Saturday, February 5, 2011

Get moving!

I felt humor reading the Word this morning! I read along in Exodus 13, then 14 and come to verse 13 and 14, where God tells them not to be afraid to watch the Lord rescue them today. He will fight the battle and to stay calm.

And then...
In verse 15, it is like the LORD says "Why are you crying out to me? Get a move on it!" Now this a little bit of Debbieisms, but...stay calm and then why get moving? Lord did I miss something between you are going to fight my battle and stay calm to why are you crying and not moving on? I saw this picture of the squirrel today and knew some of the Israelites had to look like this squirrel with the ears all perked up and oops what's that???? Ever felt like that?

Recently, I've been studying the Loved by God with Liz Curtis Higgs and I love her sense of humor. She points out sometimes how funny the Word is if you will pay attention and today it hit me that way. I just laughed with the image of the people in a panic mode then the calmness spreading around of the Lord reminding them that He is with them and suddenly shouting out get moving - don't cry out to me!

Continually, God encourages us with the phrase I am with you! He told Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, David, Isaiah, and on and on to each of us! How often have you picked up God's Word and without planning it the words you received that day are I am with you or I will go with you? God encourages me with those words a lot and today He did it with humor! It was as if my eyes were opened to one more time Debbie get a move on it and I'm going with you and I looked just like that squirrel...I wish you could hear the laughter that was in my office this morning! I was like a deer in the headlights - I was caught once again with the Lord reassuring me that He would fight the battle and how many times do I have to tell you!!!

Thank you Lord for the laughter and most of all for Your Word that reassures me over and over just how often you see me...little old Debbie sitting in north Louisiana wondering am I on the right track! Indeed, I am on the track you placed me and I'm moving as fast as I can....

Do you want to move along with us? Pick up God's Word and pack your bag for the adventure of a lifetime!!!!

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special - In our prayer from Operation World we are suppose to be lifting up Europe this day and prayer for unresolved tensions between ethnic and religious diversions. Let's pray for more Christian leaders for Europe today. Also, continue to pray for all leaders of our countries that God will lead each of them in the power they have to lead the people around them.

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Frankie said...

That is funny, I get what you are saying. Some how stay calm and get a move on don't seem to go together.

Yesterday in the reading, God told Moses to bring on the locusts and I chuckled to myself. I could just hear God saying that pharoah has asked for it now, bring it on Moses!

I love God's Word!