town and not even a dog barking will be heard in the Israelite section. Definitely, a distinction of God's people being set apart! Nobody could be blind to the difference, but yet we still are blind to it...aren't we? God's people, do we get it?

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special - Continued prayers for Egypt and the people in Egypt!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Finger of God

Only God is able to do so many things! Poor imitations or magicians try, but they fail.

In Exodus, these magicians exclaimed "This is the finger of God"! How often during your day do your eyes fall upon a baby, a rainbow, a sunset, snow falling, butterflies flying and the list goes on and on! We should shout the same words - This is the finger of God! Wow!

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special - Continue to pray for peace in Egypt and the people to find this peace.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Now you will see!

Today, reading at the end of Exodus 5 the words, "Why have you brought all this trouble on your own people, Lord? Why did you send me?" It hit me once again how we want everything to be in our timing and not God's! It hasn't changed in all of these years if it doesn't happen when we desire it then we shout WHY LORD and demand answers.

In the Matthew Henry commentary it stated God silenced Moses complaints - I bet He did! I picture this loud voice saying "NOW you will see what I will do to the Pharaoh. Moses was expecting, but now he was going to see it with his own eyes along with the rest of the people. God reminded Moses who exactly He is...I am Jehovah, the same as I am Yahweh - the LORD, I am God Almighty...I am all you need in other words!

The lines of who God was would be clear no longer blurred to the Pharaoh or to God's own people - God would make it clear! Doesn't He make it clear to us too?

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special - Continue to pray for Egypt for a peaceful end to the protests.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I've always loved Moses and his hesitation with God's request. I see so many of us in Moses and his honesty with God with feeling unworthy to answer the call.

Just this past weekend, I went to see the new Colin Firth movie called "The King's Speech" and it was wonderful. It spoke so beautifully to feeling less than and not up to what a king should be just because he was born to be king. Of course, Colin's character the role of King George wasn't suppose to ever be king, but we all know that things sometimes change, don't we? I loved it when in the movie when his character shouts that he has a voice and Geoffrey Rush's character replies INDEED, you do...

Being born to be king doesn't mean a world without issues, does it? It just means you were born into a family just like everybody else and you still have issues! The movie shows so beautifully how you overcome with the help of others around you, but mostly with God. Now the movie doesn't mention Him, but I know He had bigger plans for this King for all of this to happen. I wish we had more details about the story and King George's faith walk because I think it would make an even bigger impact on people. Anyway...back to Moses!

Moses tried so hard to say but...I can't and God wouldn't allow this answer to take place! Five times he tried to reply with but this or that and finally God replies to Moses after the forth time...Who makes a person's mouth? Who decides whether people speak or do not speak, hear or do not hear, see or do not see? Is it not I, the LORD? Now go! I will be with you...Do you hear the Lord growing a little impatient with Moses? I do.

But Moses tries one more time with pleading it tells us and the Lord got angry with Moses! God was not happy with Moses reluctance to take up the staff was he, but yet He told Moses he would give him a helper in his brother, Aaron. Moses was still going to be the one in charge though, in spite of his buts...God wasn't going to allow Moses to change HIS PLANS, he would just allow Moses a helper to get the job done.

God loves us in spite of our reluctance with His plans...Yes HIS PLANS! When will we ever get His plans for our life. It isn't our life to do with as we please. God provides us with an amazing adventure, if we allow His plans to work and proceed. So how will you respond to His plans for your life?

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special - Today's call from Operation World book in prayer is for Europe. Today with everything happening in Egypt and around the world let's pray for Europe and the rest of the world and God's plan for this world not ours!