Monday, December 16, 2013

Love me some football...

Yes, ladies and gents I am giving thanks for football!  I love it and always have...I remember watching football growing up with my daddy and I've always loved to watch it whether my team is playing or not...

I mean I love it when my nephews say DeDe you watch more football than I do...I take it as a huge compliment.  I actually love the game.  Certain modern day aspects have taken away from the game just like the rest of life, but I still love the game.

I am a #1 huge fan of Arkansas Razorbacks win or lose.  I call the hogs through and through, but that doesn't keep me from having number 2, 3, 4,5, 6, 7, on down favorites as well.  My number two as a;waus been Alabama way back to the Bear Bryant days and now I am a Nick Saban fan...yes LSU fans. I'm still a fan with Nick!  He knows how to win football games and that is all I am talking about playing and winning football.

My number one player other than my nephew Blake is Peyton Manning.  Now, who can not pull for a guy that sets such a wonderful example as a person and still can pick apart a defense better than anybody I know?...okay go ahead all you patriot fans rip me a new one...we all have our favorites, but truly my favorite is the sport of the game.

In college, along with all my business classes I took a football class with Coach Farrar and loved it!  I really did.  Now, I don't remember all the plays or anything, but I actually liked learning about the game that I love to watch.

I still love sitting down with my daddy and talking the latest football news and games!  Yes, I give thanks for special memories made while sharing a good game in the process.

Not that anybody cares, but my team for #1 is now Auburn, yes even though I am a huge Alabama fan...I am SEC most of the time too...Super bowl well of course, the Denver Broncos!

Have a great Monday all you Monday morning quarterbacks....

Sweet blessings,

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