Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blog Tour about the Life Ready Woman

Wow! A great read by Shaunti Feldhahn and Robert Lewis about juggling with the struggle of getting it all done! Any woman or man for that matter not juggling wanting to do it all and not miss a thing? Well, God planned it where we are able to get it done at least the part that He planned for us!

I love how they brought together the focus of reminding each of us that God makes us special and unique and how we need to embrace God's Word to discover all we are meant to be according to His Word! It is broken into two sections: First - God's Plan and Purpose for all of Us and Second - Getting to God's Best for You. I enjoyed the book. At times it was a little detail, but details that we need to grasp all that God will do if we reach to Him.

One of my favorite sections was looking at our gifts from God's perspective. I don't have a tendency to think of it from God's point of view and this grabbed my heart! They pointed out that God has amazing things planned for each of us and we are intended to be a part of the plan, but that we have to be open to allow this to happen. It was thought provoking about allowing God to reach His destination with his roadmap for our life! I don't know about anyone else, but that sounds fabulous to me!

I encourage you to read the book and in fact, I was given a book for the first person that emails me with a desire to read the book. I will send it to you in the mail. Email me quick at I was given a book to participate in this blog tour and being in women's ministry and meeting with women everyday this is a good read!

Purchase the book at and find out for yourself!

Sweet blessings,
Debbie Covington

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