Friday, February 4, 2011

So Dark

Imagine how dark this plague described in Exodus 10, would have been. So dark that you could not see the person next to you. It was a damp darkness so not even candles would stay lit. It was total darkness.

Imagine the Egyptians standing looking across the way and the only light you see is in the Israelite area of town. The slaves have their homes lit and business as usual, but for 3 long days the Egyptians were inside their homes. A thick darkness filled with fear and evil. The only light is God's light shining on His people! I loved the verse in Exodus 10: But there was light as usual where the people of Israel lived. God's light was and is shining brightly!

It goes on in chapter 11, to talk about the death of every firstborn in Egypt. It tells us verse 4 that God himself would pass through the heart of Egypt and take the firstborn of the Egyptians. It will not matter whether it is the firstborn that will take the throne or the lowest slave they will all die, but that He will definitely show a difference between the Egyptians and the Israelites.

Another darkness was going to settle over Egypt and yet the wailing of the people would be heard in their part of town and not even a dog barking will be heard in the Israelite section. Definitely, a distinction of God's people being set apart! Nobody could be blind to the difference, but yet we still are blind to it...aren't we? God's people, do we get it?

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special - Continued prayers for Egypt and the people in Egypt!


Nikole Hahn said...

Great imagery! And amen to the prayers...

Frankie said...

"...a darkness so thick you can feel it." How creepy would that be?

And no one moved. That is not an experience that I would want to have. I think that Hell must be something like this plague of darkness.