Thursday, March 31, 2011

Leader of the pack

Type in leader and it is amazing what type of photos come up! I liked the lion because this animal is definitely a leader!

We all need good leaders! Leaders who follow the right leaders! Does that make sense?

We don't want a leader that is fooled by the darkness. We don't want a leader that thinks he is the one leading after all we know that we all have ONE leader that knows the path to follow. When we humans think we know the, we really get lost! Is that what is happening around the world, perhaps? We are all following the wrong leaders?

Today, we started Judges in our readings. The Lord raised up judges during this time period to guide the military expeditions and to arbitrate judicial matters. They were local deliverers, lifted up by God. When conditions would get so bad in Israel God would lift up a judge to rescue the people.

God had placed the people in Israel into a test. A test they failed miserably they were marrying into the Canaanites, worship of their Gods was taking place and they were being disobedient! Disobedient! Wow, chaos was surrounding them because of disobedience. Again, is this us? Chaos is everywhere!

I heard on the radio yesterday an amazing story of bravery in Japan. The men working at the nuclear reactor told their family members they knew in their hearts they were going to die, but they were willing to do what needed to be done to save their nation. They know in their hearts...they are leaders...they are teaching the world, but are we listening? Such bravery to help their fellow man. God raised up some special leaders and I hope they know God! I hope they are able to look to Him for strength during this time in their journey for the comfort in their hearts!

Who are we looking to for leadership? What defines a leader to you? Is it what the television tells us is bravery or is it what God's Word defines as a leader? Who are you following?

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special: Again, I lift the people of Japan, but specifically the men working inside these Nuclear plants giving what they believe will eventually be their life for others.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Are you a person that trust or is always suspicious of the actions of another?

Reading today in Joshua 22 it hit me that no matter what we always tend to think the worst rather than the better of others. Is this because of others or ourselves? Do we know from history or our own hearts?

The men from the tribes east of the Jordan were finally going to return to their lands. Upon returning they stopped and built an altar by the Jordan. It was well meant on their part or was it? They built it to remind the other tribes that they too worshiped the God of the Israelites. Why were they reminding the other tribes? Why were they thinking that automatically at some point the tribes would need reminding?

The tribes of the west immediately feared they had fallen and were worshiping idols. Just left being together and already thinking the worst of each other. Look they've fallen and can't get up and look they will forget we are the same as them! Pointing fingers and suspicious of the others...always!

Kingdom work and we humans always get in the way! We are suspicious of other believers, other denominations and other people period! Why don't we get out of the way and allow God to work?

Sweet blessings,

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


A safe place.

God provides a safe place for all of us. Where is your safe place?

Imagine, you have taken someone's life in self defense and God provided a place for the people to go. A place where safe judgment could be made away from families that were in pain and demanding justice even if their loved one caused the pain. God provides a refuge.

Do you know where your safe place is? Is it your church? Is it a quiet place no one else know's about? Is it in the lap of Our Savior? Where do you run when you need to know you are safe?

It is my prayer that you run to Jesus! Find Him and feel His loving arms of comfort and love wrapped around you softly whispering You are mine, You are safe, and You are loved. Yes, you messed up but I love you...No it's not your fault and I see you my amazing child...oh the responses will be many! Find Him and take refuge in the only safety that matters - eternally safe, forever! Do we get it?

Sweet blessings,

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Strong able to work and fight

Quarreling with what is given is what we found in Joshua 17 today. A lot of land and a lot of people, but also forest. Doesn't sound too bad does it?

Well, the heirs of Joseph weren't happy with their lot, so they were complaining. Imagine, Joseph the man that was put in a well, dragged to a new land, falsely accused of taking a woman, thrown in jail, ruling in a foreign land, brothers don't even recognize, alone...never did we hear him complain! Here we have his heirs upset with their huge proportionment because it would require work and some fighting.

I find this scene so much like us! We are given a lot and still we complain. Joshua was himself from this tribe and he wasn't going to look like he was showing favor so he replied - Since you are so large and strong, you will be given more than one portion. The forest are yours as well. Clear as much of the land as your wish - meaning work...and you will drive out the Canaanites even though they are strong and have iron chariots...- fight

Again, the choice is yours. Need more land then sweat for it. Do something for it. If you are a great people like you have pointed out then you will do what you are able to make the land what you want! Fight for more, work for more and it will be yours. Oh not on a silver platter, but it will be yours through your sweat, your desires and your God. Yes God, will fight for you if you are earnestly making the choice to work and fight for the right reasons. We hurt ourselves by looking at the bumps in the road rather than the highway!

We have fabulous opportunities, if we are willing to fight and sweat for the right choices that are often set before us! We consult with the Lord and let it be His choice not ours and then we must work hard knowing that He goes with us each step of the way!

Easy? No!
Worth it? Yes!

Sweet Blessings,

Prayer Special: The World

Saturday, March 26, 2011

More than requested

Much more than requested was given...

Loved Joshua 15 today for many reasons, first Caleb. I love Caleb! The man who never doubted for a moment that they could take the land, but because of the rest of the Israelites he had to wait forty years to enter. Today, we find him at the age of 85 and requesting the land Moses promised him.

The faith of Caleb in Joshua 14 it states...he wholeheartedly followed the LORD..Not half way..not part of the way, but all the way with all he is he followed the LORD. Oh for the words to be said about me such beautiful words and his actions went right along with the words!

The part that really got my attention was the story of giving his daughter Acsah to the one who captured the city. A great honor for the warrior and also a way of assuring who your daughter would marry. Also, Caleb was probably pretty sure who this man would be (according to a lot of commentaries)

Caleb gave his daughter a field, which was an act of treating her just like one of the sons. The daughter, Acsah, which meant anklet encouraged her new husband to request of Caleb a field, but he encouraged her. Commentaries mentioned that actually he encouraged her to ask her daddy...

Picture the scene for yourself..The father had brought his daughter to her new husband's home. The daughter on a donkey realizes the field given will be bare because of no water. She knows in her heart how much her daddy loves her and emotions are probably really high. After all, the daughter knows how much her father loves her he already exemplified how much by treating her like a treasured son. She knew so she encouraged her new hubby to ask her father for water, but he encouraged her...The original word "vattitsnach" meant hastily or suddenly Acsah got off her donkey! Daddy was afraid something was wrong to cause his daughter to suddenly jump off and run to him. His heart is racing and emotions are rising ...what's wrong with his baby girl.

So, when she requested land with springs of water it was probably a relief. He could provide water and even give more than requested. I love this!

God knows just like our earthly father knows our desires, so we should share with Him. He will give us what we need. Not always what we request, but He will provide our needs! He provided water from rains in heaven to water on earth!

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special: Pray for all the unrest around the world...

Friday, March 25, 2011

The sun stood still

Joshua prayed, "Let the sun stand still..." in front of all the people!

Wow, how many new believers did they have that day? Faith shown in a big way by Joshua with openly praying Lord let the sun stand still and the moon stay over the valley and it did!

I imagine those men fighting the battles and being in awe the whole time. God provided them a 24 hour period of time to get the job done, so to speak! Several commentaries differ on this story, some say it was an eclipse that hid the sun so the soldiers would not tire so easily from the heat. Some think it was a local refraction of the rays like a local darkness seen in Egypt...all of these at least to me take away from the power of God!

God is the creator of the universe, if He wants the sun to stand still it will. Did it? The Bible says it did, so I think so. I don't want to get into a big discussion of whether things in God's Word happened or not...I know that God is all powerful and that if He wanted them to happen they did! I also know that God's Word passed from people to people through time, but this doesn't matter to me...because I always come back to the fact that God is all powerful and all of it could happen with God!!! So, if He commanded the sun to stand still it did!

Did you notice the hailstones? The source of the stones was from God! Second they were so big they were able to slaughter more men than a sword and they were only falling on the enemy. God is so big --- we just have trouble grasping His power and might!!!

I serve a BIG GOD that is able to anything and everything He wants to...

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special: Cambodia is the prayer country from Operation World today...Religion in Cambodia is Buddhism with over 80% of the population worship a stone God. Yes not a real God a stone God. The children in Cambodia suffer a great deal over 1.5 million children are child labourers earning their family living. Many homeless children and orphans are scattered throughout the nation and are street kids and unwanted children.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Point your spear

The LORD said, Point your spear...

Power of the LORD, if we follow His directions is on our side. If we are disobedient, disaster will come. In Joshua 7 and 8 it is pretty clear about God's directions and His desire for obedience. The people of Israel knew when God spoke the words, Point your spear and point...He had a plan filled with His mighty power.

Do you remember when He told Moses to raise his arms and rod to defeat the Amaleks? I believe this is a sign of showing God's power and respect to Him, because victory in anything we do belongs to Him and to Him alone! Are we giving Him the sign of victory?

Sweet blessings,

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Who guides you?

Imagine the anticipation the people of Israel felt camped on the banks of the Jordan river with it overflowing from its banks. All of them had heard the stories of leaving Egypt and Moses leading them out of Egypt across the Red Sea, but would the same happen with them? Did they believe? Were they filled with anticipation of excitement or fear? Place yourself on the banks of the river, which feelings would you experience?

Almost to the land they had heard about from birth and finally the time was here. What was going to happen? After 3 days of camping and awaiting word from the leaders, I would think they were filled with so many emotions of let's get this show on the road to fear of it looks pretty good right here where we are now. Finally, the leaders came and the words were; When you see the priests carrying the Ark of the Lord, move out from your position and follow. Since you have never traveled this way before, they will guide you!

Who is leading the way? God! Remember the Ark symbolized God being with them and they all knew what this meant. God is leading the way into the land He promised them! Imagine, the love they felt knowing in their hearts what this meant! Also, the priests were told to take a few steps into the river and stop there. God wanted each of them to realize He was keeping His promise to them. He wanted them to realize and visualize exactly where they were at that moment before stepping into the Promised Land. He was going to stop the water and He was going to give them the Promised Land!

I feel so much love. Almost like the river overflowing the banks with the sounds of rushing waters being held back; God's love was overflowing in those moments for His people and you know they had to feel it beyond words could possibly share with us! The amazing power must have been felt in every fiber of their being as they took each step across that riverbed into the land of milk and honey. Do you think it crossed their mind that no longer they would have the special manna provided by God? No, now He would provide in a different way? Do you think they reflected at all about the things He did in those forty years for them because of their doubt, so they stepped with full force believing with each step that He would give them the promised land? Did they believe finally?

Do we believe finally? Do we believe His Mighty Word? Seriously, do we walk with the faith into the rivers that we cross knowing that He goes before us, with us and behind us protecting us with each step? It is my prayer that we all do! I've lived in fear, but no longer! My husband, Kenny always told me when we were first married that I did everything in fear and he was right. My faith was not where it should have been. I knew in my head, but not in my heart! I knew the Word in my head, but not in my very being, but now I believe! It is so much more amazing to believe God's Word and take each step knowing that indeed He takes each one with us!

Step into the river! Believe with all you are and experience this amazing adventure with Your Savior right now, don't wait...don't wander around in a desert for forty years!!! Dance with Your Savior, take His Hand and Step Out Knowing what a Mighty Savior He is...He Keeps His Promises!!!

Sweet Blessings,

Prayer Special: Again, pray for the children in Japan. Pray that they see Jesus surrounding them in this difficult time! Pray for the adults to look to Jesus for their strength, so that the children will see Him everywhere!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I know the LORD...

I love the story of Rahab!

The words from Joshua 2:9 always amaze me...I know the LORD has given you this land imagine these are the words of a prostitute that is providing a safe haven for the two spies! She knows! She resides in a foreign land with foreign idols they worship as Gods, but she knows the LORD!

What amazing faith shown by Rahab! God placed these two men in this woman's house of a prostitute to blend in, but most of all for Rahab! He would show His amazing grace through Rahab to all around. He provided a place they could quickly escape and at the same time share salvation with this woman. She was in the lineage of Christ! In Joshua 1:9 we are told to be brave and courageous and here in Joshua 2 this woman is showing amazing bravery and courage by harboring these two men and helping them to escape! She was being bold stepping away from all that was familiar to the craving for the God of these people. The God she had only heard amazing stories about, but she wanted with all she had...Do we?

I want to be like Rahab and show the amazing faith she did!!!

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special: I just can't seem to be lead back to Operation World yet with all the struggles happening right now in Japan and Libya. Pray for the people fighting for freedom. Pray for the people struggling with destruction and suffering in Japan. So many people suffering around the world pray that they will find God. Pray that they will seek The God that Rahab sought and that we seek daily!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Cling to the Rock!

Today, reading over and over it hit me life is short! WE don't get it! We act like tomorrow is a sure thing and it's not. Oh, in our hearts we know, but we try to fool ourselves all the time.

Last week I lost a friend that I went to school with from first grade through the Sr. High and we graduated together! He always had a smile and life wasn't easy for him. He wore a breathing machine for years, but still had his smile on his face daily! He loved life and yet others of us walk around with the weight of the world on our shoulders and nobody wants what we are selling. They wanted what Andy had in His Heart - Jesus! Others crave it and when someone like Andy wears His Light so proudly = others see!

How do you wear yours?

Moses, talked in today's reading about God and reminders of all He is and will be and yet the people then failed and we do too...In Psalm 90, Moses wrote that Lord will always be our home! A place that indeed we always go back to, but do we stay? He has always been here and will always be here...Moses shows us just how brief our stay is here on earth...You sweep people away like dreams that disappear. They are like grass that springs up in the morning. Indeed, brief. No one knew that Japan would suffer in just a moment and people would be swept away, but they were.

Wisdom, teach us Jesus! Moses wrote Come back to us! How long will you delay? Take pity on your servants! Imagine, all the suffering around us and we should want this to happen soon. Suffering is everywhere and yet do we realize it? Do we get that we need to turn to the LORD?

In verse 17 of Psalm 90 it states - And may the LORD our God show us his approval and make our efforts successful. Yes, make our efforts successful! Yes, Lord because of your mercy and grace let our life speak to the value, significance, and meaning that only YOU are able to give it! Due to your unfailing love may our life sing for joy to the end of this journey! May others look at us and see Your Light Shining because indeed we are clinging to You! Just like Andy showed all of us!

Sweet Blessings,

Prayer Special - Continued prayers for peace around the World. Japan and all the suffering

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Choices are the Key!

So many choices to make in a lifetime! We will make good ones and we will make bad ones, but what do we do with them?

Reading this morning from Deuteronomy 30, when I got to verse 20...I stopped. I reread the verse and pondered it...You can make this choice by loving the LORD your God, obeying him, and committing yourself firmly to him. This is the key to your life. I wondered how many really believe this verse? Do we realize it is the key to our life? Or is something else? Our job? Our family? Our education? Oh yes, they are all important, but nothing is more important than the choice of saying Yes to Our Savior.

Are we clinging to Him? Are we choosing Him?

Ask anybody today and I don't care who...are you busy and everybody starts listing all they have to do. It's almost like a contest about whose busier and face it WE ARE ALL BUSY! We are all busy with the choices we make. So, the better question to me is what are we busy with? Who are we busy with? Who are we clinging to? Who are we choosing?

The choice is the key to our life! The key to feeling overwhelmed or overcoming is whether we are choosing Him! I believe it with my whole being, so I encourage everyone to look at your choices! What are you choosing? Which key will you pick?

Choosing the Key to everlasting life,

Prayer Special: The people around the world suffering with which key to pick

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Walk in His Ways

In what ways are you walking?

Are people able to tell the way you walk what you believe?

Do people see the "light" as you pass them on the street?

In Deuteronomy 11 today the reading stated...Show love to the LORD your God by walking in his ways and holding tightly to him. Are we holding tight enough to Our Savior that others see Him immediately?

Oh some days yes, but somedays definitely no...

How are we (Christians) suppose to share God's love when we don't look filled with joy, love, and happiness? Why would anyone else want it? Think about...people look angry, sad, dark without knowing Christ, if we look that way and we call ourselves Christians -- why????

Get excited. Show Christ in the way you walk, talk, live so that others do want what you have the joy and love of our Savior!!!

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special: Japan and all the people

Because We Believe - Don Moen

I love this song! So, anyone reading this morning praise God because indeed He is worthy! will post later from reading...

Sweet blessings,

Monday, March 14, 2011

Discipline anyone?

Be careful to obey all the commands.

Remember how the Lord lead you through the wilderness. What is your wilderness? Was it for forty years?

Did He not humble you and test you to prove your character, and to see if you would obey?

Indeed, He does humble us and test us, but He provides for us at the same time. He provides just what we need. Whether it is manna in the desert or on our table!

How do we get through it? His Words, His guidance and His provisions...

Remember their shoes didn't wear out in that 40 years, their clothes didn't wear out and their feet were not blistered and swollen! Wow, indeed the Lord provides even during our wilderness experiences exactly what we need!

Discipline for our own good...True Words...Never easy words...But true!

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special: Japan and all the people! The rest of the world as well in these difficult days...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Get moving!

Today I feel the Lord telling me to encourage others to get moving! What is God calling you to do? Well, get on with it!

I don't know who this message is for other than me, but that is what jumped at me today from the reading. Moses sat down to give his final instructions to the people before they cross over to the promised land. He reminds them of the times they did not trust and the things that happened and of the times they did trust and the wonderful things that happened. What is God reminding you about this morning?

I don't know about you, but I'm grabbing my stuff and getting ready! I want to cross over for the adventure and see what's next. Is your faith walk stagnant? Are you searching, but don't know what for? Well, talk to the Lord and allow Him to help you with the packing. He will share His planned trip for your journey and it will be filled with amazing rest stops, mountains that are hard to climb, but wow the view once you get to the top!


Sweet Blessings,

Prayer Special: The people and leaders of Japan. Pray for strength to get through this terrible disaster and for all that lays ahead in the days to come.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Sadie our border collie is obedient! Her picture should be right next to the word in the dictionary. Kenny tells her something and she does it! He did a great job in training her now on the other hand, JJ and Annie. Well, they wouldn't be next to the word obedient, cute perhaps, but not obedient. I always tell Kenny he trains from now on...

Today, we catch up with the bold daughters of Zelophehad from a few days ago, remember? The daughters that didn't think it was right for them to lose their family land, so they approached the subject with Moses and the Lord said they were right. They started new law, well today we see where because of their obedience they married into the clan of Manasseh son of Joseph. Thus, their inheritance remained like the Lord commanded within their ancestral tribe. The daughters are the picture of obedience and because of the obedience they received what was promised!

Obedience to God and receive the treasures He offers!

Again, Sadie minds so good. You tell her to get in your lap and hug you and she does! She hugs you just like a human and obedience is indeed a sign of love and respect. We know she loves us because she obeys, does God know we love because we obey?

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special - Today pray for Bolivia.

Why do you want to discourage?

Reading today when I got to the part in Numbers 32, when the men approached Moses about not going across the Jordan I felt Moses fear, his discouragement, his disappointment! He had done this dance before and they had wandered for 40 years in the desert.

Are you a encouraging person or a discouraging person? Do you see the light or darkness? Do you look for the good or the bad? Do people turn to run when they see you coming? OOPS, might be a discourager!

Moses went on to tell the men if they kept their word and would fight until they drove out the enemies then they would fulfill their duties to the Lord and it would be okay to settle. Even though discouraged Moses listened to the men and ask questions so that he would understand and he did. He encouraged the men even though at first he felt disappointment.

I can't imagine all the feelings flowing through him when they spoke these words - until he heard the whole story. What about you? Are you waiting to hear the whole story, before the disappointment builds? Are you giving someone the benefit of the doubt and listening?

Encourage others! It tells us in Colossians: 2 that we are to be encouraged and knit together in follow this awesome Word! Encourage someone today and everyday...

Sweet Blessings,

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The LORD will forgive!

The LORD will forgive her words straight from Numbers 30 today! I love these words and what woman doesn't need to be reassured on some days that indeed the LORD forgives!

Old Testament too before Christ died for us these words were spoken...

Being a woman in ministry that others look to and you fill so inadequate at times because you are a woman just like them. With failures, with sin and needing forgiveness always I yearn for the same reassurances that everyone else does. Reassurance that I am forgiven and over and over in Gods' word - He gives these reassurances! God loves us so much more than we area able to fathom and this is what I try to convey daily to the women I come in contact with and that we ALL Fail, but we have to open ourselves up to admitting our failures and allow Christ blood to cover our failures.

Sin is a given for all of us. We take each step trying to improve with the next step and hopefully we become more and more like Christ! We are running the race to look more and more like Christ, but when the failures come and they do! We pick ourselves back up and start over...

Thank you Lord for the grace that never ever do I deserve, but is mine because of your amazing love!

Sweet Blessings,

Prayer Special: Pray for Benin today. Benin is located in Africa located between Nigeria and Togo with over 60 ethnic groups to populate it. The government is stable and is a democratic country. The country supports complete religious freedom - YES! It is 39.89 Christian, 23.5 Muslim and then others. Special prayer concerns are about the black market, and people smuggling they think up to tens of thousands of children are smuggled from this country as child labourers, mostly to their eastern neighbors.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I always love this story of the bravery of Zelophehad's daughters! The boldness that these young women showed by stepping forward and saying, "Moses, why should our father's line disappear just because he had no sons?" What's wrong with us might be a way of asking Moses this question.

What amazes me is the boldness it took for these young girls to ask the question of Moses! Imagine it! Women were unseen, certainly didn't voice their questions out loud to the leader that spoke with God, but yet they did!

Do you have a question? Are you asking God? Are you waiting for your answer? Perhaps, it will be like these bold women and God will reply with "The claim is legitimate" Imagine, the feeling in these womens hearts! Yes in their souls. Yes, in front of all the leaders, all the men...

Keep in mind these women setup inheritance laws for the people, because of their bravery. God put it in the Word how things would happen from now on, because of their bold act of asking "Why?" Also, they are named in the Word they are special for taking this act...most women aren't named. Now after looking at the meaning of their names I wonder a little bit about their parents and naming them...which I learned recently the woman named the children at this time...Mahlah means disease, Noah means motion, Hoglah means partridge, Milcah means queen and Tirzah means favorable and I have to think do these names mean anything? Did Noah put things into motion and God looked favorably on them? Did Milcah demand because she felt she was special that they be treated favorably? Names were so important in this time and you wonder did Mahlah mean that disease or something awful would happen if they weren't brave or did Hoglah sing the praises of God when this all took place...

I leave these thoughts with you. Ponder God's amazing Word and be bold in asking questions. Perhaps you are the one that God placed to turn things around or to make a new path! Be brave like these amazing women in God's Word in Numbers and ask the questions!!

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special: Today we pray for the people in Belize and Bermuda.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Have I ever?

How often do we not realize that it is the Lord blocking our way? Perhaps and more than likely we aren't riding a donkey that is resisting moving ahead, but what other way is the Lord blocking our movement?

Do we just keep trying to move around a huge roadblock thinking that we must find a way? Are we praying about it? Are we patiently waiting for the way to be opened or ...we are trying to plow right through?

I've always loved this story, but this morning I truly enjoyed it. I don't know if I saw myself more this morning or the Lord just opened my eyes for a moment of laughter with Him about how stubborn we are when we don't want to hear His Words or His Design for our journey. I know that over and over He must sometimes put road blocks in my way to stop something He doesn't desire.

His desires not mine...So hard for me to grasp at times!

I grow to love comfort and safety of things familiar. God continually moves us from the familiar to parts unknown for our growth. Exciting yes, but filled with with the unknown. Unknown destinations, but filled with roadblocks placed by God to be sure we follow His desired path for our ride!

Once again Lord thank you for the path you have me riding along. I beg forgiveness at the times that I try to plow right through without realizing it's not the path you want me on. Thank you for the roadblocks, thank you for the closed doors and most of all thank you for the plan that you have for my journey! A plan that is so much more than I ever dreamed for myself! Amen

Sweet Blessings,

Prayer Special: Today I want to lift up a special young man from Arlington Texas that was serving our Savior and His life was taken. Rev. Clint Dobson leaves behind his sweet wife, Laura and his parents and siblings. Please keep Alma and Dr. Phillip Rozeman, the parents of Laura in your prayers as well. Alma is a member of our Journey of Sisters team and a beautiful woman of God!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Whine! Whine! Whine! and Whine some more...

A difficult week for me and I can't explain why...I just feel so grumpy and miserable. I haven't been able to write and I just wanted to curl up in a ball and be left alone.

When I got up this morning I felt strongly The Spirit nudging me to pick up the Word and get busy. I resisted, but finally picked it up to the reading for today and guess what??? It's the complaining travelers with Moses and it was like God told me in His strong loving voice to get on over it now! No longer waller in whatever it is that is bothering you and move on...

I felt like Moses and couldn't put my finger on it...don't you feel that way at times? Why Lord did you give me these people to worry and fret over? Now don't get me wrong...I was also the others in this story...I was whining and complaining about my own conditions and then I felt the weight maybe Moses felt and felt like I was going to crumble. I was tired of being strong...and then in the God's word I heard these will not carry the burden alone!

Suddenly, I felt God's Spirit hugging me and reminding me of all the wonderful people in my life that help to carry the load...if I just allow them to! You see I have a tendency to haul things all by myself...Once again, God showed up! Thank you Lord for this beautiful morning in your Word with You and being reminded that You see me and that You are carrying me through this dip in the roller coaster of life! I'm preparing for the next thrill...

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special: The people of Bangladesh -- Economy is very sorely developed, Little hope for change much religious discrimination, political situation vulnerable