Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Are you a person that trust or is always suspicious of the actions of another?

Reading today in Joshua 22 it hit me that no matter what we always tend to think the worst rather than the better of others. Is this because of others or ourselves? Do we know from history or our own hearts?

The men from the tribes east of the Jordan were finally going to return to their lands. Upon returning they stopped and built an altar by the Jordan. It was well meant on their part or was it? They built it to remind the other tribes that they too worshiped the God of the Israelites. Why were they reminding the other tribes? Why were they thinking that automatically at some point the tribes would need reminding?

The tribes of the west immediately feared they had fallen and were worshiping idols. Just left being together and already thinking the worst of each other. Look they've fallen and can't get up and look they will forget we are the same as them! Pointing fingers and suspicious of the others...always!

Kingdom work and we humans always get in the way! We are suspicious of other believers, other denominations and other people period! Why don't we get out of the way and allow God to work?

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Nikole Hahn said...

In this world though we do need to be wary of other denominations that may not follow the Bible. That being said, the biggest problem is the distrust in our own churches. We need to open our hearts and trust that God will put the pieces together if someone breaks our trust. Our churches have ceased to become a family in that way. I see it all of the time...the walls. They are everywhere!