Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hope Street

I must admit that this past week I've watched The Oscars, The Bachelor ~ Women tell All and The President and the Governor all on television. Hard reality set in on my brain! None of these television shows offered any hope...none..

Last Sunday night, the big moment was when the camera panned from Jennifer Anniston to Bradgelina or however they say the two names see how they were reacting...then the next moment was when Sean Penn jumped to the stage and went into his words about homophobics and son of a guns...with such enthusiasm you would have thought he was joyful...Yes, I guess this makes good tv.., but for me it put a burden on my heart. I began to ponder why don't we jump to the stage when we have the opportunity and shout with joy in the same manner that Sean Penn does for his causes for ours? Our Savior? We don't have to offend anymore than he does about his causes...

What is the difference? Do we worry too much about what others think? We don't want to offend anybody about our religion, but they don't care if they offend us about calling us names, do we? I realize that Sean Penn and everybody else does have a right to his or her opinion and I am thankful for that right here in America, but I also realize that we have the same right and we aren't using it..

The next night I came in after a game night with the ladies at church and turned on the tv, while the ladies talked about the bachelor. The cat fight that was going on was amazing. The ladies fight was still on and sad part is how can one find true love on a television show with cameras rolling, helicopters picking you up for dates and theaters rented out with stars singing to the two of you? What happens when you go back to the real world of everyday living the cameras aren't rolling and yes he drives a car to pick you up ~ not a helicopter or a limo? How can they even call this a reality show? Real I don't think so...

And then on the third evening was the Presidental speech and the follow up by the Governor of Louisiana...Well, I want both of these men to succeed, but the bitterness and the cut throat activity that you see and you hear is awful!!! Nobody willing to shake hands and try to work together, no it's all about me and what I think...Times are hard and why do we continue to blame the other side, when in reality both sides got us here...Yes, both sides...

I live on Hope Street in my head though, and you know I get that from a bigger source than here on earth...My faith gives me the hope that I need to know that I will be okay ~ one way or the other. God is with me every step I take and I do have joy and hope because of Him. I believe the world we live in keeps us busy trying to impress others with things, yes things we do, things we own, things we want to have...but you know what will really impress others? In Deuteronomy it tells us to learn the commandments to keep them in our hearts. Impress them on our about them, live them in other words. Other people see this and they do want the joy they see in us ~ they want the peace ~ they want the faith that we will be okay. People are tired of the gloom and doom, so let's share our joy!!!

Hope is alive and well and we must look to the source of Hope! Jesus is alive and well and that is the only way we will have hope in these hard and difficult days. Yes, we will have hope and joy by looking to Jesus not the folks around us on tv or in our daily walk that try to impress us with one thing or another...after all the only impression we need to make is that people see Jesus in us as we walk by or live our life! Yes, they will ask what does she have that I don't? I do want that and you will joyfully answer her questions about Jesus! Share the joy and the hope of living on Hope Street!


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