Saturday, March 26, 2011

More than requested

Much more than requested was given...

Loved Joshua 15 today for many reasons, first Caleb. I love Caleb! The man who never doubted for a moment that they could take the land, but because of the rest of the Israelites he had to wait forty years to enter. Today, we find him at the age of 85 and requesting the land Moses promised him.

The faith of Caleb in Joshua 14 it states...he wholeheartedly followed the LORD..Not half way..not part of the way, but all the way with all he is he followed the LORD. Oh for the words to be said about me such beautiful words and his actions went right along with the words!

The part that really got my attention was the story of giving his daughter Acsah to the one who captured the city. A great honor for the warrior and also a way of assuring who your daughter would marry. Also, Caleb was probably pretty sure who this man would be (according to a lot of commentaries)

Caleb gave his daughter a field, which was an act of treating her just like one of the sons. The daughter, Acsah, which meant anklet encouraged her new husband to request of Caleb a field, but he encouraged her. Commentaries mentioned that actually he encouraged her to ask her daddy...

Picture the scene for yourself..The father had brought his daughter to her new husband's home. The daughter on a donkey realizes the field given will be bare because of no water. She knows in her heart how much her daddy loves her and emotions are probably really high. After all, the daughter knows how much her father loves her he already exemplified how much by treating her like a treasured son. She knew so she encouraged her new hubby to ask her father for water, but he encouraged her...The original word "vattitsnach" meant hastily or suddenly Acsah got off her donkey! Daddy was afraid something was wrong to cause his daughter to suddenly jump off and run to him. His heart is racing and emotions are rising ...what's wrong with his baby girl.

So, when she requested land with springs of water it was probably a relief. He could provide water and even give more than requested. I love this!

God knows just like our earthly father knows our desires, so we should share with Him. He will give us what we need. Not always what we request, but He will provide our needs! He provided water from rains in heaven to water on earth!

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special: Pray for all the unrest around the world...

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