Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I always love this story of the bravery of Zelophehad's daughters! The boldness that these young women showed by stepping forward and saying, "Moses, why should our father's line disappear just because he had no sons?" What's wrong with us might be a way of asking Moses this question.

What amazes me is the boldness it took for these young girls to ask the question of Moses! Imagine it! Women were unseen, certainly didn't voice their questions out loud to the leader that spoke with God, but yet they did!

Do you have a question? Are you asking God? Are you waiting for your answer? Perhaps, it will be like these bold women and God will reply with "The claim is legitimate" Imagine, the feeling in these womens hearts! Yes in their souls. Yes, in front of all the leaders, all the men...

Keep in mind these women setup inheritance laws for the people, because of their bravery. God put it in the Word how things would happen from now on, because of their bold act of asking "Why?" Also, they are named in the Word they are special for taking this act...most women aren't named. Now after looking at the meaning of their names I wonder a little bit about their parents and naming them...which I learned recently the woman named the children at this time...Mahlah means disease, Noah means motion, Hoglah means partridge, Milcah means queen and Tirzah means favorable and I have to think do these names mean anything? Did Noah put things into motion and God looked favorably on them? Did Milcah demand because she felt she was special that they be treated favorably? Names were so important in this time and you wonder did Mahlah mean that disease or something awful would happen if they weren't brave or did Hoglah sing the praises of God when this all took place...

I leave these thoughts with you. Ponder God's amazing Word and be bold in asking questions. Perhaps you are the one that God placed to turn things around or to make a new path! Be brave like these amazing women in God's Word in Numbers and ask the questions!!

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special: Today we pray for the people in Belize and Bermuda.

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Frankie said...

God's Word is amazing!

Some bold women indeed!