Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Real or Fake?

I was working on a devotion this morning and God really spoke to me about sharing details about being real. I wasn't sure that was the mood I was in this morning ~ after all sometimes I like to appear like I have it all together or that I am in total control. What a joke right? God reminded me that He is in control and that the only way I have it all together is through His help.

Do you ever like to try and take credit for God's work? I'm talking about with your own self. Like the times that you think you are handling something and the whole time God is taking care of it or the times that you think hey I'm doing pretty good I've got this event all planned out and things are happening! God gently reminded me that it is about HIM and that He is in charge and that I am His tool!

God reminded me to share this today and remind myself that it is about being real. It is about sharing our flaws and allowing others to grow from our flaws or mistakes.
Ugly at times, but helpful most of the time. I'm not talking about wearing your flaws like a badge of honor. I'm talking about allowing God to show how He cleaned us up and repaired our flaws.

I know that sometimes I like to pretend that I've got it together and I forget that the only way I have it together is through God's grace! Praise the Lord God forgives and redeems!

Share the real you and allow God to use you flaws and all for His work today! I was reminded in Deuteronomy that God wants us to love him with all our hearts and that we are to remember the commandments with our whole hearts, Get them inside of you, talk about them in the morning, on the street, all the time. Be real and open up about the Grace God gives to each of us.

The picture above did you know that it was a toy car by the picture? Well, God did and God knows whether we are real or fake ~ be authentic for God! Let him use your flaws and the healing for others!!


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