Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I know the LORD...

I love the story of Rahab!

The words from Joshua 2:9 always amaze me...I know the LORD has given you this land imagine these are the words of a prostitute that is providing a safe haven for the two spies! She knows! She resides in a foreign land with foreign idols they worship as Gods, but she knows the LORD!

What amazing faith shown by Rahab! God placed these two men in this woman's house of a prostitute to blend in, but most of all for Rahab! He would show His amazing grace through Rahab to all around. He provided a place they could quickly escape and at the same time share salvation with this woman. She was in the lineage of Christ! In Joshua 1:9 we are told to be brave and courageous and here in Joshua 2 this woman is showing amazing bravery and courage by harboring these two men and helping them to escape! She was being bold stepping away from all that was familiar to the craving for the God of these people. The God she had only heard amazing stories about, but she wanted with all she had...Do we?

I want to be like Rahab and show the amazing faith she did!!!

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special: I just can't seem to be lead back to Operation World yet with all the struggles happening right now in Japan and Libya. Pray for the people fighting for freedom. Pray for the people struggling with destruction and suffering in Japan. So many people suffering around the world pray that they will find God. Pray that they will seek The God that Rahab sought and that we seek daily!!

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Frankie said...

Do you think that Rahab would be surprised to hear that someone this many years later would say, "I want to be like Rahab and have the amazing faith she did?" I think she would be surprised by that. May we be women of faith like Rahab!