Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Do you need a forever change?

A new year is just right around the corner...hours!  They roll around pretty quick and I know many are hoping for new and great things to happen in 2015.  Well, I can't promise any of those, but I can offer you a life changer.  How you ask?  Well, by trying to persuade you to take the time to join me in a journey through God's Word.  We begin tomorrow using the New Living Translation of the Chronological Bible that may be purchased quickly at for 14.46.  Not a lot of money, when you are talking about an eternal life changer.  No it will not be me changing your life, so don't think I'm saying I can do this, but God can and He will!

I can say that because He did it for me!  I was encouraged to take this step many years ago and did.  It was truly just like the picture with the Light going off in my life!  I was forever changed for the better and know in my heart by taking this step again in the upcoming year it will be changed once again only for the better again!  God's Word will do this and can do this you just have to pick it up and allow Him to work in your life!  He will show up, but will you?

I will blog about the daily readings and hope to hear from some of you with what God spoke to you about or perhaps something new that you discover through the reading daily.  We can take this amazing adventure together and make 2015 a year that sends sparks throughout our life!  

It is difficult for women sometimes to commit to going to a Bible study.  Showing up once a week at a certain place and time with all of your obligations is difficult this will be on your time schedule and it's all about growing closer to God.  It isn't about whether you think you have the right answer or if someone is going to make you feel less than because perhaps you don't is all about growing closer to God.  Right now!  Don't wait join me in growing closer to Our Father through His Word beginning tomorrow.

You have the time to order yours today!  You will have it by Friday or go to your local Lifeway and pick one up.  Give yourself a present and take this journey with other women that want to see what the Great I Am as in store for each of us!  I get excited just thinking about what He may show me new each day!  Don't you?  Don't miss out and I  hope to see you tomorrow right here!

Sweet Blessings,

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Leap like calves...

I am working on a new Bible study written by Kelly Minter and she told a funny story about a friend referencing a scripture about leaping calves.  She went on to say that she mentioned to her friend that she didn't think this was in the bible, that cows barely move much less leap.  Well someone in the group googled it promptly and came up with Malachi 4:2 which is written like this ~ But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings.  And you will go out and leap like calves released from the stall.  Well it got me to thinking and pondering...

Jesus is like the Sun that heals with its rays and revives our souls and in turn we do leap because of the healing experience!  Now go with me and think about those calves they were probably tied down or yoked with very little movement, so it might not have been leaping but they would have been running with joy at being released!  Don't you run with joy when you find the healing in God's wings?  I know I do!

So next time you spot a calve in the field running and playing let it be a reminder to you about the joy found in the healing love of Jesus!


Friday, December 12, 2014

Questions again?

The last blog posting was about a month ago and it was also on questions.

During the past month I've been asking questions, not necessarily receiving any answers though.  Once again, last night a very profound dream about why I'm not asking the questions of people like you reading this blog.  Are you not brave enough Debbie to stand for what you believe or perhaps you are afraid of what others might think of you?  Wow, I wasn't sure how to respond, because honestly at times I must answer yes to both of those questions.

Over and over, in my dream and study this past month the answer is the same ask and receive.  The dream was in the setting of a women's retreat after all serving in women's ministry for so long I was planning a retreat.  The theme was "Questions" and the decorations were amazing going along with the question mark and the answers were all supplied throughout the day strictly from God's Word - not from me!  It was a huge success in my dream, but would it be in real life?  Do we really want the answers? 

For any of us to really make people dig deep about what they really believe ~ it truly  is very brave for everyone involved.  After all, it may be different from what I think or you think.  Would we still get along when we realize how differently we all believe and think?  Well, if we look at the world around us the answer is no.  Which is sad, because if you read the Bible Jesus didn't cast anyone out, but he didn't quit asking the questions either.  He made people dig deeper into their being to get the answer.  Perhaps, that is a bit of the problem we like quick, easy answers that nobody gets hurt with the answer...well that just isn't life!  Life hurts!  So, do we quit asking those difficult questions?  No, we must keep asking ourselves and others to dig deep.  Search God's Word, probe, ask and wait for the answers.

Over and over I am being lead to the book of Nehemiah.  Yes, Nehemiah.  No it's not the gospels, it's not about Paul and all of his exciting adventures or not so exciting exciting adventures it's about Nehemiah.  A man serving in captivity in a far away land when he questions about Jerusalem to receive answers.  The answers broke his heart and opened his eyes to adventure.  An adventure  that meant he had to be bold and ask questions of a king that could kill him with a sweep of a hand much less say "Yes".  He was brave and he did ask.  The answer was Yes!

What question is the Lord waiting for you to ask today?

Be brave.  Ask the question!

Sweet blessings,