Thursday, February 5, 2009

Which path?

Have you ever wondered why did I go around about to get where you are in life? Why didn't I take the more direct route? Well, maybe God wanted you to go around about!

Today, I was reading in Exodus and how God lead the people out of Egypt. God did not lead them along the main roads. Reason, if it was too easy they might change their minds. How often would we do that?

Think about it...The people that were in slavery in Egypt from hundreds of years would rather go back than face a battle. What about you? Would you take the easier route and miss out on what God might be doing or have planned for you?

If you continue to read the story the coolest part is that it tells us plainly that we are not to be afriad that the Lord himself will fight for you. To just stay calm. Now if you are like me that stay calm part is hard, but wow the Lord will fight for us! Now who would you like to fight for you? I know who I want on my side fighting the big fight.

The word is soooooo cool....Stay the course and let THE LORD fight for you!!!

Fighting with the Lord,

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