Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Walk in His Ways

In what ways are you walking?

Are people able to tell the way you walk what you believe?

Do people see the "light" as you pass them on the street?

In Deuteronomy 11 today the reading stated...Show love to the LORD your God by walking in his ways and holding tightly to him. Are we holding tight enough to Our Savior that others see Him immediately?

Oh some days yes, but somedays definitely no...

How are we (Christians) suppose to share God's love when we don't look filled with joy, love, and happiness? Why would anyone else want it? Think about...people look angry, sad, dark without knowing Christ, if we look that way and we call ourselves Christians -- why????

Get excited. Show Christ in the way you walk, talk, live so that others do want what you have the joy and love of our Savior!!!

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special: Japan and all the people

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