Saturday, October 31, 2009

Advocate anybody?

John 15:26

"But I will send you the Advocate-the Spirit of Truth. He will come to you from the Father and will testify all about me."

Advocate is defined as one that will speak, plead, argue in favor of…Who doesn't need this? Anybody?

I remember as a little girl being afraid when preachers or church folks would talk about the Holy Spirit or the "Holy Ghost" and the terrible explanation that was often given about the Holy Spirit. Even today, people are a little afraid of this conversation. You feel it in classes, in the church pews when Holy Spirit is mentioned aloud…

Let's look at this and study what exactly we are talking about – let's break down the barriers to a beautiful gift that we don't always unwrap!

In the original words the word used was "paraklhtov" – a comforter, helper, another who pleads your cause. Well, I like that how about you?

Spirit – "pneuma" – the 3rd triune God – vital principal, rational spirit that allows humans to feel, think, decide – our soul…I like this too!

The original words go on to tell us that the Spirit allows us to know the true notions of God. Wow..this is really cool. We get to feel the real feelings of God through the Spirit, we get to be comforted by the Spirit, we get to be helped by the Spirit and the Spirit pleads our case…pretty cool stuff!

I read a beautiful explanation about the Holy Spirit by James Packer that I am going to share with you …

When floodlighting is well done, the floodlights are placed so that you do not see them; in fact, you are not supposed to see where the light is coming from; what you are meant to see is just the building on which the floodlights are trained. The intended effect is to make it visible when otherwise it would not be seen for the darkness, and to maximize its dignity by throwing all its details into relief so that you can see it properly. This perfectly illustrated the Spirit's new covenant role. He is, so to speak, the hidden floodlight shining on the Savior.

Or think of it this way. It is as if the Spirit stands behind us, throwing light over our shoulder on to Jesus who stands facing us. The Spirit's message to us is never, "Look at me; listen to me; come to me; get to know me", but always, "Look at him, and see his glory; listen to him and hear his word; go to him and have life; get to know him and taste his gift of joy and peace." The Spirit, we might say, is the matchmaker, the celestial marriage broker, whose role it is to bring us and Christ together and ensure that we stay together.

All I am able to say is WOW!


Friday, October 30, 2009


John 15…4, 9

Remain in me and I will remain in you.

Remain in my love.


I love the way God works. Just this week I heard a little talk on it being our choice whether we remained in Him. It was beautiful!

Have you thought about how God allows us to choose our own way?

Don't you find this fascinating? He allows us to pick Him or not. He allows us to pick peace or not. He allows us to remain with Him or not.

The man speaking shared it is easy to connect with God, but not always easy to remain with Him. Isn't this true? When times get difficult isn't it easy to pick worry over being positive?

Isn't it easy to believe the worst about someone or ourselves, rather than remain positive? Isn't it easy to just go our own way, which isn't necessarily God's way?

Once again, I am reminded that God's way must become our way. When His way becomes our way ~ WE REMAIN IN HIM and surrounded by HIS LOVE!



Thanks be to GOD!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hang up the robe!

John 13:4

So he got up from the table, took off his robe, wrapped a towel around his waist….

Have you ever taken a mission trip? Have you ever participated in a mission experience with a local shelter?

Did you go in thinking what a good thing you were doing? I have to admit…I did!

Was I shocked when I realized that it was me that would be changed!

The scripture above speaks to something that mission work will do for you; if you don't do this yourself…It will take off your robe! What do you have standing in the way of service work?

Is it possibly time? Is it pride? Is it just not in your comfort zone?

Well, let God take off your robe for you and experience a life changing time with your heart! I remember the first mission trip to the Appalachian Mountains. The day before I left I was so upset…I was talking to myself what have I done? I don't know anything about helping work or work on repairs for a house...I don't know anything about any of this stuff.

Upon arrival, I realized that it didn't matter what I knew about building it was that God wanted to work on my heart and my eyes. Was the floor hard that we slept on at night? Yes. Were the showers cold? Yes. Did my heart change? Yes.

I remember a feeling washing over me that is not easily explained other than to say that I was a part of something much bigger than me. I was taking off my pride, my feelings of being superior, my busy schedule and I was letting another human being know that they mattered. I was doing something for them that they could not do for themselves and it felt fabulous. It truly wasn't about me…

I still don't like sleeping on the floor or cold showers, but I love the feeling of being a servant. The feeling that I am serving someone like Jesus would!

So, take off your robe ~ whatever it is and see the world through new eyes! It is amazing!



Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Open the door

Matthew 25:11

…they stood outside, calling, Lord! Lord! Open the door for us!" But he called back, "Believe me, I don't know you!"

Do you ever remember growing up and you wanted to go into a place that required membership and they wouldn't let you in. You didn't have the right card or you didn't look right? Well, this is much worse….The Lord doesn't recognize us, so we aren't allowed inside.

The ladies are standing outside "kurie" begging please affirm us Messiah, please call us by name and His reply is I don't know anything about you. Original word was oida ~ he doesn't know anything about us.

We need to Know our Savior! Right now! We don't need to wait until we older, or we have more time, or just when we wise up…the time is now! We don't know when He will return to us, so we need to be prepared, but not only that we can have a relationship right now! We don't have to wait till we are in heaven. Continually in His Word, He assures us that He is with us and that He wants to know us.

How do you build a new friendship? You spend time with the person, getting to know them ~ Right? Well, start the same right now…Get to know your Savior, Let Him hold your hand where He will never answer back …I don't know you!

Loving Our Savior,


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Look up!

Luke 21: 33

Heaven and earth will disappear, but my words will never disappear.

Never will The Word be gone. The Word will never disappear.

Words of God are forever! Original meanings never perish, never neglected finally~

The Word will not be neglected!

Celebration will be at hand…Jesus will return with all His power and glory. Look up to Him because of Him our salvation will be near!

Thanking God,


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Amazed and Loved

Mark 12: 17

"give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to God what belongs to God." His reply completely amazed them.


When was the last time you were amazed by God?

I love those special moments that you know God heard you and He is answering your question or replying to your thoughts. You know those moments.

Those spine tingling moments that you realize that God loves you. He notices you. He amazes you!

I imagine sitting on those steps watching as Jesus was teaching and these men trying once again to trip up Jesus. Take in the scene…They even call him Rabbi which means teacher…we know you are honest Jesus and you would never play favorites. You are always truthful. Now tell us – is it right to pay Caesar? Well, don't you know Jesus wanted to roll His eyes and say how dumb do you think I am?

If I answer this against Caesar you get to arrest me, duh…

So Jesus very smartly replies– hand me a roman coin..Whose picture is on it? Caesar's well then pay Caesar what belongs to Caesar and give God what is God's..His reply amazed them.

The original word for amazed translated to wonder…they could not get over Jesus and his wisdom!

Do we ever get it? Do we ever get just what Jesus did for us? Do we ever truly realize just how much Jesus loved and loves us? I would have to reply that He truly amazes me every day of my life!

Thank you for always amazing me,


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bearing fruit?

Mark 11:12

Jesus was hungry.

Jesus was thirsty, Jesus wept and now Jesus was hungry. All things that we have done and do, but Jesus was the living water, Jesus raised a friend from the dead, and then Jesus withered a fig tree.

Jesus felt the same things we do, but yet He was The Word made flesh. The reason he did these things was to feel our humanity it wasn't for him. Again, it was for us.

Did you know that a fig tree is filled with moisture? It would takes months to dry up, but because Jesus cursed the fig tree that no one would eat from it again it withered up by the next morning. It was a symbol to show His power to others.

Once again, we like the fig tree are supposed to bear fruit. Are you bearing any fruit for the Kingdom?

Step out today. Ask someone if they know Jesus. Wear a t-shirt that proclaims your love for Christ. Perform a random act of Kindness for someone. Bear fruit for the Kingdom!

Sweet Blessings,


Friday, October 23, 2009

Tranquility ahhh

Luke 19:42

…Peace is hidden from your eyes.

Do you long for peace?

In this hurry, hurry world where telling everyone how busy we are - is like a badge of honor what is missing?

When I read this scripture it was a wow moment!

The original word for peace is "eirhnhn" which means the tranquility of the soul, assured of its salvation, so fearing nothing from God and we are content with our earthly lot and this is kept secret from us. It was like a light bulb went off in my head. The world is used by the devil everyday to keep us from this tranquil state and we allow the devil to keep it secret from us or to hide it behind our busy state of being…

I know that the peace in my heart is like nothing else, when I am right with God. When God is in His rightful place in my life I have the tranquility talked about above, but when I let something move in front of God's rightful place nothing is tranquil in my life. What about you?

Sweet blessings,


Thursday, October 22, 2009


Blind Bartimaeus Receives His Sight ~ Mark 46 – 52

I always know that God is speaking to me, when twice in the last two days a story is given to me. Yesterday, I attended a bible study and this was the lesson and today it is in the reading. I know God is sharing with me and it always amazes me! I love to be amazed with wonder that God loves me so much that He wants to share with me! It just gives me those chills up and down my spine and I just dance for the rest of the day! God is sharing with me.

After hearing the story yesterday, I actually came home and studied the story even more. This morning, I got up picked up the Bible and there was the story again. So, I will share a little bit about what I have learned from my studies with each of you.

The first part of the story tells us that Jesus and his disciples were leaving Jericho. Do you know that the name Jericho means to smell, or a place of fragrance. Jericho was actually a city that had many plants that had great fragrance like roses, balsam and cypress. Also, honey is found in abundance here. Imagine, they are on the edge of the city surrounded by this great fragrance. The fragrance of the surroundings and of Jesus!

It tells us they came upon a blind man named Bartimaeus sitting by the roadside begging. After reading about the meaning of the name Jericho, I thought what does Bartimaeus mean…after all they didn't usually name the blind man in the stories. He is actually named in this story, so research began. The name is actually two Hebrew words together the first is Bar, meaning the oldest son or heir; and the next is tame, meaning to be foul or unclean …unpresentable to God.

So Bartimaeus is literally "heir to being unpresentable to God. His inheritance was sin. Imagine what does he do next? He cries out "Jesus, Son of David" have mercy on me. The Hebrew phrase here literally means Son of loving..He cried out Son of loving please have compassion on me.

Wow…this blind man could see a lot more than we do at times! He knew to call out to the one that truly loves us please show me compassion. The blind man could not see, but he saw who Jesus truly was.

In verse 48, he seized the moment. He saw his opportunity to be healed and he took it. It goes on in verse 50 and 51, He knew the power of God. He didn't question he jumped to his feet threw off the cloak and knew he would be healed.

In verse, 52, Jesus tells him to Go, that his faith healed him. But what did Bartimaeus do? It tells us that he followed Jesus along the road. He knew what really mattered. What do we see?

Do we know all the things that this blind man knew? I love the song "I Can Only Imagine" by Mercy Me (which plays here)…this is true of this story. I can only imagine here sat a man with a name that literally meant he was unpresentable to God and yet he knew different. He knew to call out Son of Loving please have compassion on me. Do we know the same?

Sweet Blessings,


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Mark 10: 27

Jesus looked at them intently and said, "Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But not with God. Everything is possible with God."

I remember growing up and I would want to do something that my dad wouldn't let me do (that wasn't good for me) he would make the statement well when pigs fly I'll let you! It just wasn't going to happen. It was impossible…

Sometimes, things in life do seem impossible. It truly is impossible with only our capability involved. The only way a friend may survive is through God's healing power. The only way that struggling teen with the drinking problem will be okay is through God. God is the answer and why is that so difficult for people to accept?

We all know in our hearts and in our heads that pigs don't fly, so why don't we believe that with God everything is possible? God made the world we live in and created our bodies, down to the smallest details in this world….he designed it all, so why do doubt? Is it easier to doubt than believe?

Today, believe! Have faith and know that everything is possible with God. God does heal! God does solve our problems! God never leaves our side! With God all things are possible!!!



Tuesday, October 20, 2009


John 11:44

Jesus told then, "Unwrap him and let him go!"

Have you ever had a time in your life that you were so wound up in pain, that you just needed a friend to help you sort it all out? What about a time that to get the bandage off, you just needed the friend to get your hand free?

In this scripture I love the imagery that after this great miracle that Jesus performs he allows the loved ones of Lazarus to help him free from the bandages that bound him in death. Lazarus could not step out of the death cave and remove his own bandages. Lazarus needed help.

What about you?

Do you need help today?

Do you know a friend that might need help with their bandages?

Call them today and encourage them.

Help a friend be released from the bandages. In the original words Unwrap was "Lusate". Go Lusate someone today ~ help them be released, unbound, undo something that binds them.

After all in the original context it says Jesus commanded us to release him and permit them to go…

Helping to release,



Monday, October 19, 2009

Stumbling along

John 11:10

"But at night there is danger of stumbling, because they have no light."

Once again, the need for light! We all need the light, yearn for the light, desire the light ~ so why do we at times run from the light and stumble?

I had to look at original word meanings again and it makes it so much clearer.

Walk which is the word used in most translations - peripath which means to make one's way

Stumbleth – proskoptei which means to meet with harm, induced to sin

So, in the dark we are induced to sin because we make our own way without our light. The light is Jesus. We don't take Jesus which is the source of light with us.

One commentary told me that in the ancient days the lighting at night was so poor that some walkers actually used to have little lamps fastened on the feet to light the path. Fascinating stuff, isn't it?

Sometimes in our modern world, we just don't grasp the whole picture. I do think we stumble and are induced to sin when we make our own way without consulting Jesus.

Today or tonight, consult Jesus about the route to take and remember that The Light always goes with us!


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rich and satisfying life anyone?

John 10: 10-11

My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life. I am the good shepherd.

I had to look up original words and meanings with the text today. I wanted the full imagery for my small brain to visualize everything in this text. I wanted all of us to grasp exactly what Jesus was saying to us…yes, each of us!

Shepherd ~ Poimh/n it is that others have committed themselves to them

And it is the shepherd's duty to

  1. Watch for enemies
  2. To defend
  3. To heal the wounded and sick
  4. To find and save lost sheep
  5. Love them

Good ~ kalo/v means beautiful, handsome, eminent, precious, admirable

The scripture also tells us in verse 9 that Yes, I am the gate. The gate is the condition which must be complied with in order to be received into the kingdom of heaven.

I just love looking up the original words and meanings to give the stories even more meaning. Let's see….

The part about purpose is to give us a rich and satisfying life. In the original the word was exwsin which means to exceed in measure, exceed more, further, superior…wow! What more needs to be said?

Let's put it all together…

Jesus came so that He could give us more, superior life … (more than we can imagine in our small brains) He is eminent and precious. The one that watches over us, defends us, heals us and puts our band-aids on, he searches for us when we leave Him and he loves us no matter what! All we have to do is go through the gate…We have to go through Jesus…We have to go by the one that is precious, defends us, heals, us, loves us…..So ….is this not the most beautiful image to keep in mind today along your journey? Talk about Jesus today with someone…Share His love for each of us with another. Share how He will heal your broken heart; how He will place the band-aid on your wound and yes, that He is pursuing each of us!

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Sweet blessings,


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Faithful or Unfaithful?


Today, the picture was entitled Faithful. I loved it because I am such a dog person. My dogs are my children, since I wasn't blessed with children. I am always amazed how happy they are for my return. It doesn't matter if I deserve it ~ they love me and look for my return! My godson, JJ gave us a plaque that says ~ I just wish I was half the person my dogs think I am and it is so true.

Anyway, the scripture today that really spoke to me was from Luke 12: 46

The master will return unannounced and unexpected….

Are we ready? When Jesus returns are we dressed for service and do we keep our lamps burning? Are we ready to open our doors the moment he arrives and knocks? The only ones that will be rewarded are the ones ready and waiting for His return.

Are we be ready? Would we wish we had a couple of more days to get ourselves cleaned up?

We won't have time to answer either question. It will be the moment that God knows if we have been like the dog eagerly awaiting her master's return in the picture. Will we be called Faithful like the little dog in the picture? Will we be waiting at the dock dressed and ready?

Sweet blessings,


Friday, October 16, 2009

Light anyone?

Luke 11:33

"No one lights a lamp and then hides it or puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where its light can be seen by all who enter the house."

The last few days with all the rain the world just seems to get darker and darker, doesn't it? Well, every day I've had lamps on, I've lit candles to keep the light in the house. Without the light my mood becomes darker just like the dreary weather outside. We need the light!

I read a quote that went something like this ~ Some people change their ways when they see the light, others only when they feel the heat. I don't know who wrote it, but I thought it was pretty good. Which category do you fall into?

I remember reading about being a contagious Christian. I love the thought process that others want to catch what we have, if we walk and live in the light! I know that in my walk it was true. I wanted what those other folks had ~ that if I had to describe it truly it was something to do with the eyes. The word "peace" was shown and is shown through the eyes. I wanted the peace that I saw in their eyes. The scripture goes on to tell us that "When your eye is good, your whole body is filled with light." Exactly what I desired is stated in this verse! I wanted that light!

Think today about that one person in your journey that had the light in their eye and praise God that He placed them in your life to show the light to you! At the same time, thank Him for being the Light in the world!

Praising God,


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mercy anyone?

Luke 10:37

"The one who showed him mercy."


Mercy, do we live in a land that has forgotten to show mercy? Do you ever want to just say Mercy; Do you ever want to yell I give up? Do you remember wrestling with your siblings and yelling mercy?

How would you define mercy? Mercy isn't anything we deserve ~ it is just given to us!

I know that a lot of people have told me that you don't give something to people at times and all of these certain steps that you must follow in today's world before we show mercy. Yes, it's mercy to help another out without knowing if the motives are pure. My motto is it is between them and God whether they have told me the truth. God knows and I don't, but I have to do the right thing for me. I read a story about one of our Presidents that you never heard much about, but he must have been a nice man. Read the story for yourself.

Years after the death of President Calvin Coolidge, this story came to light. In the early days of his presidency, Coolidge awoke one morning in his hotel room to find a cat burglar going through his pockets. Coolidge spoke up, asking the burglar not to take his watch chain because it contained an engraved charm he wanted to keep. Coolidge then engaged the thief in quiet conversation and discovered he was a college student who had no money to pay his hotel bill or buy a ticket back to campus. Coolidge counted $32 out of his wallet -- which he had also persuaded the dazed young man to give back! -- declared it to be a loan, and advised the young man to leave the way he had come so as to avoid the Secret Service! (Yes, the loan was paid back.)

Today in the Word, October 8, 1992.

I do know that we will each answer for the deeds we do here on earth. I want to remember the reply that Jesus taught us at the end of the above verse….Then Jesus said, "Yes, now go and do the same."

No questions just take care of it…Show mercy today.

Sweet Blessings,


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Looking ahead!

Luke 9:62

But Jesus told him, "Anyone who puts a hand to the plow and then looks back is not fit for the Kingdom of God."

Wow, this is powerful! Someone recently shared this scripture with me to not look be obedient and look ahead. It really spoke to my heart that we are to keep our eyes on God's plans and trust Him.

I looked up some of the meaning of the words for a stronger meaning this morning. A few of them placed together in original context would read like this…If you look behind to a time gone then you are not well placed or you don't fit or belong to me. It all spoke to trust to me this morning. I forgot to trust The Lord and his message to me was if you don't trust me ( The Lord) Debbie you don't have a spot with me!

Wow, such powerful words and I thank the Lord for once again giving me a lesson that I needed to hear and walk every day.

Looking forward,


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I’m scared!!!

Luke 9:45

They were afraid to ask….

Have you ever been afraid to ask a question? Afraid to make yourself heard? Afraid of the unknown? I was…until Christ changed that for me.

I was a person that existed in a constant state of fear. I would watch the old medical shows remember Marcus Welby or Medical Center I had every one of those things wrong with me. I worried that I forgot to lock my locker at school and things would disappear. I worried that Kenny would no longer love me. I lived in fear of the moment that I would be alone. I finally realized through God's word that I will never be alone and that I was missing out on this journey. I was living in a way that God didn't want me for me. God created this world for us to share with Him now and that when we do die we will live with Him in heaven as well. The word afraid took on a whole new meaning to me at that point of realization.

I read this story and thought this is what so many of us do every day ~

A man who hid for 32 years fearing punishment of pro-Nazi wartime activity says he used to cry when he heard happy voices outside, but dared not show himself even at his mother's funeral. Janez Rus was a young shoemaker when he went into hiding at his sister's farmhouse in June, 1945. He was found years later after she bought a large supply of bread in the nearby village of Zalna. "If I had not been discovered, I would have remained in hiding. So I am happy that this happened," Rus told a reporter. Throughout those years he did nothing. He never left the house, and could only look down at the village in the valley.

Today in the Word, October 17, 1993.

Whether it is 32 years or one day ~ this is not what God wants for us! So choose Him now and hold His hand through each day that brings us something to be afraid of…we will get through it with Him holding our hand!

No longer afraid,




Monday, October 12, 2009


Luke 9:31

They were glorious to see.


Transformed means a change in form, appearance, nature or character; I love it when someone you know has changed. Words don't quite describe it, but something is different about them.

I went on a retreat one weekend about 10 years ago and it was a transforming weekend. God showed up and nothing about my world was ever the same again. Everything looked different. The world looked more awesome, the people were just amazing, and God moments were beyond words. Do you have a moment where things changed for you?

I think about Peter, John, and James standing on the mountaintop and watching Jesus. Suddenly Jesus changed and everything was bleach white the scripture tells us and He was talking to Moses and Elijah. I place myself in their shoes and imagine the change that this moment had to make in their journey. Yet we all know that Peter still messed up again. We do too!

Hopefully, we all have a moment that we realize our life will never be the same because of what Jesus did for each of us. Yet, we will still mess up. I read a story that I thought wow that's us ~

Was your family ever campers? You know sleeping bags, cooking on a fire, hauling the water from the stream? Well, mine did it in the motor home, but it still wasn't home.

Nowadays, have you seen the motor homes? These folks have direct TV hooked up they never miss their television shows. So they don't have to leave outside the camper to enjoy a stream, or share marshmallows around the campfire. Just put some popcorn in the microwave oven! Now what is the point of this story?

People purchased this home away from home for things to be different. Perhaps they want a new outlook on life, but they are taking the same things from home with them and just putting it in a new setting.

Once transformation takes place in our life with Christ at the center old things change, new patterns begin and the old are left behind. Or does it? Are you still viewing life through the same glasses or would you like to borrow Jesus life-changing glasses?



Thursday, October 8, 2009

Working in the fields

Matthew 9:37

"The harvest is great, but the workers are few."

Recently, I've been in many great ministries around my hometown that need workers. The demand is huge and the workers are few. The women that have grabbed their children and the clothes on their back and left with nothing are many. We need women to remember that they matter and this scripture hit me this morning in studying the Word!

What about you? Do you have any free time that you might stop by one of these facilities and offer a shoulder, a hand, or whatever the need might be to remind these special women that they do matter?

The harvest is great. The original word used was qerismo/v – gathering of men/women into the kingdom of God. What could be more important in your daytimer/calendar than helping to gather women or men into the Kingdom of God?

Helping to gather


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Creator’s Touch

Mark 5:23

"Please come and lay your hands on her; heal her so she can live."

What parent would not beg for this to happen? What parent would not do everything in their power to be sure that their child is healed?

The pain of the two people in chapter 5 is deep for both. The father that needs healing for his little daughter, probably the apple of his eye and the woman who suffered for twelve years alone were definitely in deep pain. Imagine being in their sandals where did they immediately head and to whom?

The father knew that the creator of the universe made all around him with his hands. The father used the word Xeior in reference to the hands. It translates to mean God's might and power being the creator of the universe. The father was remembering the hands that created his daughter would also be the hands that healed her, if only with a touch. The word "lay" translates to mean to put the hands of the creator on my daughter to save or to keep sound. What a mighty faith this parent showed in Jesus. It was a sign of faith in Jesus in his healing powers, but also in touching of having faith in him.

The woman knowing that all she had to do was touch the corner of the robe and she would be healed. Amazing faith, isn't it? Do we show our faith? Do we truly believe?

We know that God created the heavens and the earth. We know that He created each of us and that our body and the way it functions is unbelievable…We know it is the same with every living being and yet it sometimes could be said ~ Oh Debbie you have so little faith.

Father, I pray today that I will be a woman of great faith. I know you are the Mighty creator of all and I know that your touch heals all. Thank you Father. Amen.



Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Riding the waves

Mark 4: 40

"Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?"

I want each of us to think back to a time in our journey that we showed fear. Why did we have so much fear in our hearts?

Now think about a storm. The wind howling and pushing your body back and forth, the abuse your body feels when you take in words that hurt and howl to your soul. Waves that batter you back and forth, tossing you from side to side and the anger that begins to build in your spirit and it feels like you are going to explode. Who is in charge of this storm? Is it you and me? Are we allowing the storms of our life to make these feelings become so heavy on our hearts?

I read one commentary that talks about the shipwreck that is headed our way because we forget who is in the boat with us! Have we all forgotten who is with us? Did you wake Jesus and share your storm with Him? Or did you give in to temptation and handle it yourself or call a friend to help make the storm a little bit worse? I've done both! I admit it! Rather than take care of the storm by sharing it with Jesus I've given into temptation and enlarged the waves, the wind, and the rain.

Why do we take it upon ourselves when in our hearts we know that verse 41 tells us that the storms of our life will be calm if we just call on Him! After all,

"Even the wind and waves obey him!"

What about your next storms who are you going to ride the waves with ~ After all, He doesn't tell us storms are not headed our way, but He does tell us that He will not leave us or forsake us! So again, who is taking the boat ride with you?

Sweet blessings,


Monday, October 5, 2009

Flowing fountains?

Matthew 12:34

for whatever is in your heart determines what you say.

Today, I think the treasure I found is when I translated the word heart to the original form "kardiav" which means the fountain and seat of thoughts, passions, purpose, desires, affections, appetites. Don't you love this?

We say what is in our heart. It is the fountain and it just flows right out of what we store in our heart! Do you store good things in your heart? Do you think good thoughts? Do you have desires that you want to flow out for others to see?

The chapter goes on to tell us that ~ A good person produces good and the evil bad things…The words here translate to ~ good agagov which means good, joyful, agreeable, pleasant ~ treasury means qhsauro/v ~ a place that you store precious things or evil ~ ponhro/v ~ hardships annoyances, bad, wicked things…

I know the last paragraph may be confusing, but study the words. Do you have joy or wicked things stored in a very precious place? Do you let the joy come out or do you let the wicked flow right out of your treasury? The imagery is beautiful, which if we use the "agagov" that is stored up it would be beautiful! On the other hand if we store up ponhro/v and let that flow the beautiful image stops!

So what do you want to let flow from your fountain today? In the future what do you want to store up to let flow out of your heart? Oh the image of your passion of love and joy flowing out of your kardiav is so beautiful!

Joyfully dancing,


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Just say the word!

Matthew 8: 5- 13

The story of the Roman officer and his mighty belief! Oh, to have the faith that this roman officer showed in Jesus.

I am amazed that the roman officer approached Jesus to begin with after all he was a "Roman"…what is the saying when in Rome do as the Romans do? Big step but he had heard the stories about Jesus and perhaps witnessed Jesus healing someone because he knew that Jesus only had to say the word and his slave would be healed. He just wanted Jesus to utter the words of healing and the cure would happen.

Imagine Jesus, don't you know He was so excited that this man exhibited so much faith in his words. The soldier approached him knowing exactly what he wanted of Jesus. He wanted Jesus to utter the words and his slave would be healed. Jesus did not need to enter his home to perform this act for it to be done. The soldier stated that he was not worthy for Jesus to step into his home. The soldier admitted so much that we all need to admit ~ we are unworthy, but we know that Jesus is who he says he is. He heals our wounds and we must show the same faith!

The verse I love is verse 13 ~ Then Jesus said to the Roman officer, "Go back home, Because you believed, it has happened." And the young servant was healed that same hour.

Wow, believe today! God will do great things!



Friday, October 2, 2009

Pass the salt please

Matthew 5:13 -16


I remember traveling to a family member's home where we were to have lunch and the discussion in the car being oh, I love her, but cooking just isn't her gift. She never seasons her food. Did you have a family member or friend like that? You loved her, but would prefer to meet at a restaurant than at her kitchen table?

Well, the scripture today from Matthew 5 speaks to the same thing about Christians.

You are the salt of the earth. But what good is salt if it has lost its flavor? Can you make it salty again? It will be thrown out and trampled underfoot as worthless. You are the light of the world-like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden. No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your Heavenly Father."

Wow, I love this scripture. We (Christians) are to be a flavoring agent in the world. What would happen if old salt no longer had flavor? We would throw it out. Well, look at the verse above once we no longer walk the talk of a Christian we are to be thrown out and trampled underfoot. One of the commentaries I read was someone that was at one time an atheist. In part, the person stated because roughly 85 percent of Christians could not see that their faith genuinely affected their lives. What? Yes, you read that right but this person finally realized that the unbelief was because of other people not the truth of Christ. Jesus is the answer not people.

We believers must not be tasteless or worthless. We must have flavor to our walk sprinkled with joy, love, compassion, feelings, the flavoring compounds are many.

Once a believer loses its flavor we are no longer valuable to the Kingdom work that needs to be done. When people look at us it should be obvious to all around. It should show without us ever saying a word that our actions speak exactly who we belong to and what we are all about ~ kingdom work! So go and let your light shine with all the flavorings God offers at His table!

Adding flavor,


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Headed to the House of Mercy

John 5: 1-15

Have you ever gone to one of the natural "hot springs or pools" around the country? Have you heard people talk about how much better they feel after taking a bath or sitting in these pools? Some people years ago would move from other parts of the country to be near to these baths, so that they would be close for the healing powers felt over their aching bodies.

Well, in this story people traveled to the Pools of Bethesda for healing. The word Bethesda means "house of mercy or flowing water". The people would do whatever it took to get to the pools. They would lie on the porch until they thought the angel had stirred the water. In the King James it states "an angel went and troubled the water". I like that image. Angels were servants of God and friends of mankind so that prepared the water to heal the sick.

Once the water was stirred the sick person must then be the first to get into the water for the cure. The person must first come from a distance for the cure and then be patient to wait for the cure. Then the person must be the first in the stirred water to receive the cure. The angel prepared the water and then one would have to do something for themselves and get in the water.

Jesus healed this man during Passover when a lot of people were gathered for the festival. A lot of people were watching. Jesus healed him on the Sabbath, so exception was taken to the healing for working on the Sabbath. One thing that really got my attention is that Jesus noticed the man that had been sick for thirty-eight years. God knows how long one has suffered ~ He notices. These are the things that matter to God!

What about our spiritual life? Are you sick? Do you need to step into the pool to be healed? Have you been to the church lately and the sermon just didn't stir your heart? Does the water need to be stirred? Well, sometimes we have to get ourselves up and into the pool. Maybe it is our heart that needs to be changed or maybe we need to go to a different pool for the healing to take place. Ask God to stir the feeling in your heart to call out to Him for the healing that only He is able to provide.

Stepping in the stirred water,