Sunday, March 6, 2011

Have I ever?

How often do we not realize that it is the Lord blocking our way? Perhaps and more than likely we aren't riding a donkey that is resisting moving ahead, but what other way is the Lord blocking our movement?

Do we just keep trying to move around a huge roadblock thinking that we must find a way? Are we praying about it? Are we patiently waiting for the way to be opened or ...we are trying to plow right through?

I've always loved this story, but this morning I truly enjoyed it. I don't know if I saw myself more this morning or the Lord just opened my eyes for a moment of laughter with Him about how stubborn we are when we don't want to hear His Words or His Design for our journey. I know that over and over He must sometimes put road blocks in my way to stop something He doesn't desire.

His desires not mine...So hard for me to grasp at times!

I grow to love comfort and safety of things familiar. God continually moves us from the familiar to parts unknown for our growth. Exciting yes, but filled with with the unknown. Unknown destinations, but filled with roadblocks placed by God to be sure we follow His desired path for our ride!

Once again Lord thank you for the path you have me riding along. I beg forgiveness at the times that I try to plow right through without realizing it's not the path you want me on. Thank you for the roadblocks, thank you for the closed doors and most of all thank you for the plan that you have for my journey! A plan that is so much more than I ever dreamed for myself! Amen

Sweet Blessings,

Prayer Special: Today I want to lift up a special young man from Arlington Texas that was serving our Savior and His life was taken. Rev. Clint Dobson leaves behind his sweet wife, Laura and his parents and siblings. Please keep Alma and Dr. Phillip Rozeman, the parents of Laura in your prayers as well. Alma is a member of our Journey of Sisters team and a beautiful woman of God!

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Frankie said...

This story has such a unique element with a donkey that can talk. Anything is possible with God!

Praying for Alma and her family. This was so senseless and tragic.