Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Peace Offering

The peace offering according to Matthew Henry was purely expressive about adoration for the Lord and therefore they were wholly burnt. The peace offering was for reconciliation, concord, and communion a token of friendship.

The offering was burnt whole, but separated in parts. The priest gave part of the offering to God and He was served first by placing it on the altar, part was given to the offered, to be eaten by his family and friends, and part the priest took for himself they ate together symbolizing friendship and fellowship between God and man.

The offerings today all mentioned the words "a pleasing aroma to the Lord". When I looked this up it was like a sweet savour to the Lord. Obedience was and is pleasing to God. Are we a pleasing aroma to the Lord? Are we being obedient to His calling? Are we offering what He desires of us?

The sweet lamb in the picture today was one of the animals that was often times sacrificed on the altar for reconciliation between the people and wanting to be clean for the Lord. Jesus served as our Lamb - His blood for our sins offered on the cross. The Lamb of God that took my sins and yours so that we might have eternal life. Do we ever grasp this offering?

The reading went on to talk about the burning of the fat. I wanted to understand more about this and Matthew Henry explains that God must have our inwards; for we must pour out our souls and lift up our hearts, in prayer and we must bless His name with all that is in us. It is required that God have everything within us and that we totally devoted to God. Wow, it represents a lot more than fat doesn't it?

So much in the offerings to think about and yet it is hard reading, isn't it? Is it just me? I don't like to read about animals being sacrificed, but God loves us so much that He provided a way for us through sacrifice. The ultimate sacrifice of His Son and yet this is difficult for us to read about, I can't imagine...Grace, grace, grace...never will we be able to comprehend!

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special - Continued prayers for the world today. Peace for everybody. More understanding and love shown to each other.

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