Sunday, February 13, 2011


Today, reading the details of the ark, tables, lampstand, and the rest I thought I would like a visual. I would like to be able to picture these in my head after all God was very specific. He gave details, details, details so it was important. So, I found a link where the have reconstructed them in Israel and it helps to be able to look at a replica. The workers used the bible to construct the replicas and of course, they didn't use real gold and such, but we get an idea of what the things would have looked like...
Check out this link for yourself and hopefully it will help you with the reading today as it did me.

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special: Did you see the television and newspapers about Algeria? Do you think it is by chance that again today we are suppose to pray for this country in our Operation World Prayer Guide? I don't think so...God knew and knows where we need to lift the people and leaders to Him! Pray for Algeria and continued prayers for Egypt and the rest of the world!

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Frankie said...

I checked out the website you gave us and it is helpful to see the Tabernacle Articles in color.

The Lord leaves no detail undone does he? From the intricate details of the human body to the Tabernacle or the fact that Algeria would need prayers at this time.