Monday, October 12, 2009


Luke 9:31

They were glorious to see.


Transformed means a change in form, appearance, nature or character; I love it when someone you know has changed. Words don't quite describe it, but something is different about them.

I went on a retreat one weekend about 10 years ago and it was a transforming weekend. God showed up and nothing about my world was ever the same again. Everything looked different. The world looked more awesome, the people were just amazing, and God moments were beyond words. Do you have a moment where things changed for you?

I think about Peter, John, and James standing on the mountaintop and watching Jesus. Suddenly Jesus changed and everything was bleach white the scripture tells us and He was talking to Moses and Elijah. I place myself in their shoes and imagine the change that this moment had to make in their journey. Yet we all know that Peter still messed up again. We do too!

Hopefully, we all have a moment that we realize our life will never be the same because of what Jesus did for each of us. Yet, we will still mess up. I read a story that I thought wow that's us ~

Was your family ever campers? You know sleeping bags, cooking on a fire, hauling the water from the stream? Well, mine did it in the motor home, but it still wasn't home.

Nowadays, have you seen the motor homes? These folks have direct TV hooked up they never miss their television shows. So they don't have to leave outside the camper to enjoy a stream, or share marshmallows around the campfire. Just put some popcorn in the microwave oven! Now what is the point of this story?

People purchased this home away from home for things to be different. Perhaps they want a new outlook on life, but they are taking the same things from home with them and just putting it in a new setting.

Once transformation takes place in our life with Christ at the center old things change, new patterns begin and the old are left behind. Or does it? Are you still viewing life through the same glasses or would you like to borrow Jesus life-changing glasses?




Frankie said...

Debbie I am guilty of trying to hang on to the "old things." It takes trust to allow Jesus to do a "new thing" in our lives.

May our trust grow more and more in the One, who transforms. Changing with you.

Linda said...

What a beautiful change you have made--very much like that caterpillar that turns into a beautiful butterfly. Change is sometimes so scary and yet we must do it to grow. Continuing to change. . .