Friday, December 12, 2014

Questions again?

The last blog posting was about a month ago and it was also on questions.

During the past month I've been asking questions, not necessarily receiving any answers though.  Once again, last night a very profound dream about why I'm not asking the questions of people like you reading this blog.  Are you not brave enough Debbie to stand for what you believe or perhaps you are afraid of what others might think of you?  Wow, I wasn't sure how to respond, because honestly at times I must answer yes to both of those questions.

Over and over, in my dream and study this past month the answer is the same ask and receive.  The dream was in the setting of a women's retreat after all serving in women's ministry for so long I was planning a retreat.  The theme was "Questions" and the decorations were amazing going along with the question mark and the answers were all supplied throughout the day strictly from God's Word - not from me!  It was a huge success in my dream, but would it be in real life?  Do we really want the answers? 

For any of us to really make people dig deep about what they really believe ~ it truly  is very brave for everyone involved.  After all, it may be different from what I think or you think.  Would we still get along when we realize how differently we all believe and think?  Well, if we look at the world around us the answer is no.  Which is sad, because if you read the Bible Jesus didn't cast anyone out, but he didn't quit asking the questions either.  He made people dig deeper into their being to get the answer.  Perhaps, that is a bit of the problem we like quick, easy answers that nobody gets hurt with the answer...well that just isn't life!  Life hurts!  So, do we quit asking those difficult questions?  No, we must keep asking ourselves and others to dig deep.  Search God's Word, probe, ask and wait for the answers.

Over and over I am being lead to the book of Nehemiah.  Yes, Nehemiah.  No it's not the gospels, it's not about Paul and all of his exciting adventures or not so exciting exciting adventures it's about Nehemiah.  A man serving in captivity in a far away land when he questions about Jerusalem to receive answers.  The answers broke his heart and opened his eyes to adventure.  An adventure  that meant he had to be bold and ask questions of a king that could kill him with a sweep of a hand much less say "Yes".  He was brave and he did ask.  The answer was Yes!

What question is the Lord waiting for you to ask today?

Be brave.  Ask the question!

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

There is so much that we can learn from Nehemiah's story.