Friday, February 18, 2011

Coming to Our Senses!

Today, I will be sharing with some ladies about our 5 senses and how we must come to our senses and return to Our Father! Waking up this morning I am filled with eager anticipation, but uncertainty at the same time. I am willing and ready, but fill so overwhelmed at times with the path God placed me on...

So, today I ask for prayers for strength that His Words and Stories that He wants shared will be the ones that each woman needs to hear, see, feel, touch and smell. It is my prayer that each story they will place themselves in and the story will become very real to them! We will feel God's loving touch, hear His amazing words that He gave each of us, touch another sister that needs to feel that hug, smell the aroma of our Christian sisters and taste and see that Yes indeed Jesus is good! Please keep all of us in your prayers!

Sweet Blessings,

Prayer Special: Today and tomorrow we are to pray for Argentina. Argentina is located in Latin America. The country faces a huge gap between the rich and poor. They have over 500,000 living in slums in and around Buenos Aires. Two pillars of Argentina, its strong middle class and education system are under threat. Pray for the decision makers in this country.

Strong spiritual hunger. Evangelical numbers, under one million in 1980, reached 3.7 million by 2010. No coincidence that this growth was simultaneous to some of the country's most troubled times. Pray that the Spirit will continue to draw many to himself and to do a deep work in believers.

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