Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Who guides you?

Imagine the anticipation the people of Israel felt camped on the banks of the Jordan river with it overflowing from its banks. All of them had heard the stories of leaving Egypt and Moses leading them out of Egypt across the Red Sea, but would the same happen with them? Did they believe? Were they filled with anticipation of excitement or fear? Place yourself on the banks of the river, which feelings would you experience?

Almost to the land they had heard about from birth and finally the time was here. What was going to happen? After 3 days of camping and awaiting word from the leaders, I would think they were filled with so many emotions of let's get this show on the road to fear of it looks pretty good right here where we are now. Finally, the leaders came and the words were; When you see the priests carrying the Ark of the Lord, move out from your position and follow. Since you have never traveled this way before, they will guide you!

Who is leading the way? God! Remember the Ark symbolized God being with them and they all knew what this meant. God is leading the way into the land He promised them! Imagine, the love they felt knowing in their hearts what this meant! Also, the priests were told to take a few steps into the river and stop there. God wanted each of them to realize He was keeping His promise to them. He wanted them to realize and visualize exactly where they were at that moment before stepping into the Promised Land. He was going to stop the water and He was going to give them the Promised Land!

I feel so much love. Almost like the river overflowing the banks with the sounds of rushing waters being held back; God's love was overflowing in those moments for His people and you know they had to feel it beyond words could possibly share with us! The amazing power must have been felt in every fiber of their being as they took each step across that riverbed into the land of milk and honey. Do you think it crossed their mind that no longer they would have the special manna provided by God? No, now He would provide in a different way? Do you think they reflected at all about the things He did in those forty years for them because of their doubt, so they stepped with full force believing with each step that He would give them the promised land? Did they believe finally?

Do we believe finally? Do we believe His Mighty Word? Seriously, do we walk with the faith into the rivers that we cross knowing that He goes before us, with us and behind us protecting us with each step? It is my prayer that we all do! I've lived in fear, but no longer! My husband, Kenny always told me when we were first married that I did everything in fear and he was right. My faith was not where it should have been. I knew in my head, but not in my heart! I knew the Word in my head, but not in my very being, but now I believe! It is so much more amazing to believe God's Word and take each step knowing that indeed He takes each one with us!

Step into the river! Believe with all you are and experience this amazing adventure with Your Savior right now, don't wait...don't wander around in a desert for forty years!!! Dance with Your Savior, take His Hand and Step Out Knowing what a Mighty Savior He is...He Keeps His Promises!!!

Sweet Blessings,

Prayer Special: Again, pray for the children in Japan. Pray that they see Jesus surrounding them in this difficult time! Pray for the adults to look to Jesus for their strength, so that the children will see Him everywhere!

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Frankie said...

As I read about the fall of Jericho today, I wondered what it was that the people shouted? When Joshua gave the command and they heard the sound of the ram's horn the Israelites shouted as loud as they could. Wonder what they shouted?

I was also wondering what Rahab was thinking? Did she wonder if the spies would keep their promise to her to save her family as the Israelites marched around the walls of Jericho? Was she afraid?