Thursday, March 31, 2011

Leader of the pack

Type in leader and it is amazing what type of photos come up! I liked the lion because this animal is definitely a leader!

We all need good leaders! Leaders who follow the right leaders! Does that make sense?

We don't want a leader that is fooled by the darkness. We don't want a leader that thinks he is the one leading after all we know that we all have ONE leader that knows the path to follow. When we humans think we know the, we really get lost! Is that what is happening around the world, perhaps? We are all following the wrong leaders?

Today, we started Judges in our readings. The Lord raised up judges during this time period to guide the military expeditions and to arbitrate judicial matters. They were local deliverers, lifted up by God. When conditions would get so bad in Israel God would lift up a judge to rescue the people.

God had placed the people in Israel into a test. A test they failed miserably they were marrying into the Canaanites, worship of their Gods was taking place and they were being disobedient! Disobedient! Wow, chaos was surrounding them because of disobedience. Again, is this us? Chaos is everywhere!

I heard on the radio yesterday an amazing story of bravery in Japan. The men working at the nuclear reactor told their family members they knew in their hearts they were going to die, but they were willing to do what needed to be done to save their nation. They know in their hearts...they are leaders...they are teaching the world, but are we listening? Such bravery to help their fellow man. God raised up some special leaders and I hope they know God! I hope they are able to look to Him for strength during this time in their journey for the comfort in their hearts!

Who are we looking to for leadership? What defines a leader to you? Is it what the television tells us is bravery or is it what God's Word defines as a leader? Who are you following?

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special: Again, I lift the people of Japan, but specifically the men working inside these Nuclear plants giving what they believe will eventually be their life for others.

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Frankie said...

Today answered the question that I had a few days earlier about why the Israelites had not driven out all of the inhabitants from the "promised land?" In Judges 2:20-23, God said that He would no longer drive out the nations that Joshua left unconquered when he died.

As you stated Debbie, it was a test-a test to see whether or not the Israelites would follow the ways of the Lord as their ancestors did. The Israelites did the very things that God warned them against.

Am I passing the tests of obedience that the Lord is giving me? Am I following the ways of the Lord? May I desire to be obedient to The One True Living God more than I desire other things.