Monday, February 21, 2011

I may contaminate

The Lord is speaking to Moses and Aaron and these are His Words - I may contaminate some of your houses in your land with mildew. Do you catch it? He might do something to make something unclean...

What do you think about these words?

It caused me to pause a moment. Of course, then I picked up a commentary one of my favorites, Matthew Henry and he thought that God may have put the leprosy in the house due to idols in the house, a curse on the house, and sin is in the house. The house would be treated just like a person with leprosy...unclean, taken down and taken to a far off place alone.

What do you think about these words? Do these words make you pause? The LORD contaminates?

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special - Today we pray for Armenia which is located in Asia close to Turkey and Iran. Armenia was the worlds first Christian nation. Pray for relief workers to help with economic depression, widespread poverty and unemployment. They need more bibles, youth camps!

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Frankie said...

Those words, I may contaminate some of your houses, caused me to stop and circle them in my Bible. The God of all Creation does whatever he chooses to do. Yes, even contaminate! Hard words to take in indeed.