Thursday, March 5, 2009

Why is it hard to obey?

Why is it so hard to obey?

In the reading today I read in Numbers. The scripture where the Lord tells Moses speak to the rock over there, and it will pour out its water . I didn't catch it the first time that Moses and Aaron goofed up. I've heard it before and knew this, but this was like I missed the Lord telling them to speak to the rock. I was like Moses and Aaron and missed the point of just speak to the rock...duh?

You wonder is the punishment too hard? No, I don't think so. First, they didn't follow the Lord's instructions and then they wanted to take credit..It was the Lord the way they said the words...Moses words were -- Must we bring you water from this rock? It bothers me that sometimes I try to take credit for something that God does through me. I pray that I am forgiven...that I know God is the one that does anything, but I still forgot and overstepped!

I know that by God's grace I am forgiven, but the reality is still true today that we don't obey and that we try to take credit for something that in reality we had nothing do with...It is all about God! He speaks and things happen ~ thank goodness
things happen through the Great I Am!

My morning began being reminded that I make mistakes all the time and so did Moses. Moses price was that he would never step into the land he worked so hard to get to, but he understood it was his failure ~ not God's. We are told ~ we just choose to not hear or try to think it is about us.

The Glory is God's and God's alone! Thank you Lord for being the great I Am, showing us the way and never giving up on us when we let you down!

Praising God,

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Linda said...

So glad that we can mistakes---otherwise we'd all be in sad shape. I enjoyed your talk tonight at Asbury, as did others who were with me!! Glad I went.