Thursday, March 26, 2009

He loves me! He loves me not!

Do you have days when you remember sitting in your front yard and taking a daisy and asking the questions ~ He loves me, He loves me not, over and over? Every little girl daydreams about that special man walking in her life one day and will he love me back.

The day I finally found peace in my life is the day I realized that I don't have to ask that question. God loves me and you in spite of ourselves. He truly loves us!

I was reading a story that touched my heart. Remember the pot-belly pigs that people really liked a few years back. I think George Clooney had one of them. They were really popular after the Vietnam war. Only problem was that these pigs grew to weigh over 150 pounds and they became very aggressive.

Well, of course people began to tire of the pigs and what do you think happends to unwanted potbellied pigs? A man by the name of, Dale Riffle came to the rescue. He fell in love with a pig named, Rufus. Rufus never learned how to be litter box trained and he loved the taste of carpets, wall paper, the house as a whole. So, Dale sold his home and bought a farm. He said it was like hog heaven.

Soon he had over 180 pigs on his farm. They slept on beds of pine shavings, wallowed in mud puddles and soaked in plastic swimming pools while listening to classical music. Never feared they would become bacon for someone's breakfast. A waiting list was put in place for pigs to move on the farm.

Dale told a reporter, "WE're all put on earth for some reason, and I guess pigs are my lot in life." How could somebody fall in love with these pigs?

You know something even more amazing? God loves us with all the awesome, passionate, holy, mighty, amazing, beyond measure and we not just like those pigs...we are sometimes rebellious, frequently indifferent, openly defiant people and He loves us in spite of ourselves!!!

One quote put it this way ~ God loves us the way we are, but he loves us too much to leave us that way...Praise the Lord!!!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Do you remember the times in school, when your hands just shot up to beg, Pick me?
Pick me? Always, with a question behind it the eyes pleading and little sweet smile across your face begging?

In my studies this week God once again reminded me that He picks us! He hand picks us for His work. In 1 Chronicles 14:2, the scripture tells us that David realized that the Lord established him as leader of Israel. Well, ladies if He does that for David ~ he does it for us!

Remember David, was the least of the brothers in appearance, size, least in his own father's mind. He brought every brother before Samuel and Samuel said, is this all the boys? The dad replied, Oh yeah, David is out tending the sheep. Well, send for him.

Ladies, it doesn't matter what we look like or how we dress. God does have a plan for each of us. We must raise our hands with eager anticipation of what God will do with each of us and allow Him to work. It is such an amazing journey to raise that hand and say YES, LORD!!!

Isn't it awesome to think about ~ We are handpicked by God and to think of what He will do using us if we just say YES! We have to say YES, ladies please don't miss out on this wonderful experience. Go right now to the Lord and say Lord, please use me. I am your servant and want to be a part of your incredible work.

Saying yes Lord, yes Lord,

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Why is it hard to obey?

Why is it so hard to obey?

In the reading today I read in Numbers. The scripture where the Lord tells Moses speak to the rock over there, and it will pour out its water . I didn't catch it the first time that Moses and Aaron goofed up. I've heard it before and knew this, but this was like I missed the Lord telling them to speak to the rock. I was like Moses and Aaron and missed the point of just speak to the rock...duh?

You wonder is the punishment too hard? No, I don't think so. First, they didn't follow the Lord's instructions and then they wanted to take credit..It was the Lord the way they said the words...Moses words were -- Must we bring you water from this rock? It bothers me that sometimes I try to take credit for something that God does through me. I pray that I am forgiven...that I know God is the one that does anything, but I still forgot and overstepped!

I know that by God's grace I am forgiven, but the reality is still true today that we don't obey and that we try to take credit for something that in reality we had nothing do with...It is all about God! He speaks and things happen ~ thank goodness
things happen through the Great I Am!

My morning began being reminded that I make mistakes all the time and so did Moses. Moses price was that he would never step into the land he worked so hard to get to, but he understood it was his failure ~ not God's. We are told ~ we just choose to not hear or try to think it is about us.

The Glory is God's and God's alone! Thank you Lord for being the great I Am, showing us the way and never giving up on us when we let you down!

Praising God,

Monday, March 2, 2009

Complain, Complain, Complain

When is enough ~ enough?

Does it seem that we always want more, and then even more?

In this morning's reading, the people began to complain to Moses. In fact, the Bible states Soon the people began....not later, but soon. How often do we do the same? You get that new thing that you have desired and before you know it you are already desiring something else?

Reading this morning I realized how from the very beginning enough has never been enough. It doesn't matter what we are given or obtain ~ we want more.. I read this whole scripture and thought about the quail's arrival. The people were so greedy that they gathered quail all day, throughout the night and all day the next day. Once again, they angered God with when is enough enough...So the Lord's anger blazed against the people and a severe plague came entitled "Kibroth-hattaavah" - which means graves of gluttony...Are we ever satisfied?

God sends us to the lands of milk and honey and provides all we need, but is it enough? Are you satisfied or do you look for more? Food for thought ~ This is just a Debbie thought...if you aren't satisfied perhaps we need to spend more time with Our Savior, so that He is able to satisfy our intimate needs. In order for Him to satisfy we must spend time with Our Father!!!