Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I’m scared!!!

Luke 9:45

They were afraid to ask….

Have you ever been afraid to ask a question? Afraid to make yourself heard? Afraid of the unknown? I was…until Christ changed that for me.

I was a person that existed in a constant state of fear. I would watch the old medical shows remember Marcus Welby or Medical Center I had every one of those things wrong with me. I worried that I forgot to lock my locker at school and things would disappear. I worried that Kenny would no longer love me. I lived in fear of the moment that I would be alone. I finally realized through God's word that I will never be alone and that I was missing out on this journey. I was living in a way that God didn't want me for me. God created this world for us to share with Him now and that when we do die we will live with Him in heaven as well. The word afraid took on a whole new meaning to me at that point of realization.

I read this story and thought this is what so many of us do every day ~

A man who hid for 32 years fearing punishment of pro-Nazi wartime activity says he used to cry when he heard happy voices outside, but dared not show himself even at his mother's funeral. Janez Rus was a young shoemaker when he went into hiding at his sister's farmhouse in June, 1945. He was found years later after she bought a large supply of bread in the nearby village of Zalna. "If I had not been discovered, I would have remained in hiding. So I am happy that this happened," Rus told a reporter. Throughout those years he did nothing. He never left the house, and could only look down at the village in the valley.

Today in the Word, October 17, 1993.

Whether it is 32 years or one day ~ this is not what God wants for us! So choose Him now and hold His hand through each day that brings us something to be afraid of…we will get through it with Him holding our hand!

No longer afraid,




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Frankie said...

Debbie, once again the disciples show that they were just like us. They struggled with the same issues that we struggle with.

Praying that I will overcome fear today!