Saturday, October 17, 2009

Faithful or Unfaithful?


Today, the picture was entitled Faithful. I loved it because I am such a dog person. My dogs are my children, since I wasn't blessed with children. I am always amazed how happy they are for my return. It doesn't matter if I deserve it ~ they love me and look for my return! My godson, JJ gave us a plaque that says ~ I just wish I was half the person my dogs think I am and it is so true.

Anyway, the scripture today that really spoke to me was from Luke 12: 46

The master will return unannounced and unexpected….

Are we ready? When Jesus returns are we dressed for service and do we keep our lamps burning? Are we ready to open our doors the moment he arrives and knocks? The only ones that will be rewarded are the ones ready and waiting for His return.

Are we be ready? Would we wish we had a couple of more days to get ourselves cleaned up?

We won't have time to answer either question. It will be the moment that God knows if we have been like the dog eagerly awaiting her master's return in the picture. Will we be called Faithful like the little dog in the picture? Will we be waiting at the dock dressed and ready?

Sweet blessings,


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Linda said...

I love the picture, too! When I was a child, my brother's friend had a dog, Kier, who walked him to school every day before going home and then returned to school each afternoon at the correct time to walk him home.---EVE

If we could only be that faithful!!