Thursday, February 17, 2011

Two friends at lunch

We were just two friends sharing lunch and did you hear? Have you ever shared this situation? You are visiting another person comes up and you share what you have heard?

On this day at lunch it was different. We had been challenged in bible study to physically carry with us something that reminded us that indeed God is with us every where we go. At almost the exact same moment we both realized that God was indeed at that table witnessing our sin! Yes, sin. I admit it here and we admitted it in class to the other ladies.

Today, I open the Word of God to Leviticus and it is about sin offerings and that we have to make things right with the LORD and they will be forgiven. It hit me again that I should share our story with you. It seems harmful, but yet its wrong. It isn't a big sin, so...God doesn't weight them does He?! No, lying is the same as murder. I know sometimes it doesn't seem the same, but I am so thankful that God doesn't weigh our sins after all - something that might kill another person's spirit or soul because of my wrong words might be just as wrong as a bullet that takes another persons life. Think about it! If my words ruined someone forever or your words it may not be as bad as killing someone, but the person that isn't gone forever suffers because of my tongue forever...The pain never ever goes away.

Wrong is wrong and it just doesn't matter the wrong! It's all wrong! I challenge each of you to take something that you allow your eyes to fall on that represents God sitting at that table with you when those words fall out, or you go somewhere perhaps you really shouldn't be at, or you respond to an invitation that you should not go on because it leads to a situation that is wrong! Let God be in on those meetings and things will be different. Also, keep in mind that He is already there but this does help to visually see something.

Let me hear from you after you try this for a few days. Let me know how it goes. It makes a difference!

Also, I want to let everyone know that Lindsey Graham from Ontario won the book from the blog yesterday! Yeah Lindsey!!! It's in the mail and you will love the book!

Everybody have a great day!

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special - Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda all located in the Caribbean. Anguilla needs prayers for spiritual strength amidst changes for this small colonial island. Antigua needs prayers for strongholds of sin with drugs, money laundering, violence. Beauty surrounding God's creation everywhere, but human strongholds dirty the beauty.


Frankie said...

Good reminder that God is with us ALL OF THE TIME!

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely looking forward to reading this book. Thanks again Debbie.