Monday, March 2, 2009

Complain, Complain, Complain

When is enough ~ enough?

Does it seem that we always want more, and then even more?

In this morning's reading, the people began to complain to Moses. In fact, the Bible states Soon the people began....not later, but soon. How often do we do the same? You get that new thing that you have desired and before you know it you are already desiring something else?

Reading this morning I realized how from the very beginning enough has never been enough. It doesn't matter what we are given or obtain ~ we want more.. I read this whole scripture and thought about the quail's arrival. The people were so greedy that they gathered quail all day, throughout the night and all day the next day. Once again, they angered God with when is enough enough...So the Lord's anger blazed against the people and a severe plague came entitled "Kibroth-hattaavah" - which means graves of gluttony...Are we ever satisfied?

God sends us to the lands of milk and honey and provides all we need, but is it enough? Are you satisfied or do you look for more? Food for thought ~ This is just a Debbie thought...if you aren't satisfied perhaps we need to spend more time with Our Savior, so that He is able to satisfy our intimate needs. In order for Him to satisfy we must spend time with Our Father!!!


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Frankie said...

Thanks for reminding me that complainig is not a pretty thing to God. He is the God of Enough and I pray that I would seek Him to satisfy me in all things.